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[PSL] PokeMMO Super League Season 4 - Week 1

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stupid predictions, cause Hassan doesn't even comp. 


edit: your already wrong LOL



I'm not shittalking, I just said Hassan doesn't comp :v



Hassan won. jolt, growth sweep. bullshit but gg. he played well



Make me look stupid and embarrass me now.. you'll all see one day the wrath of Isaac......


Where did all your Hype go? It was here a second ago...

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Last post about me and Hassan's battle:


GG Hassan GG. I gotta admit when it happened I was very sore about it, now I just have to admit you bashed me 6-0 pretty easy. I'm bad LOL. But everyones gotta get better, even if I sit bench that will teach me a lesson. Nice game, and I gotta take my L and stop coming up with dumb excuses. So GG my friend Hassan, may all this shittalking stop.




nice battle 6-0 LOL. Guess everyone was right about Hassan winning hue


GL Legion we got this!!

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