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  1. Hi! so i recently got shiny zangoose but there is no one in gtl so idk how much is it worth, i also try to sell it on trade just to see wich offers i get and have some idea of the price but i got no offers Could any veteran that knows shiny prices help me pls?
  2. IGN: xxpryorxx Reason: I'm good playing NU and I think I am really cheap and good option for any team Preferred Tiers: NU only Competitive accolades: Discord contact (optional): Pryor#1043 Other random stuff: good english/spanish, got a lot of free time
  3. IGN: xXPryorxX Reason: i was checking my options and i dont see a future where I loose, I play all tiers, I have won many tournaments and im always high on ladder (over jasonsparrow) Other random stuff: If cali was manager i can be too and if gbwead banned garchomp I can win PSL
  4. My name: TheChopo My partner's name: MichaelArs Team name: Quiler's Luck
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