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Drawing MMO People #4

I found this one when i was finishing Johto :V










Btw, I've decided open drawing commisions only for staff members

I prefer female characters but I can work on everything, talk to me via discord or here

Price is a voluntary donation.

Just dont be picky

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  • Tear changed the title to ✨[Art] Tear's Sanctuary ✨(⚠️DRAWING COMMISIONS: Only Staff, Events, etc etc)
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  • Tear changed the title to ✨[Art] Tear's Sanctuary ✨(📌FREE DRAWING COMMISSIONS FOR EVERYONE📌)

Drawing Commissions open to everyone! (Free request)


I've decided to break my shop so from now on I'm gonna accept drawing commissions from everyone, I haven't done it for a long time so feel free to publish your character, keep in mind that I do this in my free time so I may finish the drawing tomorrow or in 1 year (just exaggerating, but you know)


Only keep in mind 3 things:


- It's free, but you can donate something if you want, I do it for fun, ign lTear (I prefer to take donations after finishing the artwork)

- Be patient.

- I only draw women, so if your character is a man, will be the opposite


Drawing MMO People #6



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Drawing MMO People #7 


Request made by @cloo





      3.jpg  4.jpg




So after this one, I will be working on a Team Tournament Official Poster so i'll probably just focus on finishing that because it will be a big splashart, but i still will be taking request, just do them later 🙂


8 hours ago, AzureSpirit said:

I love your art! One of these days, when I think of something, I would love to make a request!

Thanks! of course, i'll be hanging around here X) ~

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