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Lunar New Year 2024...

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4 hours ago, Imperial said:

Necesitas tocar un poco de hierba, y ese soy yo, explicándolo amablemente...


El posible retraso también podría deberse a la función que querían que la comunidad probara originalmente durante el evento festivo.

Come on men leave him alone yeah he sometimes he is really borring but you dont need make him feel bad

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3 hours ago, DHDHDanghong said:

CNY is the only MMO activity that we Chinese can spend on vacation. If it is delayed for a long time, we can't experience the whole activity. Even if it is a good event, it will bring us half the joy

I am sure that you will be just fine anyway. 

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1 hour ago, kenjimAd said:

Bruh! The Devs Confirmed on LNY Event as Delayed! They are trying hard adding these New Features & also! The Updates might Arrived on the Next Few Days...

yes kenjim, we already read what kyu posted 

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Finally! My Prediction on when that LNY Updates is Right! My Time here now is 9AM & it's Valentine's Day of course (Feb.14) while on the other Time Zone before Valentine's Day (Feb.13) was Right too! Which means, after that LNY Event, it's time for my 5-6 Months Off Predicting Events! "I'll Be Back Soon!"

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