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  1. It's a different particle effect. It looks like the Gen 8 Ultra Shiny particle effect. Holo Diamond/Squares instead of stars come off of it.
  2. Good suggestion I think. Even to make it a hotkey or something too would be cool. That way you can just switch between them.
  3. I think a better idea would be to count how many pokemon seen on your pokemon card that shows data on your total encounters period. Maybe some other stats like steps taken or how many times you used an HM move in the world. Stuff like that would be very welcome.
  4. Suggestion: ability to change your forums profile name. My IGN is FenixFox but my display is ImmortalFox19 (since this is an old account) which I know also has a display for IGN under the profile name on the forums but I'd prefer my account name to be FenixFox instead but cannot do this. Would be a nice change.
  5. Team Name: läva Team Tag: läva Registered Players: Getovaherez, PoseidonWrath, Baneadito, TheDH, Leviatharian, Endiii, Taystee, Mobuto, xMikasaAckerman, MafiosoX, Kriliin, Wally, Jaafri, Retremos, Excesar, Wallslife, Isadora, Michelxxx, KevinDaPoketrain Captain: Kriliin
  6. It just means it isn't predictable for sure and I 100% do not have the ability to reverse engineer it. You know what I meant. :)
  7. As this comes to topic quite often in 'Global' chat. I did want to add there is technically nothing RNG about it. Simply the code creates a shiny as cause and effect take place in said code because it couldn't happen any other way as the event that creates a shiny takes place. That being said, the underlying factors are not completely debugged in the sense of the programming and so I would say the guide is incomplete data. Just as there is a thing called "RNG Manipulation" that is savvy in both Emerald version and Platinum/Diamond which benefits encounters for shinies I'm sure that there is some form or another to create "cause and effect" aforementioned to take place based on the games own underlying mechanics. Now no one would tell anyone if they happened to stumble across such a defect in the code nor would they mention they were debugging the code and were able to find said method but it still exists regardless. A specific set of motions/conditions and actions to triggers that set in a specific chain that will create an egg or encounter a shiny. The only problem is with that, as we all know, is we don't know the code and we don't know what factors into said code nor do we know the formula in which this code presents itself. But if one did; a shiny would be predictable. By the way; I'm in no way saying that anyone should try this I just wanted to make sure there was a reality and we are clear on it, I'll leave it at that. Good luck hunting!
  8. he's repeatable, and when you do a re-battle it's like 15k or something, he's way out of the way though so I never do him. Unless I'm shiny hunting or something in the cave.
  9. There is also steve in hoenn which gives you as much as morimoto I believe.
  10. I mean, I can make around 5 million a day currently and am working on a way to get back up to being able to make 7+ million again. Takes extra work than what it did before but I have a way I've already mapped out and did all the calcs for it. It's not easy work though that's for sure.
  11. So far the players I play with seem to beat all regions in a 2-3 week period and take another week or 2 to get a gym rebattling team together. From there they can make 1 comp every 2 or 3 days and for just a team of 6 they need another 2-3 weeks. So not quite 3 months but 1 month if they are a no-lifer and 1 month and 2 weeks for someone a little more casual to have 6 comp pokes they can use for pvp. This is what it seems like so far. I try and compare them to my hard grinding but it's tough. I beat the whole game in 4 days on my first character so when I hear they just beat the second region on week 2 I think wow.... I don't know how it takes them that long in some cases. Some of them playing literally every day like me too. No offense to them but I just don't get it. I agree that 1 month and 2 weeks is still scary for any player though. And that's just for the first 6.
  12. It only harmed those who wanted to buy limited time cosmetics and high demand shinies really. The abundance of Comps reduced prices because of the supply and demand which I would argue helped newer players. From what I saw in pricing in GTL. It was a very small percentage of people who had lots of money who consistently farmed. There is also no way of doing a re-balance of inflation without cutting everyone's money. I'd argue that setting everyone's money that is above 20 million to 20 million would be a good solution so we don't discourage newer players who desperately need that money and it would curb inflation by a lot.
  13. I mean I could agree with a reset of all money. And I have 100m on me.
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