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Anime Opening/Ending Thread

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Guess my favorite's are all opening's xD

I will list 3 since i cant chose 1 as best






EDIT:tbh I have ALOT of opening's just cause all of them have such a great visual's so i have a big downloaded playlist the folder is like 7gb xD

(all are 1080p and each have a really big size)

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5 hours ago, Otoya said:
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and more... 


More like favorite bleach opening/ending xD

4 hours ago, NNharmonia said:

check the opening of code geass.

Opening 1 colours ? Yea i included it in my 3 of opening's listed there too


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hey i remember monster rancher, shit was good but got steamrolled by digimon and pokemon kek


ok that digimon adventure op sounds weird

i approve of tamers op


also, for some reason i got the feeling that this is anime related, any idea?



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7 minutes ago, axx said:

I always loved this song

chile's version is the worst by far

tfw france out of nowhere

tfw italy shrekt the song so bad that they didnt include it in the video

Korean and mexican were pretty bad too imo, at least talking quality


lmao wtf was the french version

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Heard the french version
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