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[RISÉ] The Uprising


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Dang, the one time where I actually check the forums I see that @SweeTforU is leaving...

I know that I am late to the party, but I just wanted to let you know that you were genuinely a brother to me. At first, I did not think we were gonna be such great friends in the future because I did not really know you back in Pkel, but oh boy did that change drastically. We made countless of jokes such as making fun of @Havsha and @DarylDixon grammar, doing stupid shit like spamming team chat with pooped phrases, worked together to improve our comp skills, and overall developed a deeper connection. Oh, and how can I forget the time when you won the shiny heracross back in RNSC. It was incredibly hyped to see you win your first official and then, later on, become a monster at the game and win loads of accolades which I wished I achieved. When I quitted, I never thought I would reinstall this game as I played this game since 2013, but I know that I would deeply miss all of my friends from RISE who made this game hard to resist; especially you sweet. I understand that I am not active anymore in the game due to how stagnant it has become ( WHEN IS HA COMING???), however, I just wanted to make this statement in the chance that I may not see you again @SweeTforU. Good luck in the army and I hope the best for you!

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im not really good at this i think, but i hope you have a better time without playing this game and that ur able to put all the time you arent wasting on this game anymore into stuff thats worth fighting for and investing. think u got a rly strong sense for justice and you genuinely care for other people, so im glad ur not hanging around anymore in a way. was great to get to know you. cya on discord^^



actually missed the frame u said goodbye. gonna miss the hype tripple mindgame matches with you and ur hax calls in chat. i think u were one of the main people that rly helped me grow, always looking for action, not getting tired of talking through shit, even when i got mad. have a good time in the army (if thats possible) and grow into a strong and decent adult jew.


i feel like we coulda gotten to know each other better, but i also think we had a pretty cool time the way things went. glhf in real life guys.



as i said, not good at this, but i hope i got my feelings across. rise is gonna miss you guys <3


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