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  1. I no longer play Pokemmo; the changes have been detrimental in the only tier that interested me. Firstly, the introduction of Gallade's hidden ability was a mistake. Following those changes, the Tier Council has been making questionable decisions regarding lower tiers. Some noteworthy examples include the sudden drops of Venomoth and Venusaur to NU for just a month, forcing breeders to invest in raising them, only to see them rise back the following month. Furthermore, I've read that Medicham, Milotic, and others have also dropped, which is truly absurd. We were fine with Gallade without its hidden ability. It allowed us to handle Blaziken, sun teams, rain teams, 6 walls, venusaur and other shits effectively and counteract Bronzor spam with the option to use Gallade with Substitute and Bulk Up. Now, that combination no longer exists, and only Adamant or Jolly is used. I believe that, during this period, the tier changes have been somewhat ridiculous, especially in recent months. They are burying the NU tier further and further. I appreciate not playing Pokemmo anymore, but I think, at the very least out of respect for new players, they should avoid making these temporary (1-month) changes, which seem to have become repetitive while I have not been actively playing. P.D.: Regarding the Tier Council, I have always believed that its members should have knowledge of all tiers to prevent changes like "Blastoise" suddenly breaking the meta in NU, only to have it return to UU in November for being too many strong.
  2. Hasta que hiciste caso pinche gei, 矇xito con el pokenegocio, saludos desde el mas all獺 (純售‾堆荔葭 領
  3. Probably Aggron | Scyther Scarf | Av or Scarf Charizard | KlingKlang | Careful Braviary | Careful Golbat with Hidden Ability | Careful Dragonair at +2, it's a 2HKO. You can do something about it [+4 252 SpA Life Orb Venomoth Bug Buzz vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Eviolite Dragonair: 140-165 (83.3 - 98.2%)] | there's also Munchlax | Av Escavalier could be an option as well. You have many good alternatives, but 90% are trash with the other strong monster in the tier. Just play HO or 6 walls. If you decide to go balanced, pray that Venomoth doesn't come out if you've covered the other powerful threats, or hope that your opponent loses their connection.
  4. I consider the proposed changes to be an aberration for the NU level. Let me explain, and for this, I will only give my opinion since writing calculations and objective matters will only make the message more likely to be ignored than the one I will write below. 1) Venomoth (I know this is a proof or idea) is a Pok矇mon that is too strong for the tier. It's already challenging enough dealing with a Venusaur, for which probably 99% of players will have to carry a Careful Golbat for control. On top of that, if you have a Pok矇mon with Psyshock you make it disappear. 2) With the presence of Azumarill and Scrafty in the tier (I'll repeat it), the tier has already reached a point where teams consisting of 6 walls have become the easiest to use. They easily cover this combination, allowing you to save yourself from thinking or playing with skill. How do I argue this point? Well, just look at the last 2 or 3 NU seasonals. Players who are not very experienced in the tier simply copy a team of 6 walls and win without any problem (1000 IQ). 3) I don't know what the TC are smoking with these changes (Gligar, Venusaur, mismagius, xatu, gigalith, clefable|tentacruel, and others). Frankly, it seems like they don't play the tier enough. When you find yourself in a situation where you have to bring a specific Pok矇mon for each battle, it means the level has stagnated. There's no room left to play with creativity. We have already seen that with the previous aberrations., several Pok矇mon like Houndoom, Sharpedo, Tangrowth, Rhydon, Miltank, Samurott, Golurk, Sableye, Slowking, Slowbro, Charizard, Torterra, etc., have become completely useless or extremely difficult to play in NU. And I'm not spreading hatred towards the TC. What I'm essentially suggesting is that they shouldn't turn NU into the new OU or UU, where you see the same 6-12 Pok矇mon in every battle just because they are the easiest or most overpowered to use. PD: The new changes just are inviting us to build 6 different walls for play ^^
  5. I'm still a beginner, but I believe that the main problem currently in the NU tier is not Vaporeon actually. The main problem currently are Pokemon like Scrafty and Azumarill, as they become limiting factors when building PvP teams. Let me explain, for example, with Azumarill + Scrafty in the tier, you ALWAYS have to bring a Pokemon with Haze or a predetermined style of walls to stop them, making it difficult to build based on innovation. Pokemon such as Samurott, Sharpedo, Miltank, Slowbro, Slowking, Alomomola, among many others, lose their usefulness because this pair of Pokemon is much stronger and more usable in the tier. In my humble opinion, I believe that most players do not build their teams based on the danger that Vaporeon may cause, but rather based on making sure that Azumarill or Scrafty do not become a problem. I've seen very well-balanced teams that can't do anything against either of these two Pokemon, which makes gameplay somewhat boring because you are forced to stop using very good alternatives such as Tangrowth, Rhydon, Cryogonal, Musharna, Claydol, Frillish, Throh, Lumineon, and many other good alternatives that cannot control this pair that can sweep your entire team with just one boost if you don't bring Haze or the typical style of walls.
  6. The most important in your team: 1) You need to change the movesets: - Sableye: You can to change sucker punch by thunderwave/toxic/taunt - Slowking: Trick room by calm mind and toxic by scald / trick room by scald - Blaziken: Probably there is better Stone edge by Brave Bird (bc your composition is a balance, brave bird is better in other compositions) - Honchkrow probably is better with choice scarf if u want to use moxie and u can to change heat wave by u turn or pursuit 2) Is necessary change the composition: - If your enemy is using stealth rocks, toxic spikes, spikes you織re completely open to get an amazing dmg there (not a defog, rapid spin or poison monster there). - This meta you織re needing a defog or rapid spinner - Is bad combination a slowking + sableye in the same team, bc you have a group of strong dark monsters in the meta (zoroark, absol, honchkrow, sharpedo, Drapion,etc) 3) Being realist and optimistic, with this team probably u will get a 40-50% wr, bc against a 6 walls or offensive team (spikes + toxic spikes + stealth rocks) u are completely vulnerable. 4) Your team is weak against boost monsters: Cloyster, belly azumarill, scrafty with berry for fight attacks and other strong monster in the meta. 5) Your walls are not in sinergy, is a headache face against the actual meta with this monsters being honest. - You have more options there: sableye + quagsire + golbat | miltank/clefable + mantine + steelix | vaporeon + golbat + stunfisk and many other great options for your sweepers.
  7. Im selling these shiny pokemon to be able to eat. I lost everything gambling and these little ones are all i have left to get back on my feet. Please ehlp me out by making a purchase! Please, make your offer and if it interest me, we can get in touch Scrafty: SOLD | Durant: SOLD | Sigilyph: SOLD Discord: Belu#9843
  8. 252+ SpA Choice Specs Lumineon Surf vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Nidoqueen: 194-230 (98.4 - 116.7%). Is time to use the godmineon (嚚**)嚚
  9. Chari $$ + Torterra $$ + Drapion $$ + Magmortar $$ + Escavalier $$ Let me know (嚚**)嚚
  10. Great artist 10/10, taking all details clearly (==) I recommend him totally, is very communicative and he works fast (嚚**)嚚
  11. My Dress Up Deerling (0) vs (0) Beedrilled OU: LifeStyle vs Sargeste OU: LeJovi vs Brumoso @LeJovi Win UU: OnRaider vs PoseidonWrath NU: Luke vs Wolfangt @Tear@LeJovi Loss Dubs: NecasInTrouble vs Gabuchox LC: KokenoCastro vs xSparkie @Tear Loss DPP: NikhilR vs MonkeyDMathew OU: Elvesssss vs Aerun Stark Tyrants (0) vs (0) Absolutely Darkness OU: Facursa vs CHUCKunso OU: ForFour vs Lunarck UU: UmbraMol vs Huargensy NU: woxiangsinile vs Axellgor @DarkarArtz Loss Dubs: Imabetheverybest vs Yjos @DarkarArtz Loss LC: Smadagos vs Cali DPP: BlueBreath vs Meendez @DarkarArtz Loss OU: DoubleJ vs zLumiere @Tear Win Kangaskhan's Golden Horde (0) vs (0) Cloddy Cloud Clodsires OU: ArtOfKilling vs shuiqing @DarkarArtz Loss OU: ZioMOJI vs ShanQi @Tear Win NU: MadaraSixSix vs ChronoRike Dubs: TehKharma vs Mislandier @Tear (se anula por sub) LC: Gasyflour vs DridrigoFK DPP: Zokuru vs Queest OU: Azphiel vs SweeTforU Sweet Child O'Mime (0) vs (0) Fire Force OU: Juanchoqui vs zBrann @Tear Fue activity (anulado) OU: Badbaarsito vs Heichicoda UU: iMat vs CarolML NU: Sebat vs Pablobacas @Tear Win Dubs: lKillua vs RealDevilLegend @Tear Loss LC: YEYOxD vs WarwitoX DPP: Gunthug vs MedichamZ @Tear (Se anula por sub) OU: AlphaxStriker vs Tawlaa @Tear Loss 300 k each match
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