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  1. I would also really like a "mail me with offers" option that shows your IGN lol, maybe with a seperate mailbox for it while we're on the topic. Also, auctions when?
  2. Most suggestions box posts aren't worth much more than a good laugh, but this is actually a pretty decent sounding idea.
  3. make me one bby, be as offensive as u want
  4. I'm stalkin yo feed boy

    1. DaftKitteh


      Reporting in, turns out it's pretty normal.Β 

    2. Gilan
  5. There we have it, GTM guaranteed to go up. We makin money now boys
  6. Clearly nobody shares my affection for YOLO money ;_; Buying envolopes to open == casino money, expect to lose it Opening envolopes you earned == free casino money, you earned it Disclaimer: I've lost around 1m by opening my envelopes instead of selling them
  7. I was in the same boat as you. My first opinions from forum post was that it was kinda meh, but once I saw it in game on my character, with different tops/etc. I really like it. If GDM was a full face mask, and not a 3/4 mask I think I'd like it more, but it's not so GTM to the moon bby
  8. Just wanted to drop in and say it actually looks much better in game than I thought. Side view especially
  9. The discord seems to be lit up with people who like it. Not saying it's mona lisa, just that it's all perspective. We'll see what the price looks like in a month, that'll be the real tell of if it was a good idea or not. Also super interested in hearing other peoples opinions on it before I drop a buttload of yen on them.
  10. yes, rep GDM more so I keep making fatty stacks. d o n t s t o p With included sound effect. Also please tell me this doesn't have a limit to how many can be active, cuz vermilion is gonna be nuts
  11. Dude tricked me too. Was thinking it'd be some crazy gamebreaking stuff, turned out to just be a super wholesome post. Much love to OP
  12. My historically terrible RNG disagrees. #ImplementIt
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