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  1. It's also useful when you're simultaneously ev'ing a bunch of low-level pokemon, because with the current design you get spammed by whether each low-level pokemon should learn its level-up move at once.
  2. I'll add a bit of text here since otherwise staff might just delete the post entirely as "it does not contribute anything to the thread." This change, along with plenty of others, being suggested is one that will improve the game, and the only downside is more moderation on behalf of the staff. As for how a change in the forums can improve the game, well interacting on forums can lead to more activity ingame and vice versa, like how when you did well in an official, your teammates and friends would congratulate you publicly on the forums, it could also lead to rivalry (which can be friendly) between teams that would be settled in Team Tournaments. I understand that the trajectory that this game has been taking is towards automation and less staff intervention, but that shouldn't come at the expense of killing some of the enjoyable aspects of the game. Another example of this is how non-automated officials are more enjoyable than automated ones. Good luck in this fight, Kay.
  3. We could write a book/movie script based on all the info in these pages!!!!
  4. Honestly man, I feel like you'd be more privy to this knowledge as you share a team with two TC members.
  5. I would assume that most TC members are on board with banning kings rock and perhaps cursed body. Nonetheless, even if I am wrong, the decisions regarding nerfing abilities / removing items would come under the devs' purview, so I don't think the TC can do anything. Wasn't sure if you were trying to gather the TC members' thoughts or trying to engage in a discussion with them so that these items/mechanics get removed.
  6. Can you please share your money-making methods, the duration of it, and the IVs of the mons in your comp team?
  7. Okay let's change the wording of it. When one of your best friends DMs you and present yourself as the griefing brother of her friend, you are intentionally causing some sort of emotional distress onto one of your best friends, which to me is even shittier than scamming someone. Most people who are tired of this game and the people, just quit the game rather than coming back. You also have to ask what is the cause behind him/her being disliked by others in the community, that is, is it your own actions that have caused other members of the community to dislike you? In his/her case, I was on good terms with him/her prior to quitting, and he/she just made things worse by quitting since I have switched sides. Her actions with respect to the above were not scamming, but in fact was worse than scamming. The next para explains what constitutes as a scam. The person he/she DM'd about passing away (Cali) was the very person who went about creating a tournament and informing the community about Roxass' passing away, and then Cali asked for donations for the tour. At that point he/she could have just notified Cali that there wasn't a real purpose for the tour since the person it was meant to be a tribute to was not actually dead. But they didn't go ahead and do that because they'd rather further the lie / protect their image rather than prevent the community from being screwed over. It also continued to be a scam when in discord PMs around last World Cup Xigbar had said he/she would give me a black reaper hood but ended up not doing so. Quitting to come back under a new name is sort of fine as long as you are not harming anyone in the promise (scamming others of donations or signing up twice for an event like PSL). 1) I didn't know about the situation with Predakiller, and given that I didn't know about it, I would like to assume that it wasn't publicized as much as Roxass' death, but I could be wrong here. 2) Predakiller doesn't go around acting like he is reformed unlike Roxass who just puts on a fake act everytime he/she posts. I am sure if Preda applied for a small council position he'd face backlash. 3) As far as I am concerned, Predakiller has not harmed me at all by him faking his death, whereas Roxass robbed me of a black reaper hood and others of other things. I wanted to feed my kids by selling it off, but they'll prolly starve for now. Except I really doubt that Xigbar's actions were the actions of a person who wanted to genuinely help the community rather than riding on it as a laurel of how they helped the community get OT Kyu Comps (WOW what a prize)! Forewarned is forearmed, so I am glad that you won't give him/her an opportunity to scam us again, but it's just bad looks to have this person on a council.
  8. It's not about being unable to buy one, I definitely can. It's about me losing something due to the lies you spread about yourself to garner fake sympathy from the community instead of addressing your own mental health issues or insecurity. Admittedly your act did work as people as people, such as myself, donated a lot for the tour that was created as a tribute to you. I basically gave away by Black Reaper Hood as a result of you you deciding to mislead the community, and had you not mislead the community, I would be in possession of it right now. I gave it away to your tour because I thought you were a good person and the circumstances surrounding your absence from the community made me sympathetic, but of course I'm the idiot for trying to be a good community member back then. I hope you understand that this is about principles rather than my ingame financial status. It clearly is a scam to a reasonable person, maybe not in PokeMMO's definition, in which case I won't be able to get it. I don't know what exactly you want me to be gutsy about. Given everyone's response to your application for a position on the small council, I get a good idea of everyone feels about you. I can't wait to find out what your new alt will be and the backstory behind why the account Xigbar is no longer active. @gbweadI don't know how someone who has scammed the community in the past should even be considered in any decision-making aspect of a community-hosted event because clearly this person has no remorse about his/her previous actions.
  9. I checked the StockMarketMMO thread which was updated last week, and it was 45.600.000.
  10. Please give Xigbaar a spot on the small council if it means he/she will get enough funds from the donation pool to compensate me for the black reaper hood I gave at Roxass' death tribute tour.
  11. Willing to give all my ingame and IRL assets to unban Axoa. ^True love right here.
  12. @Lvkee In your OP, please tag the devs or whichever genius was behind dropping Kings Rock so that they are notified of this thread and as a result can't pretend that this thread doesn't exist. I've mostly played OU ever since stuff like Garchomp and Rotom were implemented, and since the only tier I play is garbage right now because of how it is infested with RNG strategies where players can just freely cast their fishing rod and snag any sort of luck -> flinch, cursed body activation, sand veil evasion - I have zero desire to play this game. I noticed some positive changes made in the competitive side like changing definition of certain terms and banning P2 and Lucario (if I'm right), which I really commend, but please save OU now.
  13. That's not going to happen because such a move would make UU better, and we can't have that.
  14. Could you share with us what those rules are or are they strictly for staff's knowledge only? Yes it is true that those shinies were distributed in regular tournaments, but I offered them as suggestions to replace Ferro and Hydreigon because I think they are better / more desired than Ferro or Hydreigon. I am also sure that Ferro and Hydreigon were distributed as prizes for previous tournaments as well, so maybe the reason for not offering mostly comes down to the rules that you're abiding by.
  15. Yeah but I felt that since there was a larvitar poster in the OP, that the TTar prize was connected to the theme of the tour, so that's why I didn't suggest removing TTar from the list of prizes. EDIT: Oh wait I misunderstood you, and thankfully the first place winner still has their pick of the shiny. I think the fact that the winner has the option to pick which shiny they want, it is okay if the other two shinies are possibly better than TTar.
  16. Thanks for hosting this seasonal, it has been a while since the last one. If I could make one suggestion, it would be to change the prizes. I don't think Ferro or Hydreigon are that appealing as 2nd or 3rd place prizes. Other options could be Volcarona, Dragonite, Salamence, or Breloom.
  17. Halloween is not PvP and this was a PvP related suggestion. For someone who wants others to think for themselves, you really should've practiced that before making an irrelevant post because I was referring to the PvP content of the game.
  18. The notice of a pokemon holding the hax item was a dumb way to try to maintain the status quo. It should be painfully obvious that the devs have zero clue about PvP because in their eyes the entire effectiveness of the hax items was based on the surprise element, when that was just one small portion of the issue. The larger part of the issue is that the hax item allows the holder to overcome any skill displayed by their opponent because of how the odds to luck their opponent are extremely stacked on their side. The devs could've nerfed the flinch rate of the item to a much lower amount such that using Kings Rock on Cloyster was a worse option than using something like Focus Sash, but they chose to not go that route either. There have been at least 3-4 threads calling out for these items to get banned/removed from PvP and explaining why these items are bad for PvP, but you can tell that the devs hardly read these threads or understood where the playerbase was coming from because their method of nerfing the items didn't resolve the issue. I think the best solution is to stop playing this game. I can't imagine how frustrating it is to reach the semis or finals of a tour, only to then lose because of this item. If you stop playing this game, you'll realize how much better your mental health will be. I don't know what your reason for continuing to playing this game is, but if your reason aligns with the principle of sunk-cost fallacy, then trust me when I say to not give this game anymore of your time or money because you're likely to not see any returns. This game struggles to retain its comp playerbase because the devs just don't care enough about them.
  19. I would answer this question in a manner similar to how Rendi responded to Xatu by mailing an escape rope to him ingame, but I don't want to get banned xD
  20. Think of the discussion threads as a support group where you can voice your opinion about the tier just to let it out of your system, while also ingesting copium that enables you to continue playing this game.
  21. Preach. I think a lot of us are chasing the dragon where we're trying recreate or experience the same high that we all once felt when we played the game, but those days are long gone and are extremely hard to recreate with the direction in which this game is heading. They've been working on HA since 2015 or so, and while the recent update was good in terms of adding random battles, do remember that they chose to add random battles before making HAs and legendaries available to us. HAs and legendaries are available (or were available incase they no longer are now) to trainers in Battle Tower, yet they don't want to give it to us because they don't want to make it easy. Also, do note that they could provide us HAs in a way that would require you to perform extra steps, then breed new comps from scratch (perhaps you can't use old comps as breeders), rather than fixing it with a simple ability pill. I wouldn't hold my breath to find out what the unviable method of obtaining HAs or legendaries would be (if any).
  22. I wanted to say thank you to the staff that recently hosted a tag team tournament. Please do more of these.
  23. Having an advantage doesn't mean that the game has to be finished within a specific period of time. When you are running certain kinds of stall that are passive, and are maybe facing opposing stall, these duels will take longer to finish. You can perhaps beat your opponent because you have "pressure" as your ability on most mons, and as a result you can deplete your opponent's PP and win, but that's a strategy that takes time and can also be delayed by the opponent simply switching about (only after a certain time limit do you not get time back for switching about). -------------- I do agree with gb that the current rule needs some modification because it allows undeserving folks (people who weren't able to win the game at all) to advance, which isn't fair. That being said, I don't think an automated decision should always be made in such a situation. I think staff intervention is necessary as the staff can then extend the battle for 5 min longer if the staff feels that the game can be completed within a certain period of time, or staff can determine who the winner should be by evaluating the situation (need to have comp knowledge) and that way determine if another player is engaging in bad faith where they are trying to advance by relying on the timer because there is no other way to do so. It doesn't seem that farfetched to me because showdown tours are hosted by actual people who preside over the entirety of the tour and they can always consult with another staff team (tournament director team) if they need assistance with making a decision. This also used to be the case in MMO before automated tournaments became the norm.
  24. I want to mention that a common theme to your recent threads is to bring back Silph Co tournaments (non-automated tours). I get how the sign-up process for automated tournaments is efficient and how it is less of a headache for hosts, but these automated tours are nowhere near as fun, as a player or spectator, as compared to tours in Silph Co. Hopefully staff will take your suggestions into consideration because I'm sure that the experience would consider bringing back a lot of the comp players (such as myself) who simply lurk on forums but don't log ingame.
  25. I also want to point out that outside of revenge killing, Dugtrio can come on field through its partner's moves such as U-Turn and Teleport, or it can double switch. Now double switching Dug into a mon you can trap is a skill and the player should be rewarded, but this reward should come in the form of gaining momentum rather than winning the lottery by taking out an entire pokemon.
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