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  1. personally I enjoy standing in one place in vermilion for hours every day on a game that stopped being fun 2 years ago
  2. There are plenty of methods for earning money, and fighting the E4 is one of the most time consuming, least rewarding ones available. I recommend you focus on making a PvE team for gym runs before making your PvP team. You'll be able to make around 250k per run, which may not sound like a lot but given how quick it is, it's a great way to make money. I would also recommend farming everstones. There isn't much of an investment needed like gym runs so this is great if you're low on money, usually makes me around 100k an hour. If money isn't your issue I don't see why you would be farming the elite 4 to begin with. There are much faster ways to earn experience or as I mentioned money, so don't see the point of adding different difficulties to an already lackluster feature with little to offer.
  3. This is called trading. You buy RP and trade the items for in-game cash that is already in the game. No new money is being generated, rather old money moving between players. NPCs such as gym leaders and E4 generate new money every time they are defeated. I don't see how this is relevant to your suggestion but you can't compare the two in terms of economic effect. One is trading while the other is generating money.
  4. If you're just playing through the story you shouldn't be too concerned with stats. Anything with a beneficial nature should work fine. Once you get to post-game you'll want to guarantee that you have a good nature with at least 25 IVs in the important stats, and 31 in speed. For example, a Gyarados would want Jolly/Adamant with 31 speed and at least 25 in everything else besides special attack. As far as selling goes, anything with 31 will sell for a decent amount but there are other factors that determine values such as nature, gender, egg group, etc. I suggest comparing your Pokémon on GTL to other Pokémon being sold with similar stats in the same egg group to get an idea of their value.
  5. we worked so hard to get rid of berries please no
  6. Do you still have your Jumpeon from the Unova PTS? You will need it to gain access to the Sinnoh PTS.
  7. The filter is made for players who don't want to see certain swear words, that doesn't give you permission to spam those words or use them however you please. You can't possibly expect staff members to know every lyric from every song, can you? Besides, something being a quote doesn't excuse it from the rules, if it's considered to be inappropriate it doesn't matter where you got it from.
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