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  1. IGN: thenavarro Accodales: I only played a Lc del Profe tour and I won it, 100% effective fluff: I love my friends' moms, it's an obsession. I'm not interested in them being ugly, fat, or missing a limb, with her being the mom of a friend, I'll like it.
  2. Kangaskhan's Golden Horde (2) vs (1) Sweet Child O'Mime OU: ArtOfKilling vs iMat OU: ZioMOJI vs Juanchoqui OU: Azphiel vs AlphaxStriker Absolutely Darkness (2) vs (1) Cloddy Cloud Clodsires OU: CHUCKunso vs shuiqing OU: Lunarck vs ShanQi OU: zLumiere vs Queest Beedrilled (0) vs (3) Fire Force OU: Gabuchox vs Heichicoda OU: Brumoso vs CarolML OU: Aerun vs Pablobacas Stark Tyrants (3) vs (0) My Dress Up Deerling OU: ForFour vs Luke OU: Mkns vs Elvessss OU: Facursa vs LpZ ignore the score
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