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[Unofficial Event] [Art]🎨 Pokémon of the month 🎨

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Pokémon of the March month 2023


Okayy soo the court has spoken, here we have the results of this month, thanks to the participants for joining again ♥ 

as always, i will send the prizes very soon within 24 hours, we are waiting for you all next month ~


🥇1st place: @Floruwu 

We liked the adaptation of jirachi in her character, she looks very cute and we love the design, one of the favorites without a doubt, the proposal was very original, she knew how to keep the essence of the pokemon in the character!

🥈2nd place: @Alaniz

We love this entry because it looks beautiful and focuses 100% on the character, it looks very satisfying and the background is great, it blends very well, it reminds me of an LoL icon, it's something i'd use as pfp lol.

🥉3rd place: @Arara

We liked this entry because it has a crazy idea, it's a streamer jirachi!!, the drawing is very clean, we liked the colors and the overlay in the image is simply great, looks so cute ~

💝4th place: @lallo17

This one also has a cool idea, he combined 2 pokemon and it has a scary vibe or something like that, we liked the lighting and details, good job!!




1st,2nd and 3rd place have a place in the hall of fame of this publication, congratulations ~


Pokémon of the April month soon

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