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  1. Name: BaliAds Tiers: 1 v 1, UT, Loser's Game Discord: BaliAds#1322 Fluff: Never lost a loser's game 🤌
  2. I stopped playing for 4 months and didn't get a single shiny during that time. Devs must be targeting me xD
  3. Not sure what the event will be, but I'm sure I'll be able to grind a lot of money Pic of me after event:
  4. ty to everyone for coming! https://challonge.com/npstiqog
  5. DATE: SATURDAY 18 JUNE 2022 TIME: 5 PM UTC LOCATION: LORELEI'S BEDROOM ISLE 4 CH 4 Details: - This will be an in game hosted randoms tournament and the battle mode selected will be rotations. - Members from Optic and friends may join. - This will be single elimination. - Bracket will be posted the day of the tourney. Please whisper me before the tourney if you plan to participate (I will @ one hour before on discord and ask in team before the event starts) - Pray you have good RNG. First Place Prize 1.1m Second Place Prize 700k Third Place Prize 500k Donations
  6. hey if you have discord pls shoot me a message BaliAds#1322 or send me a direct message on the forums
  7. If you've already found a partner please let me know so we can add you to the spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ww9HEEdLd-kPjniRDqGbLFT7WkU4u29oJD__T6JACYg/edit#gid=660574872
  8. after they add kalos next region confirmed
  9. closed for a bit - no event no energy ;-;
  10. Hi guys do you have discord? If so can i get your discord tags or feel free to add me BaliAds#1322 and we can talk there thanks!
  11. hey there level 100 can change price depending on the mon pls shoot me a dm and will be happy to provide extra info thanks!
  12. I don't think blaziken needs to be removed from the tier, but I feel like u-turn on it makes it incredibly frustrating to play against. I'd rather U-turn be removed from its set with that I think even as a revenge killer it won't be as central to the meta would love to hear others' thoughts on this though.
  13. Super Youngster Joeey 6 x Super Top Percent Rattata
  14. not getting any orders so shop's open for everyone
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