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✨[Art] Tear's Sanctuary ✨


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  • Tear changed the title to [Art/Sig/Userbar] Tear's Sanctuary ~ Status: CLOSED 💔
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  • Tear changed the title to ✨[Art/Sig/Userbar] Tear's Sanctuary ✨ ~ Status: OPEN
6 hours ago, Kurazen said:

Can I ask a question. Is it available for all players, cause if is I will order some Signature (Gif)

Hello, no, only for Staff Members, Official / Unofficial events, sometimes i made exceptions but for friends, i would do it for everyone but in that case i would be working on this 24/7 and i dont want to do it ?

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47 minutes ago, caioxlive13 said:

Can send a suggestion? why not open for public this shop, to all people order and not only staffs/unofficial tours/official tours, once for each 15 days?

Yes! A great idea, go Tear dont be lazy pls

9 minutes ago, Tear said:

i've come to work for up to 5 hours each one, now please i need this place clean, thank you


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