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[Livestream] Orange's stream

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Hello everybody, I recently started to stream on Twitch and wanted to share my channel here as well. I'm playing various games, including PokeMMO. To keep the stream more interactive I'm challenging myself to teambuild challenges where I ask members of the chat to suggest me three Pokemon to use in a battle and I'll teambuild accordingly. I could potentially also stream tournaments in the future but those will be streamed with a stream delay and also my move selections will be hidden. But if you wanna hear my thought processes when playing a tournament in PokeMMO, I suggest to hop in.


Besides PokeMMO, occasionally I stream other games as well. For example:


- Pokemon VGC (Sword and Shield)
- Poker
- Pokemon Trading Card Game Online

- maybe chess?

- Sometimes I host kahoot trivias


So yeah, if you have nothing else to do please hop in and tell us a joke at https://www.twitch.tv/naranjamaniaco




A couple of side notes:




1) Despite my username, I don't speak Spanish. OrangeManiac was taken and there's kind of a joke that I'm Spanish so I went with that.

2) If I know all my watchers are Finnish, I might speak in Finnish but if you drop a comment in English I'll be sure to change my language to English



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On 5/17/2020 at 11:55 PM, drdray said:

WC commentating when

That's an interesting idea. Didn't thought about doing commentary for other people's matches but now that you said it, I could really consider it.


On 5/17/2020 at 11:57 PM, drdray said:

Also could you turn on past broadcasts so we can see what youre about


Can you do that retroactively? If so, I can make all my broadcasts rewatchable, just show me how. :) I haven't really found the need for it from my side. The reason why I stream is basically to kill time, to chill with viewers (who most commonly are people I already know), to just talk about shit. When streaming PokeMMO, I usually do those so called "teambuilding challenges" where I ask chat to throw me the names of 3 Pokemon and Ill use them to battle in matchmaking because otherwise I would just use two different teams all the time and it's not fun for anyone. Sometimes I stream tournaments but I'm noticeably more quiet there because most often I'm truly concentrating on every single action. 

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I still don't see any past broadcasts listed, it could be enabled but set to private? Not sure, but i enabled notifications now so hopefully i wont miss ya


edit:im dumb, it was enabled after the stream ended, so it wouldnt show up, srry

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