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  1. So for what i understand from this 5 pages... "You have money, you can do anything." Oh well...
  2. Frisk no Longer Showing which pokemon has a held item just killed my reason to farm hordes... Sry, but i dont havr the patience to be a "Airport Security" and checking all to see if you have something... Some Hordes already leave your pokemon half dead lol Thanks but no thanks
  3. It´s just a joke, nothing more. It´s one of those to just laugh and move on...
  4. Shiny Prize hein? There's only 1 thing to do ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. That is an excelent suggestion. Sometimes we missplay and click on the wrong button, that would help
  6. Olá! Eu uso Banette com Frisk/Thief ou Stantler com Frisk/Thief também. Depende tambem dos niveis dos meowths e do pokemons que uso, meowth tem baixa defesa. Farmar em hordas é 1 bocado arriscado, mas talvez em algum local que os meowths nao tenham aprendido Bite ou Night Slash seja 1 ideia? Só um aviso, tenta colocar tambem uma tradução em ingles tambem do que escreveste, acho que esta nas regras cá do forum. Boas caçadas! Hello! I use Banette with Frisk/Thief or a Stantler with Frisk/Thief too. Depends too on the meowth's level and mine's pokemon level, meowth have low defenses. Horde Farms are a bit risky, although a place where meowth haven't learn Bite or Night Slash might be an idea? Just a warning, try to add a English translation too, to what you wrote, i think it's in the forums rules. Good hunts!
  7. I'm pretty sure nobody was expecting this. This really bugs me cause it was a uproar before (and when) Garchomp was thinking to be "banned" to Ubers for some weeks and now.. no public opinion asking? And just when i was decided to start building my first LC team and be one more dude playing the tier ...
  8. Nah, it's just to answer a very old question: " If i found a shiny does that make the pkm more valuable in X event?"
  9. Vencedor(es) do Evento: 1º Lugar: MatsVitor 2º Lugar: TechML 3º Lugar: LucasDCS 4º Lugar: Biqueta Parabéns aos vencedores! E não se preocupem, não voltará a ser calculado desta maneira o somatório x) Não se esqueçam de resfriar a cabeça com gelo, a matemática foi dura.... Ficam a par dos próximos eventos. Até a próxima galera!
  10. O evento em principio sera remarcado para dia 17 de Junho à mesma hora. Nao ha tours nesse dia e segundo o forum tbm nao ha eventos de catch oficiais (por enquanto).
  11. Eventos do server que por 2 vezes entraram em conflito com ste evento (primeiro o de catch de magikarps depois o Tour Ou), por isso encontra-se cancelado ate outra oportunidade...
  12. Nowadays, Garchomp isn´t the big threat it used to be. If it was in the Diamond and pearl times, well that time it may have been understandable
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