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HeartGold Soulsilver @ Kanto

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they cant merge them as thats not how pokemmo works.its like an emulator with the roms.each time your only playing 1 game at a time until you change it by taking boat or mom early game.There is a reason you cant fly from pallet town firered to nimbasa white and all key items stay in 1 game.It would be like thinking if its possible to merge kanto area heartgold and kanto firered as your playing on your gameboy which makes no sense.


Now any area in a game they can always disable it and make it not implemented yet.One of the key item HM rock slide is in post e4 kanto tho so that dont seem like they would do that.

Literally the only issue with having post e4 kanto from heartgold is that its confusing to have 2 kanto names in game like pewter city from 1 game and pewter city from a 2nd game.

But its just names as they dont conflict with anything.Pallet town firered and nimbasa town white dont conflict with each other because its 2 seperate games.Pewter city firered and pewter city heartgold wont conflict either as its 2 seperate game who just happens to have same names.

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40 minutes ago, Cyen said:

It's not the same. We need new Kanto too, I could tell you 100 reasons why this is a necessity.



You got two separate posts from the most responsive developer, where you can find a direct confirmation that it's not going to happen. I'm indifferent about the implementation of it, but I guess if you want it so badly, you probably should just tag Rache and give your reasoning (although I really doubt it will change anything)

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1 hour ago, Cyen said:

Ever playing through Johto in PokeMMO is not an option for me without Kanto... Only half of the game was adapted... This is a sad day for all players

Nobody is forcing you to play through it ^^ also can count me out of "all players" 

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56 minutes ago, Cyen said:

I have decided that I will not play PokeMMO until they add Kanto. I wanted to start playing through Johto, but no way I will do that if there isn't Kanto following it.

I just started Johto and after that did my Kanto playthrough. It's not a 100% the same from a lore point of view but I really don't find it to be a huge deal. The biggest immersion breaking thing is the fact that my character has 5 mothers spread over regions. And apparently only one father in Hoenn.  xD


Yes, Johto does feel like a really short playthrough without Kanto post game but what specifically are you missing out on that you refuse to play Pokemmo Johto? 

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