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[Sig] Incog's Trial Sigs

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Hey guys! 

I've taken inspiration from current sig makers such as  @Draekyn and @Platoons

I've also downloaded a bunch of new resources and renders thanks to @Draekyn and Sig makers on YouTube.


I want to practice my signatures as I know I have lots to improve on

I am self teaching everything I do so there may be lots of experimenting

because of this - ALL SIGS ARE FREE!

Of course, there are some rules -




- You are only allowed to make 3 requests per month (If my shop lasts that long)

- I will post a template for you to send your request

- I will make up to 2 sigs every 1-3 days, depending on how busy I am (I'll be studying / partying abit for the next 4 weeks)

- I will have a list of people I am currently designing signatures for. 


If possible, please give me constructive feedback / criticism for each signature I make you. This is so I can improve my graphics / techniques further















Background: (OPTIONAL)





I don't really care about donations but if you would like to send any then my IGN is Incogniton

I am mainly looking for constructive feedback


That being said, request away! :D



1. Havsha

2. WestTurtle

3. SodaNaranja

If you are not on the list please wait for these people to receive their sigs.

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Hey,  I don't mind helping u out with this.  So far I have noticed that on all of ur sigs ur overall images feel very flat.  U can adjust your subject's ("render's") color balance and contrast (in the adjustments tab) to help make them pop off the background a bit more.  Likewise, u can make other adjustments to the background.  This should make a big difference.  If you want to make me one and send me the psd file i can make adjustments to show you what I mean just make sure the file is compatible with cs6.


IGN: MurcielagoSV

Team: LYLE

Render: Shao Khan from mk3 (Really like this one here:

if you would rather use another render its cool just make sure to use the mk3 version (google: shao khan mk3)

Background: (OPTIONAL)  something like this would be cool:  https://images7.alphacoders.com/565/565049.jpg


Another thing, if you think you can fit one of of shao khans catch phrases in there that would be cool as fuck.  The ones he uses are:


"Don't make me laugh"


"Bow to me"


"You are nothing"


^if you do work one of those in there it should probably be subtle, lemme know man.

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7 hours ago, Murcielago said:




Yeah I appreciate your feedback and I agree. Thing is, all this work I'm creating I'm not checking out any tutorials - however I found a YouTube who produces professional graphics which I will try learn and base things off (I can't download the packs as I have to pay for these)




However in the upcoming weeks / months if I can learn the techniques above my work should improve x100 more. (hopefully)


Edit - I'm using CS6 so compatibility should be fine.

I admit I'm so lazy creating all these new layers and overlaying with gradient maps / color lookups but it must be done eventually >.<


Some examples of work I admire -


Fragment Photoshop Action - Photo Effects Actions

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yeah those look pretty cool tbh, it really depends how far you want to go with it, a lot of times for something like free sigs on pokemon I would imagine just tweaking the contrast, color balance for different layers and erasing etc... would help a lot.  sometimes adding a drop shadow or inner glow can make things appear to pop out more as well.  It looks like you have found some cool macro's/scrpits... I haven't played with those much in a while but those can be fun too.  You can also make contrast masks to selectively really make things pop, for example a clients jawline or abs etc...  seems like your on the right path.  If you actually make me that sig I will probably mix it with some video to make it super dope.  images of khan beating the living piss out of players.

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Ok guys I won't be able to make anything today but I will make sigs for you guys in this order -


1. Zackyie

2. Suneet

3. Havsha

4. WestTurtle

5. SodaNaranja


Please give me around 4 days to complete these I'll make them good :)

(Partly because I won't be on for 2 of the day's hue)

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