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Cup of The Year 2020 9th of January


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Team Name: TheLordOfTheHax
Team Tag: LØRÐ
Registered Players: Sebat Santiii EpicVerde xCarryM MexiDany Redav Isperea SnowOT Darkneu EXCALlBUR OZEEN Ihatos BuenaFe lFrankiel ChilyOCB Mercenariex yriveron Javess THORRM hectorlr Chopyta Fixxe Chastiefold TiToooo giantpipe
Team Captain: Sebat

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All teams succesfully registered. Reserved spots are welcomed to come as well of course, in case any team will have to leave their spot, or to watch the tournament.

Bracket: LINK


Those 8 teams who are playing are bests out of the best. In round first, we will have a match between Team of the Year 2019 and 2020- NORE against winners of Cup of the Year 2019- LØRÐ. Both teams gave us great matches in the past two years, so it's something to look forward to. Will Lord score another Cup 2nd year in a row, or will Nore grab all trophies?

2nd pair is Pâst vs VGC - two debutants in the final 8 but don't let that fool you. They managed to score 29 and 26 points and proved many times that they are not teams to be ignored. Considering how close they were in the general score, this match will show how close their skill stands. 


3rd pair is SIÂ and läva. SIA took a part in the last Cup of Year and has proved their ability, securing the 2nd place in general score. Lava is a debutant in Cup of the Year tournament, but they are eager to prove they deserve this spot. This can be an amazing match, seeing how both teams are motivated. 


And lastly but not least, we have 4th match between LIVE and VVVV. Other debutants in CotY, both were champions once in 2020. Both teams keep in mind they can yet again show the competitors they are a force to reckon with. They have provided some great matches during this year, so we can't wait for more.





We had a lot of amazing matches during Team Tournaments this year. To keep it organised with 5 players for each team, we will play matches:

Match nr 1- Top Table

Match nr 2- Bottom Table

Match nr 3- Under Fountain - there are 5 spots 

Match nr 4- Between Couches- there are 5 spots as well.



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@kiwi when he finally fuckin wakes up

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All jokes aside - I'm proud as hell to be a part of this team. You all keep setting the bar higher with every passing year, and it's great to be a part of.


GGNORE 2020, here's to hoping 2021 is better for all of us both in-game and in real life.


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Congratulations to team NORE- NoRematch.

They have managed to defeat their opponents and claim both title of Team of the Year, and Cup of the Year! A great achievement guys


A big shout out to Team VVVV- Veni Vidi Vici Vixi.

After claiming their title of Champions of December, they came close to win the CotY, beating two dedicated opponents. 


Good luck to both teams in upcoming 2021 Team Tournaments, as they've proved how capable fighters they are. 

Summary of this year, as well as a thread of upcoming changes/TTs will be posted soonish this week. 

Thank you, to all teams that took a part in 2020, providing an amazing example of sportmanship and many memorable duels.



As always, thank you for my refs, @Revz, @Sethsen @MPDH @Lin


A finally, big thank you to all players that came to cheer for their favourites.

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