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[Story] Our Diary 2.0


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There once was a lovely lil' thread that existed called "our diary", where members of this community were able to share what has been going on in their lives with one another & bringing each other closer through understanding & kindness, totally free from judgment! So much so that I do not think a single negative aspect spawned from it!


So I thought it would be nice to bring it back here, keeping a diary is after all a form of writing & I do not see enough threads here. Plus I think it would be a nice change of pace from the usual bullshit that goes on & as well to make things a lil' more interesting! 


There are just a few "guidelines" I would appreciate if everyone complied with, if they are not I will request the thread to be locked & those guidelines are as followed;


• Respect each other ~

• Respect the thread ~

• Stay in compliance w/ all forum guidelines ~


With all that said, share whatever you like, whatever you are comfortable with, whether it be a problem you have, or just whatever you did today, even if you are totally making everything up, it does not matter, just have fun & be nice! ^~^; 


original thread by; @Summrs 


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Naturally I will start ~


Just relaxing, had myself some baklava & listening to some lovely Mazzy Star! What I would really rather be doing is travelling but saving money has been difficult, especially after having moved & finding work has not been easy ;~; but at least I have my online business which is sort of keeping me afloat!


do not be shy hehe

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Wow, my favorite thread of all time is back. I was too shy to post on the previous one but guess I'll contribute to this one.


I mean, where to even start. It's almost now two months that I've been studying exchange in the Netherlands. Possibly the best two months of my life, I don't know. Considering the circumstances, that is. The past year has been the hardest of my life. Losing a family member put a sudden stop to my already very, well.. not so happy life. The thing about my mind is that the worse the things get, the more I start to do whatever needed just to keep my mind away of everything. Music, sports, video games are the most common ones. I'm very grateful to my coach who really pursued me to keep going in practices after what happened and prevented me from "standing still" because that's when the things would only get even worse. And he's right. I'm glad I was able to keep that mindset with everything, I completed all my current studies and I even decided I will not withdraw my application to go abroad and here I am. Here I realized how important it was that I did this to myself. That's why I consider the best two months of my life, the fact I was able to keep my head together and get out of everything at least for a while.


I live in an apartment that is literally all exchange students from all over the world. It's pretty cool. Even though I try to socialize with them quite often, I often end up just going to my room to either play an MMO official or fuck around in some other games. Inner nerd still taking over, can't help it. I mean, sometimes I just completely freeze while hanging with my flatmates after a few beers and my thoughts completely take over and I forget the surrounding world and get completely lost in my thoughts. It gets a bit awkward, just happened a couple of hours ago as well. Just awkwardly ended up going to my room again to my computer to play CS:GO with some Germans. smfh nerd. I've made quite many friends here, though. Lots of cool people. Still, the closest friends I have are actually from online.


I'm very critical towards myself. Sometimes I think it even gets to unhealthy levels but I'm really glad I was able to push myself the way I did this year. To be honest, I only acknowledged all of this when starting to write this. That's weird. I guess diaries really help you understand things broader. But yeah.


I fucking love the Netherlands. Amazing country. I love biking here. I just biked like 30 km today just for fun.


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I have social anxiety so this isn't exactly comfortable for me but @RealLifeAngel is muh new friend so I figured why not? :)

I'm currently on facebook and in-game too about to do a money run after I post this. I have 2 monitors so I often am doing multiple things online. Thinking about watching something on Netflix while I play. I've been wanting to re-watch Wynonna Earp. And I'm playing this app game called Summoners War on my phone. It's addictive. I recommend it. 

I'm also listening to music on Spotify. I have this one playlist I listen to on repeat like all day. I'm sure I'll tire of it one day, but for now it's great. Mostly indie rock and indie pop.

I just made a pot of coffee at nearly 10pm because my sleeping pattern is so backwards, I woke up maybe 2 hours ago. lol

Life's kinda lame right now. I live in an RV in my parents drive way currently, recently dropped out of college. Unemployed, aside from selling stuff on eBay occasionally. My parents have an eBay business so I help with that. I guess I'm in this mindset of feeling sorry for myself even though I know that's not gunna fix anything. I just can't find any motivation lately. Which sucks because I use to be a really driven person but the last few years have been rough for a multitude of reasons and I guess I let depression get the best of me. Luckily my family understands so that's a plus. But now I'm worried about being a burden on them. I play video games to not think about it, distractions you know. I probably shouldn't avoid my problems but I'm just not feeling mentally up to it. Like I said, total lack of motivation right now. 

And my PokeMMO bestfriend @FinnTheMember has been kinda inactive recently and I MISS HIM. But he's doing school stuff I reckon, super proud of him.

I don't have many friends here, I'm not even in a team right now. Totally by my own choice, but sometimes it can be lonely. 

On a lighter note, I'm hype for The Walking Dead tomorrow and on Monday I'm going to spend a few days with my IRL bestfriend because she just broke up with her boyfriend of 5 years and he's moving out I guess and she's having a crisis. But I aint seen her in awhile so I'm excited. Maybe we can improve eachother's moods. She got a new puppy and I'm gunna make it love me. lol Also counting down the days until the Halloween Event in-game...which I hope is happening, idk. But that's my shit, fam. 

Well, this was cool. Time for coffee and the eternal grind o/  

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Ah I remember that old thread. How nice of it to be returned. Anyways, I might as well share something.


So the last two months I've finally been able to take the first steps into what I truly want to do in life. I've been blessed to have four hockey teams to cover right now and I am loving every minute of it. From sitting on the bench during practice to traveling with the team on the road, it's been a unique experience and I love it so much. Also during this time I have been given the opportunity to do radio broadcast in the sports area and let me say, I never thought I'd be much of a radio person, but I've had a blast with it as well. Being the hockey specialist within our team, I get to have my own little niche for now. I've had so many laughs on air and in our back room when we laugh about some of the callers we get and have to deal with. Honestly, I didn't know what to expect from it all, but I must say I wouldn't give it up.


Though of course life isn't all the happy stuff. University has proven to of course been a real hassle and pain in my ass just like the previous three years I've been in it. It's especially bad this year given it is my senior year, but I'm still pushing through and trying not to drown in the constant work I have. Hopefully it's all worth it in the end, right? Haha. It doesn't help that I procrastinate on my work either. I suppose that's something that can't be helped or at least a bad habit that I haven't been able to break. As of right now I should be writing a paper that's due tomorrow, yet here I am. Typical college student I suppose.


My biggest issue though currently is remembering to eat. I've had problems with it in the past, but there are days I go without eating a thing because I forgot about it. As bad as it sounds, eating doesn't always cross my mind and I can't make anything for shit anyways and I'm too lazy to go eat as well. Yet another bad habit. I was doing well at keeping at eating for like the first month and a half of school but the last couple weeks, oh boy have I slacked. I've just been so damn busy that I legit have forgotten until it's nearly midnight.


I guess that's really all I have to say for now. I'm lame as always

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Dear diary,


Last night I played Splatoon with Ploegy until 4am (write your paper gosh) because timezones suck. Unfortunately with my only 1 monitor I could only hear the dings of the other staff members bullying me whilst I was playing, I was too slow for any sort of response </3 After losing badly in the game I ended up staying awake until 8am before finally heading to bed. It wasn't until I was woken up that I realised this was a mistake since I had to drive to the airport to pick my parents up today, not tomorrow. Thankfully didn't die driving in my half awake state, so that's good I guess

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Ahhh I cannot express how pleased I am this is taking off ^~^; thx you all so vry much for sharing, I cannot wait to read more! 


It is Sunday, 9:30pm & 32 degrees out! It is starting to get cold & I cannot begin to explain how much I have missed nights like this, frigid & dreary. Things I am far too familiar with. I woke up this morning to myself laughing hysterically, this has been happening kind of a lot recently, I try telling myself that this means I must be doing alright in life, but rly it is most likely that I am just losing my mind. It does not matter,  you are only supposed to enjoy things while they last anyway, so you know; "tick toc, tick toc, tick toc" it is only a matter of time lol


But not everything has been so edgy today, I think my lil' venture is starting to pick up, made 1,000$ American today since all my stuff is still based there ^_~  


so, ye' fuckin' stylin' I guess I luv living & being a live! What a concept lmao 

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Just cuz this needs a post again.


So I'm only a week in to my last semester at uni. It's thrilling yet scary at the same time, but the best part is I only have one class that isn't an elective at this point but it is probably the most important class I have to taken given it is my capstone one. Nonetheless, this semester is going to be one roller coaster ride for sure and that's not because of school. Yes I'm gonna be busy with plenty of school work, but I've also got a wedding coming up that I am a bridesmaid in so I have to go back and forth several weekends to deal with things for it. The worst part is the wedding is two weeks before I graduate so that is just a hell of a lot of fun too haha. The only downside to this all is two of my good friends are no longer at uni with me making my life just a bit more boring than it previously had been. One of them graduated this past semester and the other sadly is on recess for failing classes. I spent a ton of time with those two shitheads so now that they're not here it's pretty damn weird, but still there are plenty of other friends still here.


But so far this semester definitely hasn't started off great. It's never a good start when you get sick the first weekend and it persists on for several days. Hopefully it passes soon enough before I start getting others sick.

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Dear Diary,

You're a bit dusty, it's been a while since we last spoke. The forums have been updated and the default text font changed, it triggers me deeply. Otherwise it's saddening to see I'm still doing the same thing I was last time I wrote here, or perhaps that's a good thing? idk. My neighbors recently started renting their house out on weekends for parties etc, so every week I get to listen to the different kinds of crap taste in music people have. I'm also yet to be invited, rude ikr.

I'll be building a PC soon which will be exciting as my current has been bluescreening on startup. I will be upgrading to dual monitors at the same time so everything will be easier, unfortunately I'm waiting for 1 part to come in stock before I can begin building, supposedly 1-2weeks is the wait (that was last week) my fingers are crossed. It's a shame I will have this monster PC but still can't do anything because of my potato internet. The day my internet get's upgraded I think I'll cry.

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Dear Diary


It's been a while since the original thread so I thought I might contribute to this in an effort to give it more attention.

Ahem anyhow, today was rather dull, I stayed inside procrastinating whether to work on my manga or just mindlessly play games.

I chose the latter although the day was a little productive as I went out for groceries, got quite a few good snacks in particular this really awesome spicy broad bean snack that is my favorite, it is quite cheap too actually.

Otherwise I haven't cooked in a while or even been out my anxiety is getting better too which is good, so perhaps there will be more baking in my immediate future.

As for Manga recently I've been reading a series of short stories called "Nickolodeon" and I also found a really good comic called "Tomboy" which is about a magical girl serial killer or something.

I went for a walk a week ago with my girlfriend to a mountain overlooking our city, it was night so it was pretty. We also found a flipped car! It was radical! It looked like a rather recent flipping the car itself was very mundane if a bit outdated.

Either way I got the draft cover done for my manga just about, so it has been a pretty productive week or at least I think it has been.


Thank you for taking the time to read my inner thoughts.

Karp Queen

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Once upon a time, there was this rate in this little pokemmmo game that by itself, it was able to turn mad all the ones around it. Rumors were it sat on a mild 1/30k, and for years the conspiracy grew up to the point where most of the population actually believed in the fairy tale. Only much later, when irregularities seemed to appear everywhere, such claim was disproved by new scientific instruments and some common sense. They tried to publish the study, but a lot of people didn´t believe in it or at least didn´t want to believe, such was the dimension of this discovery. Yet they tried and tried to promote the new rate, which was apparently more accurate, and gradually, this new theory gained more and more followers.

Nowadays, everyone knows what the rate truly is, and the ones who still don't, are just the ones who don´t want to. Yet, it is not rare to witness, pitifully, all those that try to spread the old rumor that was long ago proved to be false, by filling the chat with non-OT shinies and rotten lies about those. Fortunately, the community has now grown, up to a certain point at least, to understand the truth how it really is, and not how Devs said it was. And for the ones who haven´t yet stepped into the realm of reality, let me claim it once again:


Lastly, a big thank you for one of the authors responsible for the study that began it all - @RysPicz



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