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[Art] Shock's Handsome squidward avatars

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Decided to make this open to the public, here are some examples of what I've made so far 



CgnqGqE.png?1    aftershocker

gvHJseK.png?1  torinnnnn

1exv7Ej.png?1  DoubleJ

1nGJxj7.png?1  Aimi

thXd57Y.png?1  Dididistutter

gqVFxJI.png?1 DidiStutter 2.o

QV8NGD6.png?1  Suneet

RXop9J3.png?1  Mayuuuuuyuuuuuuu

auqLCsn.png?1  Bluebird

j4ITvYt.png?1  XxVolvagiaxX

k8w0j32.png?1  XxVolvagiaxX 2.0

Jvn2y5w.png?1  Daryl

2VQBFXt.png?1  Gary

is6sB8f.png?1  quilachy

UmGXYd8.png?1  Ploegy

idonSv7.png?1  SkyKiwi

nIgnI4S.png?1  Kanzo

PxF4ynL.png?1  Torinnnnn 2.0

zdvqE0j.png?1  aftershocker

nOU1BfR.png?1  Lifestyle

7yo1vAx.png?1  Jeiseun

LccQR4Z.png?1  Xilias

DQl2ieN.png?1  Draekyn

lmUayhU.png?1  FuzzyRegirock

THSYC1i.png?1 Elliasal

90bjHpV.png?1  KaynineXL & Elcoolio (lol...)

D24sesf.png?1  Kamimiii

B46ifVy.png?1  Mctermi

spPyiFI.png?1  DoctorPBC

5hOeTzc.png?1  Cogeid

fxsDZgu.png?1  AlitoFernando

hb9gyts.png?1  SodaNaranja

mBaEmwF.png?1  Zymogen

7JJy6go.png?2       Luke

nPWP6Ef.png?1   awkways



The first two were rough drafts if anything, but if you want that type of style I'll do it. For the most part they will end up like Luke or Awkways.

Leave any notes or screenshots of what you want your character to look like.



Donations are always welcome. Really, I'm not stopping you


Don't rush me, I do these when I'm bored...which can happen alot while playing the game itself


Iv'e been getting better at these, if anyone wants me to add a little more definition to their avatars just let me know



Edited by aftershocker
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