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[Unofficial Event] [Art]🎨 Pokémon of the month 🎨

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Title:"There is an impostor among us"
IGN: ErzaSScarlet
 I had fun doing this work, I thought it would be funny to see a water type poke swimming with a mask and holding the air. To the shiny vaporeon add small details to its original form that if you look closely you can discover. I hope you like it vaporeonshiny2(1).thumb.jpg.c927ed3e888b77ca5473aef0306c3475.jpg

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Pokémon of the month July 2022


So here we have the results of this month, thanks to the participants for joining i recognize that there are incredible entries that could have taken place here, but after reviewing each artwork this was the result, without much more to say! i will send the prizes very soon within 24 hours, we are waiting for you all next month <3.


415b0738a4a61f6ab6a9b6eed1ba3ff5.png 1st place: @DarielMG

9efde86b8ecb1270d3da7f78dc656657.png 2nd place: @urCute

d06d221b538688a420279d9d2181710f.png 3rd place: @lallo17

💝4th place: @chernognica





1st,2nd and 3rd place have a place in the hall of fame of this publication, congratulations ~


Also i invite you all to join to our PokeMMO Art Community Discord




Pokémon of the month August soon

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 Welcome everyone to the third edition of this event!, this time our

Pokémon of the month of August is:

Open this:



N. 460 Abomasnow

Thanks to @DarkarArtz for bringing out our main goal for this month



From now on you can start doing some work with this pokémon, I invite you to read the rules before starting any work, you will find it at the beginning of this publication.


Entries will end on August 29 at 00:00 GMT



Valid entry template:


IGN / Nickname (I am not responsible for the name you are going to type so type it correctly):

Title (Optional but helps to better understand your work):

Image of your work:

Description (Optional):


Also remember that you can contribute to this event by donating some amount of money (It is not mandatory but you help me not to stay poor and the prize is greater !!)


August donations:


xPauu: Snover 2x31 3x30 + Natu

xMishiii: $2.000.000

Tear: $1.000.000

Zephyboi: $1.000.000

Endiii: $200.000


GL Everyone ❤️

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IGN / Nickname : ActualBlueBlu

Title : ''(PLAYER) wants to battle!''

Image of your work:image.thumb.png.bfd554bb9eb2e1a6116fb834f3b77468.png

Description :
Me and this month's pokemon of this contest!! :DD
I definitaly do no expect to win ,but its all about the fun! good luck everyone!

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the image didn't want to load , so i just reu-uploaded the image again
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