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What is Your Goal in This Game


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Cool thread

My goals in a priority order:

  1. Make all IPS music patches (I love making stuff, so it isn't draining on me)
  2. Make other IPS patches that haven't been done and are unique and original like a full tileset update (people never finish these..) and BW sprites for the HGSS rom (better quality than the GBA roms)
  3. Make a great OU comp team (don't need it to be godly just great) all lv50
  4. Get a Godly Persian with payday at lv100
  5. Make a great OU comp team all lv100
  6. Become rich and start collecting comps and shinies and might brag about it in my signature.. Because why not
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My goals are not set yet. Just trying to have fun and make money while reaching the Elite Four, streaming and making friends along the way. I'm currently in victory road. Catching pokemon along the way. I have roughly about 8 days now playing almost there! xD Streaming live now.

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to stake out lances room in E4 with a team of 6xlvl 100's + infinite items on ch 1 and challenge every scrub who gets there to a fight so when they loose they have to refight the E4. ofc i'll break items, species, evasion, hax items, ect... clauses too.

That's so troll. xD I just finished the Elite four for the first time. :D Now I'm confused as what to do next. lol

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