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[Sigs][Userbars][Banners][Logos] Requi's Design Studio [Closed]

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3 minutes ago, Requi said:

Sig + Userbar for LuukyPuuky



I'm really happy with the results and trust the process. Requi is open for any suggestions and it turned out exactly how I wanted it to be in my head. This Lucario will be mine in the future and when it will be I'll comment again on this post with the result. 

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btw here is my order whenever youre free to work for it

name : hamizoss

Team tag : [Äv] (A with 2 points above)

Team Name : Ävalanche (2 points above A too)

Order : an animating signature with shiny sceptile  type in ([Äv] hamizoss) , and a userbar with shiny sceptile gen 5 spirite and type in ( hamizoss Team [Äv] Boss) thats all , and like the last signature (hamizoss not Hamizoss :p) thanks so much , youre work is still the best here , keep it dude

ill pay after see the completed order :)


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Name: BeeChile

Team Tag/Name: (I change this for a phrase that will be in additional information)

Order: Static Sig

Desired Colour Scheme [Optional]: a discretion of the creator

Additional info: Nidoking Shiny, add phrase: Entre Serio y Chistoso, Youtube Logo

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  • Requi changed the title to [Sigs][Userbars][Banners][Logos] Requi's Design Studio [Closed]
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