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  1. IGN: Archonn Country: USA Tiers: OU/NU Discord: Archon#3145 Fluff: it do be how it do be.
  2. My best outfit, Breeder Archon, with matching OT Swellow IGN: Archonn
  3. First NU video, Archonn vs MadaraSixSix in round 3 of [NU] Armored Knight on February 5th 2022
  4. Archon's Hide and Seek Extravaganza 1 (This event is for in-game Team RISE Members only) Date: 26 February 2022 Time: 11am CST Location: Locations will vary across Hoenn and Kanto, Channel 3 only. We will start in Vermillion PC channel 3. Duration: 10 Rounds of Hide and Seek Rules: There will be 10 rounds of Hide and Seek, where I, Archonn will hide somewhere in either Kanto or Hoenn I will then give a hint to my location in team chat. The first person to find me and send a trade request will win and get a prize. All participants will then go back to Vermillion PC and wait for the next hint. Only members of RISE can win rounds. Anyone caught cheating (ex. colluding with other people [specifically people not in RISE]) will be disqualified for the rest of the event Prizes will be evenly distributed between rounds Extra rounds may be added if non-pokeyen donations are added, or if a lot of donations are contributed **Prizes are subject to grow bigger and will be updated before the event to better reflect the prize pool** Send donations to Archonn with subject line: Hide and Seek Prize per round: 544,643 pokeyen Donators: Archon: 1 million pokeyen xSparkie: 1 million pokeyen Bakugo: 1 million pokeyen Chaos: 2,446,436 pokeyen
  5. Commentary over my game vs Elvessss in the exhibition 5v5. gg
  6. I commentate over my win vs Elvessss in the World Cup 4 Exhibition 5v5 tournament
  7. OU2: Archonn vs Silasdopave Saturday 4pm GMT = Saturday 11am CST
  8. Commentary over my loss vs iMat in World Cup 4 Week 4 OU 2
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