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  1. IGN: Boyscap country: Brazil Discord: Boyscap#8459 TIers: ou,uu,nu Fluff: Vamos Brasil!!
  2. Team Name: Team Brasil Team Tag: [BR] Registered Players: Boyscap, Makarovmaster, Kaarnaa, Shiforinfulas, joaogrilo, Deadwind, ByakuyaXL, Jhowteon, Rafapallet, Elvessss, Shentiger, SHERFIN, XxBehemothBladeX, Kepzal. Team Captain: Boyscap
  3. Team Name: Team Brasil Team Tag: [BR] Registered Players: Makarovmaster, Boyscap, Jhowteon, Elvessss, Rafapallet, Shentiger, Deadwind, Shiforinfulas, Kaarnaa, joaogrilo, ByakuyaXL, SHERFIN, Kepzal, XxBehemothBladeX, Belegado. Team Captain: Makarovmaster
  4. Tag Team: Brasil Tag Name: [BR] Players: Boyscap, Makarovmaster, Deadwind, Elvessss, Rafapallet, Shentiger, Shiforinfulas, Jhowteon, Mulekinn, ByakuyaXL, SHERFIN, Goldcatsz, joaogrilo, Kaarnaa, Kepzal Captain: Boyscap
  5. 100k in each one of these Mienfoo Fighters Vs Roy Rogers Hooligans OU: Lachidrago Vs Wallarro OU: Sicklonerr Vs Endiii @Wallarro lose (paid out) OU: Wickedwanga Vs MadaraSixSix OU: Lunarck Vs MadaraSixSix UU: YEYOxD Vs Mendeez The Primal Primeapes Vs Qwilfish n' Chips' OU: Bund Vs Kiwikidd @kiwi lose (paid out) OU: zKuroko Vs Pablobacas UU: Huargensy Vs zAnderson NU: Tawla Vs Cristi @Wallarro win (paid out) Dubs: Intimidoar Vs Zigh UU: InuyashaL Vs ShellUny Triple City Vs The Evil Devilbats OU: Queest Vs ZacM @Sebat win (paid out) UU: DoubleJ Vs CarolML @Sebat lose (paid out) Dubs: Mislandier Vs Gasyflour @Axelgor lose (paid out) Dubs: fengrinrin Vs Gabuchox The Eden of Hazard's Vs The Mismagicians OU: PoseidonWrath Vs Frags OU: Elvessss Vs Enchanteur OU: CristhianArce Vs ClayClover UU: SweeTforU Vs Arca NU: woxiangsinile Vs Sejuani NU: Jaawax Vs ShanQi @Axelgor lose (paid out) LC: Warwitox Vs Kiiritox Dubs: NagaHex Vs Larosoa
  6. Team name: Team Brazil TeamTag: [BR] Registered players: Boyscap, Elvessss, Rafapallet, Shentiger, Mulekinn, Goldcatsz, Deadwind, Jhowteon, SHERFIN, Shiforinfulas, ByakuyaXL, Makarovmaster, Rafaelshake, Biondioito, Kaarnaa, Kepzal, joaogrilo. Team Captain: Boyscap
  7. Lineup Name: The Retired Player: Elvessss Player: Rafapallet Player: Deadwind Player: Shentiger Player: Silasdopave Captain: Boyscap
  8. team br changes its captain makarovmaster by boyscap
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