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  1. "Entei is just a weaker Arcanine"... I'm sorry, I don't ever remember people complaining about Arcanine or it ever getting suspect tested. And you wondered on another thread why people just ignore what you say, just play the tier and stop coming up with nonsense.
  2. I didn't mean to that extent, I meant how OU have had stuff like Shiny Volcarona and Dubs had Shiny Metagross for their seasonals, maybe we could potentially have a similar rare shiny like Eevee(?), Spiritomb, Rotom, etc - but Snorlax and Flygon especially are pretty cool shiny's and I understand that admins have the final say. I'm sorry I didn't mean to come across as harsh, I'm grateful that there is a seasonal tournament and that you are hosting it.
  3. Prizes seem meh (except Snorlax) considering it's a seasonal but cool tournament anyway.
  4. I think the issue is that you've built a negative reputation for yourself where you only want to be heard, ignoring whatever comments and feedback other people have directly responded to you in the past, derailing threads and continuously quoting people (even when requested to stop), so you can't really complain when people do the same to you and automatically disregard points you make. The main tier I've seen you play is OU and sometimes NU, yet you make points on subjects related to UU. It's probably best to do your research, look at statistics in game and actively get involved in those tiers instead of just playing hypothetical scenarios. Theorycrafting can only get you so far...
  5. Week 4 Straw Hat Crew () vs () Nickitis in Paras OU: Sannuo vs Azphiel OU: Dlunaj vs LiveLaughHate UU: Zanderson vs Flacusaurio NU: Drtylergrey vs DrewQ Dubs: Jhowteon vs Akarukokuyo LC: Skylux vs QuinnW MC 1: Elvesssss vs Sargeste (OU) MC 2: GodXebec vs Konishiwa (NU) Throwing Tyrantrum () vs () Cinderace Flame Knights OU: ZioMOJI vs Zokuru OU: qqqianx vs miloticc UU: TohnR vs Umbramol NU: xLunethx vs Sweetforu Dubs: Mislandier vs iKilluactivitywin LC: Cristi vs Darkquiler MC 1: Incineroar vs Chuckunso (DUBS) *** MC 2: DoublrJ vs Hellskream (OU) *** Surging Urshifus () vs () Chattering Chatot OU: ZireaelCiri vs Artofkilling OU: Kxiv vs Yaser UU: tykd vs NestyMore NU: Woxiangsinile vs xJossue Dubs: Lovesinile vs Gabuchox LC: Asmodeusro vs Smadagos MC 1: Forfour vs TheDH *** (LC) MC 2: Xiabanwanwan vs Wolfangt (NU) Vodka Juniors () vs () Inazuma Eleeveen OU: WarwitoX vs Pablobacas OU: ChristianArce vs Poseidonwrath UU: Forfiter vs CarolML NU: Tawlaa vs IHavsik Dubs: UT vs Edstorm LC: Nagahex vs Gasyflour MC 1: Lachidrago vs Shellicent (UU) MC 2: Joalza vs Yjos (DUBS)
  6. As much as fairy types are cool, I honestly don't see a reason for MMO to implement this unless they ever decide to introduce gen 6 mons & moves alongside adjusting the steel weakness/resistance chart. Right now the main fairy types we would get would be... Clefairy/Clefable Azumarill Gardevoir Togekiss Granbull Wigglytuff Ninetales Mr Mime Mawile Whimsicott (and maybe a few more?) From a PvP perspective, the main meta influencing Pokemon would be Clefable (will likely see a significant increase in usage for OU to deal with dragons), Togekiss, Azumarill and potentially Whimsicott for doubles. I don't really see many mons that would benefit from a PvE perspective. I feel there aren't really any benefits for adding Fairy types right now, and Orange perfectly explained the issue with Knock Off (e.g. In the newer gens CB Crawdaunt with Knock Off is insane, for example).
  7. Team: Moo Team Tag: [Moo] Team Players: Cow, Moo, Cowe Team Captain: Cow
  8. Once Munya posts this thread, the usage changes are locked, unless I misunderstood anything
  9. +1 I feel that the majority of tours that are held at this time during a weekday should be non-shiny tours with the occasional shiny. Personally I think it should be... Weekdays: Between 5pm-12am UTC Saturday/Sunday: Combination between 1-4pm and 5pm-12am UTC
  10. WEEK 2 Inazuma Eleeveen vs Chattering Chatot OU: Syxkl vs Chintsuru OU: Pablobacas vs Artofkilling UU: Poseidonwrath vs Nestymore NU: Uor vs Wolfangt Dubs: Yjos vs Gabuchox LC: Gasyflour vs TheDH MC 1: CarolML vs YaseerAL MC 2: IHavsil vs xJossue Throwing Tyrantrum vs Vodka Juniors OU: Qqqianx vs Christianarce OU: ZioMoji vs Juanchoqui UU: Mkns vs JasonSparrowX NU: Facursa vs Tawlaa Dubs: Mislandier vs UT LC: Cristi vs Navetas MC 1: Ilatios vs Forfiter (NU) MC 2: Incineroar vs Joalza (Dubs) Nickitis in Paras vs Cinderace Flame Knights OU: Azphiel vs Iloveubro OU: Aerun vs Whated UU: Flacusaurio vs Umbramol NU: DrewQ vs Sweetforu Dubs: AkaruKoyuko vs Killua LC: QuinnW vs Quiler MC 1: Razachu vs Hellskream (Dubs) MC 2: BeRoyy (TehKharma) vs Hitmonleefigths (Dubs) *** Surging Urshifus vs Straw Hat Crew OU: ZirealCiri vs Elvesss OU: Kxiv vs Sannuo UU: Tykd vs LoveNiMeiYiTian NU: Woxiangsinile vs DrTylerGrey Dubs: lovesinile vs GodXebec LC: forfour vs Skylux MC 1: siyuex vs Jhowteon (Dubs) MC 2: dshadd vs BMTirpitz** (Dubs)
  11. Gonna be a joke season anyway.
  12. IGN: Incognition Timezone: GMT+0 Discord: incognition Preferred Tiers: ADV, DPP Fluff: Will ask ChatGPT to write me one Donation: GIFs and Discord Emojis
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