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    please, remind the people how many OTs i have. go ahead
  2. but the point remains we don't have this issue +1 iphones
  3. iPhone users dont have this issue
  4. N my love, i need my kanye sig that you made me like 3 years ago lol tybb in advance
  5. Team Name: Random Noob Gamers Team Tag: RNG with ~ over the N Registered Players: didi, folan, fipp, guerinf, xilias, hopyrevenge, sashoalin, guerinfII, gbweak, jaamax Team Captain: Folan
  6. 100k gbwead 100k whoever plays pinklabel
  7. 100k on gbwead 50k mkns 50k kamimiii 50k whoever plays vs xploz 50k kriliin 50k lkrenz will likely do these every week
  8. RÑG is where all the population is at hmu for an invite
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