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September-Movement Discussion Thread

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12 hours ago, razimove said:

Your definition of handling is pretty different from most. Slowbro isnt terrible but calc life orb and cband EQ on him, keep him healthy at all points for him to do anything. Then, consider bronzong, a mon with no self regen, always getting chipped for free everytime mamoswine goes in and button smash icicle crash, or even superpower if they are running that over rocks. Or even endeavor although way more niche I'd argue.

Well i never thought that my handling is that different. I guess my way of thinking is very simple, just looking for a possible counter for that specific mon and lets see if it works - like try and error or learning by doing. Im aware of the fact that i have to keep slowbro healthy. I also calced the dmg of mamo(life orb) vs slowbro and cuz of the result i mentioned slowbro as a possibility. About Bronzong you are right with no self regen and the chipp dmg + superpower would kill bronzong sooner or later. Tbh i never consider endeavor at first (maybe later) as a possibility to handle mamo.


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seriously? ban diglett that does not even enter the top 10 of use. but misdreavus which is the most used and that more centralizes the metagame not even think about banning

With all due respect but they're crazy

Too bad my English is too bad to argue

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30 minutes ago, Navetas said:

i think its a joke test ban diglet meanwhile deep sea tooth with clampler and baton pass that are the real problem of lc....

LC has way more problems than that- just look at usage. Rather than dealing with the problem, I see it being smart to remove the potential root of the cause. At least something is being finally done because the tier was screaming for help.

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It's just a test ban. If it doesn't work out, we'll come back to our current meta, but at least we'll know for sure that Diglett had nothing to do with LC issues. From there, I think it will be easier to accept banning Misdreavus, Mienfoo, Deep Sea Tooth or a combination of those.

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