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  1. Excited to see how this one will go. Something to log on for, pog.
  2. IGN: ThinkNicer Country: Gekoloniseerd - Netherlands Tiers: UU Doubles Discord: Note: dutch cuisine is impeccable
  3. You can play without team preview im pretty sure. Yeah this is definitely an issue. But hosts can keep an eye on matches and if mosf stuff gets recorded you can kind of look for suspicious damage calcs or speed from game to game. If you know what I mean. Anyone caught changing EVs should then immediately be banned from the tournament.
  4. Ayeeee, I love the open information format. I think EVs can stay hidden though?
  5. I've said this before but UU and NU dont even have the bumbers anymore for usage to determine anything. OU should be based on usage, everything else needs to be discussed tested based on overall power and impact on the tiers. But that would require TC to be pretty transparent and for them to have a lot of say over the lower tiers. Both are kind of hard to achieve it seems.
  6. Disagree with most of whats been said You don't even know if legends will bring balance because our meta would look completely different from bw or even oras. So that's just flat out wrong. Second, pokemon balance is pretty meh and tiers like bw ou have underwent some major changes due to their poor balance. Even with legendaries. If not for a very active and passionate council + community some tiers would be utter trash. The devs should allow the council more power though, so that together with the community it has more tools to try and find balance in the tiers.
  7. Fuark brah, I vouch for this. 10/10 would leave my fiancee for misc brahs. Embrace the bulk, we're all gonna make it
  8. Time to dial up Amanu and get back to work
  9. The answer is yes if you have a prizepool of at least 100m. The answer is no if you have anything less than that. I've tried setting up more individual tournaments but most won't care unless big cash. Gl!
  10. I think you should even consider if usage is still the best way to go about defining the lower tiers. The strength of usage based tiering is that you have so much objective data to form tiers with, that it gets difficult to argue for more subjective approaches. Now though, we don't have the benefit of plenty of data anymore. Making it easier for stats to get skewed in the lower tiers. IMO TC should look at other options to form the lower tiers.
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