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[Writing Contest] Favourite Pokemon Edition! (January 30th-February 28th)


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Pin by Lizz R. on Pokémon Fan Art | Pokemon art, Anime pregnant, Pokemon  drawings



[...] When my Porygon was floating among that tree, suddenly, a fallen Pokemon, which later was recognised by it's infinite intelligence by the name Entei, was asking for help, it was injured, and it really needed extra help to survive. [...] And from that time on, we became close friends and our trip together started! [...]


We're back with a writing contest! In this edition, we'll ask you to tell us about which one is your favourite pokemon, and a story attached to him! (An adventure you would like to live with that Pokemon if Pokemon World was real!, or an adventure you had with it when you played ANY pokemon game). You can tell us how did you meet it, what happened to it, and also a good story for it to become a hero, or a villain, that's up to you!


In order to try judging your entries, we'll value them basing in, mainly, how do you write the story, how unique your entries are, and also how witty you are!


No restrictions about the story, apart of being appropriate and respecting our Code of Conduct.

Entry may be sent in English.

Only one entry per user.

Send your IGN attached to the story.

Extension: 500-3000 words.








Submission Time: From January 30th 11:59 PM UTC to February 28th 11:59 PM UTC


415b0738a4a61f6ab6a9b6eed1ba3ff5.png 1st Place Prize



GIFT Shiny Zangoose Lv. 1

Your choice of nature, 2 moves, with 3 selectable IVs + 3x28 IVs


1,000 Reward Points


9efde86b8ecb1270d3da7f78dc656657.png 2nd Place Prize

500 Reward Points

d06d221b538688a420279d9d2181710f.png 3rd-4th Place Prize

250 Reward Points


The prizes will be sent to the winners a few days after the event

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  • Shadow changed the title to [Writing Contest] Favourite Pokemon Edition! (January 30th-February 28th)

Once upon a time, in a far-off region of the Pokemon world, there lived a young and adventurous trainer named AwaX. He was traveling from town to town, capturing Pokemon and adding them to his collection. One day, He stumbled upon a small and mischievous dragon-type Pokemon named dratini.

Despite its small size, dratini was incredibly strong and had a powerful dragon-breath attack. AwaX was immediately smitten with the little dragon and decided to capture it and make it a part of his team. Over time, AwaX and dratini became close friends and companions, traveling and training together.

AwaX soon discovered that dratini had a unique ability to control all the element and decided to enter it in a regional Pokemon tournament. The tournament was fierce and filled with many strong and skilled trainers, but dratini proved to be a fierce competitor, using its powers to defeat opponent after opponent. In the end, dratini emerged as the champion of the tournament, and AwaX was overjoyed at their victory.

However, AwaX's happiness was short-lived. During a routine training session, dratini was suddenly struck by a mysterious illness. AwaX tried everything he could to save his beloved companion, but nothing seemed to work. The illness was spreading rapidly, and dratini's health was declining rapidly.

AwaX was heartbroken. He had grown to love dratini like a family member, and the thought of losing it was more than he could bear. In a last-ditch effort to save his friend, AwaX took dratini to the Pokemon Center, hoping that the resident nurse Joy could help.

To AwaX's horror, Joy informed him that the illness was incurable and that dratini would soon pass away. AwaX was devastated. He had lost many Pokemon in his travels, but the thought of losing dratini was unbearable.

In its final moments, dratini looked up at AwaX with love and trust in its eyes. It let out one final, powerful dragon-breath attack, using its last bit of strength to leave a lasting impression on AwaX. And then, with a soft sigh, dratini closed its eyes and passed away, leaving AwaX to mourn the loss of his dear companion.

AwaX buried dratini in a quiet glade surrounded by beautiful flowers. He placed a small stone marker at the head of the grave, engraved with dratini's name and the words "a loyal and loving companion, always remembered."

From that day on, AwaX continued his journey as a Pokemon trainer, but he never forgot about dratini. The little dragon-type Pokemon had left a permanent impression on his heart, and its memory would live on forever.


Thx to my friend who helped me to translate from french. 

ign : AwaXGoku

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some grammar + forgot ign
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                A SKIP OF MIRACLE
                      BY: AJHAYDF



" Hold it right there! " I shouted while catching my breath, exhausted from running and trying to catch the pokemon thief.



" You've been stealing pokemon for too much! I won't let you get away this time. " I shouted.


" Ha ha ha ! So you think you're strong enough to beat me and capture me ey? " Laugh the thief.

" Butterfree, I choose you! " Immediately I call my partner out.



" Ha ha ha ! What a pathetic little pokemon you have! " He laugh at top of his lung. But before my partner Butterfree and I could make a move. The thief also took some pokeball out and soon to start a pokemon battle. " Now make yourself usefull for ones, come out now!! " He shouted.



At that very moment, I froze. It felt like all my strengths are leaving my body. I fall on to my knees as I am watching this thief pokemon came out of his Pokeball.

" Wha- " I tried to speak but couldn't complete a word.

[ 10 YEARS AGO ]


" Today's the day! " I happily run downs stair for breakfast.

" Hey! Watch your steps Ajhay or you might slip down and you won't be able to catch your very first pokemon today " Mom speak whilst preparing breakfast.


" I'm sorry but I'm just so excited! I finally gonna meet my forever best pokemon friend! " I excitedly replied my mom while already seating at the table. My mom just chuckle as a response.


My name is Ajhay Feast. I'm already 10 years old, that is why I can finally have my own very first pokemon. Me and my Mom lives at the town of floaroma a very beautiful town with lots of colorful flowers. My dad works on an office as a supervisor on a far region called Unova. He visited us here whenever he's in his leave or on long holiday.


" Mom I'm all set up now. " I shouted as I have finished dressing for this very special day.


" Now hold on dear, put your running shoes first before you tell me that you are all set up " mom replied.

" Oh! Righ hihi " I giggled and immediately put this shoes on.


" Now remember to be careful and not to rush on catching your very first pokemon, okay? " Mom.


" Yes mon, I won't " I replied.

And so I waved my mom goodbye as I am off to the lab of professor Elm. The bus arrived and with that I'm off to the lab.


There are also other new kids who's going to get their first pokemon just like me. Before, there are only 3 pokemons that are given to trainers who wants to start their journey. But now, we must catch are own first pokemon and we can choose whatever pokemon we can catch and become stronger together. More kids can be trainers and go on their own journeys to chase our hopes and dreams.

" Okay! We're here at the lab " shout the driver. I hurriedly stood up to go off the bus same as the other kid.


" I can't wait to catch a rare pokemon " tell the kid to the other kids.


" I want to catch a Starly. " Said the other kid.

" I want some fire type one "

" Me too "

And my surroundings is now full of chitchats which got me thinking that I never really thought of what type of a Pokemon I want. But maybe I cute and tough will be great.

" Okay now, settle up children. " A few seconds upon getting off the bus the professor welcome us with his presence. I watch in owe as I listen to what he is saying.  " Now let us proceed to the place where you will meet your partners " said professor.

Professor and his team lead us children to this safari like place. It was a wide forest, tall grass, a flowing river, a pond and a wide sky.


" Now as you can see, this place is a sanctuary for those caught pokemon that our old trainer provide to us for us to have a further knowledge about new pokemons and pokemon alike. And eversince then, the pokemon multiplied their number due to them breeding and made this sanctuary as their permanent home. " Explained the professor but none of us is really paying attention. We were just in owe looking at the possibilities of pokemon we might encounter. All our eyes are sparkling with excitement.


" Now, let us begin. Young trainers, I will each give you a special pokeball which you can only use ones to catch. And ones you use the ball already and caught your Pokemon, please come back to our inspection booth to check your caught pokemon to officially give you your trainer ID. Now go and Goodluck young trainers " said the professor.

Finally! All of us didn't even waste a single second, we all run through the forest, some on a tall grass, some brought their fishing rod ( I'm guessing their pokemon choice are water pokemon ) and many more. 

I was left alone walking in this tall trees that covers the sky. 

" Ratata !! " Out of no where a pokemon suddenly jump in front of me and positioning itself to attack me.

" Ahhh no! Get away " I run for my life as a Ratata is chasing me. Thankfully it stop chasing me as I jumped inside a bush. " Well I am definitely not catching a Ratata now " I said to myself still catching my breath.

" Oh wow! Vulpix! I am definitely taking you in! " I heard a kid's voice shouting from a tall grass, he was so excited and I saw a Vulpix trying to attack him " now go pokeball " shout the boy again and he throw the pokeball at Vulpix. It went in the pokeball and immediately been caught. 

" Yey! I caught a Vulpix " shout the kid.

" Wow! That's awesome, Congratulations! " I said to the kid and he grin at me and run towards the booth to check his first partner. 

Witnessing some of my young fellow trainer already caught their pokemon makes me even more eager to finally decide of what pokemon I really want as a partner. Walking deeper in a forest I reach a dark place where trees over shadows the surrounding and little ray of sun reaches the ground. A sudden brushes is heard from the brances and bushes. I tip toed a little to not startle a potential pokemon that might be rare and cute and strong.



" hoppip! "



Out of nowhere I heard a pokemon shout. A hoppip one. I kinda am disappointed because hoppip isn't really a fan favorite with trainers. But even so, I looked to where it was, following the voice where I heard it, walking towards it. And there I saw a hoppip. I suddenly froze to where I am standing, wide eyes open and trying to process everything of what I am seeing.

" A-a green Hoppip? " My voice shakes while whispering to myself. " I-isn't it Hoppip color is pink? " I continue to stutter while still standing frozen while looking at the very happy Hoppip skipping from branches to branches to eat berries.



" What am I doing ?! " I immediately snap out of my thought. " I have found my pokemon! Go Pokeball " and without any hesitation I throw the ball at Hoppip while it is busy and before it could even react, the ball hit it and immediately went inside the ball.



 *Shake* *shake*. . . . . . . . . . . . " Shake " 



My eyes widen as the pokeball stop shaking. " I just caught my first ever Pokemon " and I ran towards the ball and picked it up " I got to show it immediately to the professor and examine my pokemon " I said to myself and run out of the forest as fast as I can, overjoyed. This must be what every pokemon trainer feels when catching thier first pokemon.



I am now at the inspection booth where other kids are lining up for their trainer's ID and also for a quick inspection of our caught Pokemon. Everyone of us are excited and suddenly it's my turn to show my caught Pokemon.



" Now Mr. Ajhay, let us show your caught pokemon before I hand you your pokemon ID, Pokedex and a Pokeballs for your journey. " Said the professor.



" Alright! Here we go, come say Hi to everybody Skippy! " I shouted and throw the ball out, and yes I named it Skippy coz the first time I met hoppip was eating and skipping from branches to branches eating berries.



" Hoppip! "


" Oh my Arceus! " Shocked the assistant of professor.


" Wow!!!!!!!! " and the crowd behind me was also in awe. " EVERYONE! SOMEONE CAUGHT A SHINY HOPPIP! " and some kids announced it to everybody which cause a gathering in the Booth.



" Okay now Kids, let us not crowd the space here please. " Speak the professor. " Well now isn't it a surprise to us all Mr. Ajhay. You caught a very special one for your very first pokemon. I didn't expect that there will be a shiny one in our very own sanctuary, and who knows? There's still might be a few out there that is yet to be found. " Smile the first while I am also happy getting all the congratulations. " And as for that, I'm gonna give you now your Trainer ID, your Pokedex and a Pokeballs if you ever wanted to catch more pokemon in the future. " And immediately I tooked it.



" Thank you so much professor! " I happily said.



" And you can take your Hoppip now, seems he is a very healthy one " 


did the doctor said He? So my Hoppip is a male one. And Hoppip jumped towards me and climbed on my shoulder.



" Hop....pip! " Aaaahh, he is so cuttttee.

" Now we are going home " I happily said.


It was the best day of my entire life, a memory that I would always love to reminisce. We became bestfriends, train together, battle wild Pokemon to level up my Skippy and soon he could evolve into a Skiploom and will eventually into a Jumpluff.

Years passed as we grow together. I just graduated on my senior high and I can now definitely went on a journey that I would want. I studied enough about pokemon and decided to be a Pokemon Contest Trainer.

I never had a new Pokemon ever since I had Skippy but I think we are ready for a new partner. We went to a near forest where a cute bug Pokemon can be found. And there I encounter a lot. And I decided to catch a caterpie, it would be a great addition for my pokemon contest team. And so I caught one.

The night is approaching and my pokemon are exhausted from all the training. So I decided that I would leave my pokemon at the pokemon center for them to regain their strength, which I always do when me and my Skippy had a battle before.

" You guys stay here for a while and get your energy back okay? I'll come back tomorrow " I bid them goodbye for now.



I went to check in a motel for the night and hoping to have a great day tomorrow. I'm still on a long way for my very first Pokemon Contest but I'll register soon and my Skippy si fully evolved now. He turned into a very beautiful baby pink colored Jumpluff and I can't get enough of it. 

As I was having the best thoughts and slowly went to sleep, and a loud siren made me all awake again. It startled me and I hurriedly go outside and look at what commotion is.



" A Team Rocket just raided a Pokemon Center ! " A man shouted,

As I've heard the man, my feet just suddenly volted towards the pokemon center. All anxious because I left my two precious pokemon there to heal. All the thoughts I'm having while I continue to run. Team Rocket is a gang where they steal pokemon from trainers and sell them elsewhere.



" Skippy! Caterpie ! Please be safe " I cried shouting. 



I reached the pokemon center but the team rocket fled already. And police are swarming the ground, searching for the thieves. I fell on my knees expecting for the worst as I saw people tearing up receiving news that thier pokemon have been stolen. I was shaking.



" I'm so sorry " Nurse Joy cried as she went outside holding a five pokeballs. " I tried to save them but this is the only five I saved, I so sorry " She cried more as I felt she was devastated about what happened. I understand her, this is not her fault. I can't imagine how awful she feel right now that a lot of pokemon stolen in her care.

I stood up and even I am heartbroken still I want to comfort her. " It's okay nurse Joy, this is not your fault. We're not aware of this to happened, please don't blame yourself for this. " I sadly said.



" Thank you " she sob. " Please, try to look check this pokeball, Yours might be in here " she handed me the five pokeballs.

I gasped. " C-caterpie " I stutter. " You have my caterpie nurse Joy. Thank you so much " I cried and took it and gave her back the four balls.


I walked away, and strength from my body went all away. I'm happy that my caterpie still here but my Skippy. They tooked him, my first bestfriend.

" Caterpie come out " I call out my caterpie, crying " we will train hard and we will bring our friend back caterpie. "

" Pie...piee " and hugged my Caterpie.

My journey from becoming a Pokemon Contest Trainer tooked on a different route. I entered the Pokemon ranger camp, and train harder everyday to be stronger and kept looking for my bestfriend Skippy. I rescued so many pokemon, captured a few of the members of team rocket but none have seen a shiny Jumpluff. I will never stop and won't loose hope.


" We will find him, Butterfree " 


" Freee!! "





" Jumpluff " it cried. I am shocked and couldn't believe what I was looking at.


" Skippy! " I cried shouting and tried to run towards my Skippy but as I am almost to reach Skippy the Thief called it back in his pokeball.


" Huh? It didn't follow my order? " The thief is confused but immediately get it. " Aw I see now, so you are the trainer of that super rare shiny Jumpluff " laugh the thief.  " My boys did a good job stealing that one, so I kept it for myself. " He speak again.




" Aghh! Give him back to me !!! " I shouted out of anger. " Butterfree, use stun spore " I commanded.

" Oh no you don't , Golbat come out and use whirlwind " he then summon another pokemon.

All the stun spore blew away from that wind.

" You are never going to catch me, boy " he continue to laugh.

" I will! " I response " now Butterfree use psychic "



" Freeeee!!! " And it hut Golbat and fainted.

" Ugh! Pathetic Pokemon " he angrily said " goodbye boy " he said and trying fled away again.


As I am about to chase him, he throw a pokeball at me and that took me off guard. 


" You can have that useless Pokemon there HAHAHAHA " he menacing laugh. 

" You heartless thief !!! " I angrily shout and picked the pokeball of Golbat who was fainted and called him back in his ball " I'm so sorry that you've beeb mistreated this way " I sadly speak to Golbat's ball.

I run and hoping to catch the thief. My Skippy, he has my Skippy. I can still see him but he is further away now since I got distracted by what he did.

While running, a guy with a pink Pachirisu on a motorcycle pass by. Unaware of what's is happening he just drove by but the thief saw him and he stopped him and kicked him out of his bike.


" No! Stop what are you doing?! " He shouted.


" Butterfree, use gust!! " I shouted.


" Pachirisu, use tackle " the guy shouted too.


It hurt the thief but it wasn't enough that he still got away. I immediately checked on the guys who have been stolen his bike.


" Are you okay? " I ask


" I'm fine, thank you for helping me " ge replied.


" It's okay, I'm just happy that I can help " I sadly said and there I begun to cry. I was being unprofessional, crying in the middle of my job.


" Oh no, are you okay, are you hurt? " He asked being worry.

" I'm so sorry, It's just the thief went away and he got my pokemon that I've been looking for, for years. " I sobbed.

" That's sad, I'm so sorry to hear that " he tried to comfort me.


" Pachi? " I then heard his pokemon.


" Pink? What do you got there? " He then ask his pokemon


" Pachirisu! " Pachi speaks back and I turn to look at his pokemon, it was holding a pokeball.

" A pokeball? " He question


" A-a pokeball? " I then questioned.


" Pachi...pachi...pachii " it excitedly jump and gave the pokeball to his trainer.


" H-how? " I stutter and asked, shocked.


" Oh, this? Sometimes my Pachirisu can pick up items out of no where, guess this time she might have picked up a pokeball from that thief when she tackled him " he explained.


" T-that's the pokeball of my pokemon, that's the pokeball of my Skippy. " I started to shake again, I recognize it from the sticker I put on the ball.

" R-really? Oh my God ! " He happily said " Pink You're a life saver! " He hugged his pokemon.

" Pachi !! "

He then gave me the pokeball and as I am looking at it, I started reminiscing the day I got him.


" You're back! I got you back, my Skippy " I cried and called him out.


" Jumpluff! " Immediately I hugged him, crying. 


" I am never going to loose you again " i said. He then happily went to meet Butterfree and fly together happily. I remember he was a caterpie when he last saw caterpie.

I felt relieved. It felt like all the heavy feeling I have for years have been lifted. 

" I'm happy for you " I heard the guy speak and I turn to look at him. He was smiling and a very cute smile too. It made me blush and yet I don't even know his name yet, but I didn't mind, I went near him and suddenly gave him a very tight hug.

" Thank you, you're my miracle " I whispered .






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My IGN is: ElFliko

Thanks GM's for hosting these events


This is the story of my favorite pokemon Gallade


Once upon a time, in a far-off region known as Sinnoh, there lived a magnificent Pokémon named Gallade. He was a proud and noble creature, known for his unmatched swordsmanship skills and unwavering courage. Gallade was a proud member of the Ralts family, a species of psychic and fighting-type Pokémon known for their mysterious powers and otherworldly grace.

Gallade had lived in the vast forests of Sinnoh for as long as he could remember. He spent his days honing his combat skills, practicing his swordplay, and exploring the lush wilderness that surrounded him. Despite his fearsome reputation, Gallade was a gentle soul at heart. He was fiercely protective of his friends and family, and would stop at nothing to keep them safe.

One day, Gallade received a distress call from his mentor, an old and wise Gardevoir. She was in grave danger, and needed Gallade's help to escape the clutches of a powerful and evil Team Rocket. Gallade didn't hesitate for a moment. He set out on a journey to save his mentor, facing countless dangers and overcoming incredible obstacles along the way.

Gallade traveled across the region, battling Team Rocket grunts and their powerful Pokémon along the way. He encountered a wide variety of creatures, from fire-breathing Charizards to lightning-fast Jolteons, but he never lost his focus. He fought with all his might, using his powerful psychic abilities and sharp swordsmanship to defeat each of his enemies.

Finally, after many days of travel, Gallade reached the lair of Team Rocket's leader. It was a towering fortress, surrounded by a moat of molten lava and guarded by the strongest Pokémon the organization had to offer. Gallade knew that this would be the greatest battle of his life, but he was not afraid. He steeled his resolve and stepped forward to face the final challenge.

The battle was long and grueling, with Gallade and the Team Rocket leader exchanging powerful blows. But in the end, it was Gallade who emerged victorious. He had saved his mentor, and put an end to Team Rocket's reign of terror once and for all.

With the mission complete, Gallade returned to his home in the forest. He was hailed as a hero, and his name became known throughout the land. But Gallade did not seek fame or glory. He was simply happy to have completed his mission and protected those he loved.

Years went by, and Gallade continued to live in the forest, training and exploring as he always had. He became a mentor to many young Pokémon, passing down his knowledge and skills to the next generation. And although he faced many challenges and battles along the way, he never lost his courage or his noble spirit.

In the end, Gallade was remembered as one of the greatest Pokémon of all time, a symbol of bravery and strength. He will always be remembered as the proud Gallade who traveled across the land to save his mentor and defeat the forces of evil. And even though he is no longer with us, his legacy lives on, inspiring generations of Pokémon to be their best and to never give up in the face of danger.     


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   IGN- GraveLightning


   Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Lightning who lived in the Johto region. He had always dreamed of becoming a Pokemon trainer, and when he turned ten years old, he finally got his chance. He received his first Pokemon, a Totodile, from Professor Elm.


   Totodile stood out from the others with its mischievous smile and happy attitude. It loved to play and explore, but it also had a fierce fighting spirit. Lightning and Totodile quickly bonded and set out on their journey together.


   Along the way, they encountered many challenges and obstacles. They battled other trainers, explored dark caves, climbed tall mountains, and pursued their ultimate goal, the Johto League. Through it all, Totodile proved to be a loyal and powerful companion.


   As they traveled, Lightning and Totodile grew stronger and more experienced. They captured new Pokemon and added them to their team. Totodile evolved into Croconaw and eventually into Feraligatr.


   Eventually, Lightning and his team reached the Johto League and battled for the right to become Champion. The competition was fierce, and Lightning faced many strong trainers and their powerful Pokemon. But with Feraligatr by his side, Lightning never had any doubt. They battled with courage and determination, and in the end, they emerged victorious.


   Lightning and Feraligatr were hailed as the new Johto Champions. They returned to their hometown as heroes, and that journey, along all their future adventures, would be remembered for years to come. Lightning never forgot the bond he formed with his first Pokemon, and Feraligatr remained a cherished member of his team.




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"Cross my Partner crobat"

By Typheuswolf

Chapter -1/2


“Come on, Jax! Just catch it already! Why are you waiting?” why was I waiting? What am I doing? I blink hard, trying to wipe away some blurred smudges in my vision. My eyes had become so dry, especially with the recent change in weather. I rub my face hard with my hand for good measure, almost like I was waking up again. Waking from a long dream, I have to remember my real life and come to. My eyes wander around me. The sun was out, shining down onto all of us, catching us in an open field, steps away from the tall grass which grew in large patches in this particular meadow. A breeze came through, bending the tall grasses, washing over the grasses in waves. The trees danced in the distance. And there it was, right in front of me.


I had adored Nidoran since I can remember and had been dreaming of raising one. Out of everything in the school’s pokedex, it jumped out at me. I was taken by its nature, the way it raised its young, and how it was so social and surround by its friends and mates. I begged my parents to let me catch one for so long and now, here it was, Standing in the field. Suddenly my stomach went tight, and my teeth began chattering. I clenched, hiding everything in a wide grin. I slid my hand slowly into my pocket, reaching for a Pokeball I’d been saving for this moment. I worked one summer helping my dad at the daycare, to save up on this ball. He let me keep it. The only thing I have left of him, I think for a moment, but there’s no time. “Jax! Hold up, wait for a sec!” I freeze at the voice, shooting my eyes to my right. It was Ghislaine, my older sister. “What? Why? I can’t pass up this chance!” I growled. The only reason why one was here was because of a recent mass outbreak, otherwise, it would be impossible to find one here, in the Hoenn region. This was the luckiest day of my life, I will not let this chance slip by me!

“I know!” she said. “Here!” she clicks a Pokeball she took from her belt, tossing it to me. I see the sunshine through it, seeing the small figure inside. I snatch it from the air and pull it down. Letting my eyes peer into the red half of the ball. I could see two small eyes staring back at me, which made me realize who it was in the ball. My grin sharpened, and belly got hot. This was the day I become a full-fledged trainer, catching my own Pokémon.


I look back up at the male Nidoran, and it was making small steps back towards the grass, trying to escape from the mass of people. “Where are you headed to?” I see a rock the perfect size. Running I snatch it up from the ground and pitch it at Nidoran. It pelted him good, and a small squeal came out. I planted my feet, studying him. There was still a chance he would just make a run for it, but as soon as his eyes locked on me, I knew that wasn’t going to be the case. I stood ready to throw out the ball Lainey gave me.

Nidoran gave a battle cry, charging toward me, and we all knew in that moment it was on.





I dig my feet in, and throw the ball hard, remembering something I learned in trainer school. I yell “Tackle!” before he even came out of the ball and lucky for me, Bash who was a poocheyena trained by my sister and could read me. Using the momentum from my ball toss, Bash slammed into the wild Pokémon hard. Nidoran crashed back tearing up the grass. I could barely hear it, I almost thought I was imagining it, but Lainey’s pokedex came alive and commented, “that was a critical hit!”. A smile crept out on my lips, but I try to bottle the giddiness inside.

Nidoran climbed back up on its legs in no time, as if it shook off the attack. “Wow, that one must be pretty tough to shake off a hit like that. Be careful little brother.” Lainey said through a smile. “Shut up.” I say back to her, silencing her with my hand. Her tone, she always used that condescending tone. But she was right. I had originally thought this one might be level five, but now, it maybe more. Bash was level fifteen and didn’t let up on that tackle.

Nidoran suddenly made a stance and aimed with its horn. A chill poured down my back, “poision sting!” my mind shouted. “Bash, dodge!” I scream. Purple streams of light shoot like bright needles and stab into the earth narrowly missing Bash who moved his body expertly, swiftly outrunning the darts, and repositioning behind Nidoran. The stream of poison needles stopped, and nidoran stood there catching its breath. That move seemed to tire it a bit. I had options, I could have bash do a finishing tackle head-on, but Nidoran could have enough strength to shoot another poison sting, and every needle could poison Bash. I could command “scary face”, but it might not have as good effect and may only delay poison sting. It’s clear, that trying to disable or eliminate poison sting, would be a way to get this done without a poisoned pokemon. But how do I do it?

 It became a standstill, as we sized up each other. But no, I couldn’t wait and let nidoran regain his strength, and an idea played out in my mind. I ran low on time, I have to risk it. theres a chance Bash doesn’t know this move, its been awhile since I last saw his move set. If I command this, he might freeze, and leave and opening for Nidoran.

I can hear my friends in the back. “come on jax!” “you got this Bash, keep it up!” “you better hurry, Nidoran looks ready to get back into the fight." It may have been my imagination again, but I could swear, that my sister was grinning.

“All right Bash! Its time, lets wrap this up!” I wave my hand, “Sand attack!”. Bash turned, and used his hind legs to shoot dirt from the torn path of grass. With multiple kicks bash kicked even dryer dirt and had clouds rolling about.

Nidoran let out a cry, shaking his head, and blinking his red swollen eyes. it began shooting out posion sting again, but the needles flew everywhere. I saw some coming towards me, and jumped into the ground. I heard a few other bodies hit the ground with me. I look back and Lainey had her hands gripping two of my friends by the collars of their shirts, and they fell with her. I return my eyes to the battle. Bash dodged some of the fire, but most of it was unexpected and erratic fire. No one could know where the next needles were going to go. I want bash to get in close for a final tackle, but it’s hard with this blindfire. “Bash! Move to the side, and use Growl!” I commanded. He obeyed brilliantly, darting towards the pokemon’s right, using the move, which came at nidoran like a wave of sound. It lowered his strength, but only a fraction. “Again!” I called out. Bash attacked the left side, and shot another growl, which made nidoran stumble somewhat. “Now, from behind, one more!” Bash dashed around, and let off another growl!” he followed through, but now Nidoran caught on, and shot a poison sting towards him. “Dodge,” he does.  “jump tackle now!” I was betting everything on the fact that Bash was well trained. Especially with move variations. I smile wide, knowing that I’ve won, because he was trained, quite well.

Bash was directly above him swinging his body in for the tackle, and crashed into the Nidoran full force, from above, into the ground. It was a knockout. It now laid unconscious in the small crater the crash made. The crowd bursts into cheer. Bash runs towards me and to Lainey prancing triumphantly, running circles around both of us.  “Bash” I called him over. running my hands through his fur, petting him, “Thank you for your help.” I said. He gave me a nod.

Now the battle was won. It was time for the fateful moment. I grab the ball in my pocket, click the button, and watch it fill my hand. I lock eyes on my new friend and toss the ball bouncing it off of him. It takes him in, and wiggles on the ground for a while.


Then finally, it stops, going cold on the grass. I did it, I won my first battle with a wild Pokémon, and caught it.  I run towards it and pick it up. I start jumping, and my friends come to jump with me, “I did it! I did it!” Lainey made her way over with Bash. “Lainey look! I caught my first one. You see? Now I can be a trainer and challenge the gyms all over the region!”. She smiled at me, “Yeah, yeah I see you. But look,” I stop jumping, and look at her. but what? “you should let nidoran out of his ball, and ask him if that’s what he wants.” Everyone stops jumping.


I look at my new friend inside the ball and look back at Ghislaine. Im holding the ball tight with both hands, as if im afraid he will jump out and escape. “what do you mean? I caught him, hes my pokemon now!” I shout angrily. Lainey gives me a sad look. “Pokemon don’t belong to anyone, Jax. They have to decide to be your friend, and to participate in your battles. You cant force them to do anything just because you want them to. You have to respect them, Jax, otherwise, everything won’t be real.”


“But, I won…I beat him… I caught him.” I refute, on the edge of crying. She comes in real close, wiping away a tear that fell. “Hey, easy there, its okay. Don’t be so dramatic. Listen, you did such a good job with that battle, im impressed. But at the end of the day, it’s Nidoran’s choice to be part of your crew. Right?” I nod. She was right, and I just wish she was wrong. I wish I didn’t have to let him decide, that we could just be friends. I think it was because I had a feeling that after the battle, he might not want to be one of my Pokémon. I was afraid. “Come on out…Nidoran.” I said as my voice shook. He rematerialized before me. His eyes found mine, and he took an aggressive stance toward me.

“Nidoran, would you want to join me? Be part of my crew and fight battles with me as your trainer?” I asked him, trying to melt away those angry eyes. It was almost instantly, that Nidoran darted towards me, and used tackle on the center of my chest, knocking the wind out of me. My back was on the ground, and my eyes drifted into the sky. I woke up to my sister eating food next to me. “oh hey, good afternoon!” I looked around, to see the prairie drenched in orange light, and the shadows of the trees stretch long and far. What happened, comes flooding back, and it makes me hug my knees and tuck my head in. “Whats wrong with you?” Lainey asked. “I thought if I did a good job and beat a pokemon and catch it, that there would be no way that they could say no. I thought I was finally going to get my first pokemon.” I said plainly, with all the crying done, it had just become something that had happened. “Hm, yeah I know what you mean.” She said. “don’t sweat it too much, lil bro. you will find yours, soon enough.” The word didn’t make me feel any better.

There was a sound in the distance, a screeching. “What’s that?” Lainey shook her head. I don’t know why, but for some reason, I felt something had happened over there, towards a cliff past some trees. I got up and started running towards it. “Dang it Jax! Hold up!”  after some distance  I could still hear her, “Wait for me!” but I don’t. almost nothing happens here, so what could be happening now. I reach the cliff, overlooking the town closest to ours, Verdanturf. In the air were a swarm of zubat, a wrangling mass of blue and purple. It was like one large clump in the sunset sky, the air filled with the “Zuuing” and screeching of their calls. They sounded so angry, looking closer, peircign through the swarm with my eyes, I could see one lone zubat. It was being singled out. Then, as if unprovolked one of the zubats of the swarm, dives it and bites the one singled out. The loner fends off the attack shaking the other off, but the others, dive in with glowing wings, striking the loner hard. “wing attack” I whisper to myself. A friend of mine has a pidgey that uses wing attack the same way. Lainey breaks down with her feet, and stops to catch her breath. “what going on?” she asks. I point to the center of the swarm, not thinking this was real. “They’re beating up a zubat in the middle there.” I never saw a pokemon attack the same species in the wild before. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. “Why?!” she asks, but I shake my head. She looks back at the swarm, watching the one at the center get hit over and over. “Lainey, what do we do? Get the professor?” she clenched her teeth, unsure, thinking it over. but she couldn’t wait around and see the pokemon get even more hurt. “No time! Bash!” as if he already knew, he was ready to go right by her side. “Use roar on the swarm of zubat!”. A great and terrible shout as if from large monstrous thing emitted from the well trained Bash. The wave of sound seemed as though it made an impact with the swarm, pushing some away. They dispersed quickly, flying back into the cave directly under the cliff. The one that was singled out, it didn’t go back, no. it struggled to stay in the air. me and Lainey watched it, as its strength withered, and it couldn’t beat its wings any longer. It fell, and I tried to grab it, almost going over the cliff, but Lainey grabbed me. “you idiot! Don’t go over the cliff!” we could only watch as the zubat fell through the air, and make a hard thud into the grass below. 

A quarter to the left, there was a path that led down, and with Lainey behind me we made our way towards the Pokémon. We inspected it, and it was still breathing, and feeling its legs, its heartbeat was shallow. we exchanged looks, we knew we had to get him to the Pokémon center fast, or else.


Chapter 2-  Like me.


It’s been a year, since our parents left us. Lainey stepped up, and started taking care of me, with the help of some other in our small town. I project their faces on the Pokeball my dad left for me before they left on their trip. Sometimes I trick myself into seeing them, as if they were inside the ball, closer to me. But no matter how many times I open the ball, its always empty. I can’t help but wonder where they went and why, why they abandoned me and Lainey. I close the ball again, trying to seal away those thoughts about mom and dad. But something even worse comes back to haunt me, something more recent.

After taking the zubat to the pokemon center yesterday and having nurse joy and the others tend to him, we called professor Birch on his cell phone. He made his way here in Verdanturf, and only an hour ago, finished his analysis on what had happened with the zubat. On why his own kind, own pack turned on him.

He was already sick, and most likely the weakest out of all of them. I didn’t know Pokémon that run in packs and exiled the weakest and sickest ones. The professor said it was most likely to prevent infection for others. I could hear his words speak again in my mind. “he was abandoned, for having the poke-rus. They tried to get rid of him, in hopes of staying healthy.”

I and Lainey spent a few days at the Pokémon center, making sure the loner had someone with him. What was really worrying us, is that he seemed determined to rejoin his pack. Me and Lainey both knew, that might not happen.

The day finally came when Zubat was released from the center, and we walked him back to the cave. We stood there watching him fly into it, excited to rejoin the family. But me and Lainey knew, somehow that there would be more to it than that. and soon enough, he was chased back out by the swarm. But this time, a golbat came out with it. it screeched and hollered, giving the final words. It went back in the cave with the swarm, leaving the loner with his words of exile.

I took zubat home with me after that. after some time, it became determined to be stronger, in hopes of challenging daddy golbat.

It’s been a few years since, and Cross, my crobat partner, is ready for us to venture back into his home cave and challenge daddy golbat. Pokedex says he is around level 65.  

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written by : akaseth

In the early days, in the world of Pokémon, there lived a young boy named Toad. Toad lived in the small town of Pastoria, located in the Sinnoh region. He was a cheerful and energetic child, always eager to explore the vast world of Pokémon and discover new and exciting creatures.

One day, as Toad was wandering through the nearby wetlands, he stumbled upon a small, water-dwelling Pokémon known as a Lotad. Toad was immediately drawn to the Pokémon's cute and cheerful demeanor, and he knew that he had to have it as his own.

He quickly caught the Lotad and began to train it with all his heart and soul. Toad was determined to make his Lotad the strongest and most skilled Pokémon it could be. He spent countless hours battling other trainers, practicing new moves, and helping the Lotad evolve into a stronger Pokémon.

As the Lotad grew and evolved into a Lombre, Toad noticed that it had an interest in dancing. Lombre would often tap its feet and sway its body to the beat of music. Toad was intrigued by this and decided to focus on this newfound talent of his Pokémon.

He started training Lombre in various dance styles, from the graceful waltz to the energetic hip-hop. As they trained together, Toad and Lombre grew a special bond, and the two of them became an inseparable team.

Finally, after months of hard work, dedication and the help of a water stone. Lombre evolved into a Ludicolo. With its newfound strength and grace, Ludicolo quickly became known throughout the region as a talented dancer. People from all over the Sinnoh region would come to see Toad and Ludicolo perform, and they soon became the most famous dance duo in the region.

As they continued to perform and dance together, Toad and Ludicolo became more in tune with each other's movements. They were able to create stunning routines that left the crowd in awe. Toad was especially proud of Ludicolo, who was now not only a powerful Pokémon but also a skilled dancer.

Their popularity continued to grow, and soon Toad and Ludicolo were invited to perform in the annual Pokémon Dance Contest. The competition was fierce, but Toad and Ludicolo's performance was nothing short of spectacular. With their incredible dance moves, they won the hearts of the audience and were crowned the winners of the contest.

From that moment on, Toad and Ludicolo were known as the best dancers in the entire Sinnoh region. They continued to perform and entertain audiences all over the world, and their bond only grew stronger with each performance.

Years went by, and Toad grew up to become a famous Pokémon Trainer. But no matter how famous he became, he always remembered his first Pokémon and best friend, Ludicolo. The two of them continued to dance and perform together, spreading joy and happiness wherever they went.

In the end, Toad knew that his life had been forever changed by his beloved Ludicolo. The Pokémon had not only taught him about the beauty and power of dance, but it had also given him a friend for life. And so, the two of them danced on, leaving behind a legacy of love and friendship that would live on for generations to come


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"Rising to New Heights: A story about a boy and his Pokemon"




Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Dale who lived in the town of Twinleaf. Dale was an avid Pokémon fan and loved to explore the forests and fields surrounding his home. One day, while he was out on a walk, he stumbled upon a strange object lying on the ground.


As he approached it, he realized that it was a Pokémon egg! Dale was beyond excited, as he had never seen a Pokémon egg before. He carefully picked it up and brought it back to his home to show his family.

Days passed and Dale kept a close eye on the egg, but nothing seemed to be happening. However, one morning, Dale woke up to the sound of a soft chirping. He ran to the egg, and to his surprise, he found that it had hatched into a small, round, and fluffy Pokémon – a Togepi!


Dale was overjoyed and quickly became attached to his new companion. He named it Sunny and together they played games all day long. One time while they are watching the TV they saw a togekiss which is the last evolution of togepi. Ever since that day both Dale and Sunny wanted to fly so high that they can touch the clouds. 


One time while they were playing Sunny let out and excited chirp and with a burst of white light evolves in to a togetic. Dale and Sunny were both overjoyed that they are one step into reaching their dreams. And with that they both set out in a pokemon journey finding some new friends and getting closer to their goals. 


After a few more months of adventuring and battling they stumble upon a shiny stone near a mountain. Both of them are elated at finding the evolution stone. They took it out of the mountain and immediately used it to evolve Sunny one last time. A blinding light envelopes Sunny and after what seems to be a life to the both of them Sunny emerged as a togekiss.

He immediately hugs Sunny and together they laughed at finally achieving their dreams. 


Sunny chirps at Dale and looked at the sky. Dale can't keep his smile away from his face from what Sunny is telling him to.

He pulls a saddle made for a togekiss and puts it around her. He positions himself and with just one flap of togekiss' wings they flew. They flew just like what they imagined when they were young and approached the clouds. Dale touches the clouds and began to laugh with joy with Sunny chirping happily as well. And with another strong flap of Sunny's wings they emerged above the clouds and began flying in piece. 


They looked back at their lives and remembers all the hardship they got through. They both smiled at finally achieving their dreams. 





(Togepi was always my favorite pokemon ever since playing pokemon platinum too bad the game cartridge got lost in a typhoon here in our country. I just bred this togekiss last week cause I remember Sunny and wanted to share our dreams to reaching the top)



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My favorite Pokemon is Charizard.


I first encountered Charizard when I was just a young trainer starting my journey through the Kanto region. I was exploring the Rock Tunnel when I stumbled upon a Charmander, its flame flickering weakly. It was clear the poor creature had been abandoned by its previous trainer and was near death. I couldn't bear to leave it there, so I scooped it up and brought it with me on my journey.


As the days went by, the Charmander slowly began to recover, and we became fast friends. I had always dreamed of having a Charizard on my team, but I never thought it would be possible. Nevertheless, with time and patience, the Charmander grew into a mighty Charmeleon, and then, finally, into a magnificent Charizard.


Our bond grew stronger with each passing day, and soon enough, Charizard became my most trusted companion. With its fierce flames and powerful wings, Charizard was a formidable opponent in any battle. But more than that, it was loyal and brave, always standing by my side no matter what challenges we faced.


One day, we received word of a mysterious island in the Johto region that was said to be home to powerful and rare Pokemon. Intrigued, Charizard and I set out on an adventure to find this island and discover its secrets.


The journey was long and treacherous, with many challenges and obstacles to overcome. We faced fierce storms and rough seas, and battled countless other trainers and their Pokemon. But with Charizard by my side, I was never afraid. Its powerful flames and fierce determination never wavered, and it always stood by me no matter what.


When we finally reached the mysterious island, we discovered that it was indeed home to many powerful and rare Pokemon. But it was also plagued by an evil organization known as Team Rocket, who sought to use an ancient and powerful artifact known as the "Shadow Crystal" to control the world's Pokemon.


Charizard and I knew we had to stop Team Rocket's nefarious plans. We joined forces with the other trainers on the island, and together, we set out to find the Shadow Crystal and destroy it. Our journey took us deep into the heart of the island, where we discovered a hidden temple filled with ancient relics and powerful artifacts.


As we explored the temple, we were confronted by Team Rocket's elite forces, who sought to use the Shadow Crystal to take over the world. Charizard and I were outnumbered and outmatched, but we refused to give up. With its fierce flames and unbreakable spirit, Charizard fought valiantly, holding off the enemy trainers long enough for us to find and destroy the Shadow Crystal.


In the end, we emerged victorious, and the world was saved from Team Rocket's evil grasp. Charizard had once again proven its bravery and determination, and it cemented its place as not only my most trusted companion but also a true hero.


As we sailed away from the island, I couldn't help but feel a sense of pride and gratitude for my faithful Charizard. Together, we had faced unimaginable challenges and emerged triumphant, and our bond had only grown stronger for it.

IGN: BorovikW


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IGN: Bootlegs


A Lost Friend


2000 feet beneath the surface of Hoenn's oceans.

A beautiful and lonely pokemon glissaded it's way through the deep blue water.

It's colors were as vibrant and unique as the region to which it belonged.

It sang a beautiful song that could calm angry nerves, or lift the emotional weight

that lied on it's friends shoulders.  This pokemon, was Milotic.


Arcing through long, slow curves Milotic was finding it's way through an abyss.

It was a particularly cold night in the ocean.  And Milotic was grazing on patches

of seaweed that bedded themselves in the walls of the abyss.

The moonlight shimmered through the ocean's surface and reflected off the coral

reef above.  She would often look up at the other pokemon, dancing in the light 

bouncing between the surface and the reef.  And she'd wonder what it was like

to know so many friends of the same kind.  What was it like to truly belong?


Suddenly, she hears a cry.  She tries to locate the sound, but the abyss is vast.

The light from above lets a slight glow onto a shelf in the abyss.  The mouth

of a cave lies beyond it.  She's sure that the cry came from inside.

Milotic uses her long, slender yet strong body to push through the water with

force.  Rushing towards the entrance, she glides into the mouth of the cave.  She

hears the cry again echoing from deep inside.  She comes to an opening, and 

there are four tunnels in front of her.  There's no way to tell which one the 

cry came from.  Before she can decide, she sees a flash out of the corner of

her eye.  Then a heavy weight drops onto her back, and she begins to sink to

the underwater cavern floor.  She feels a sharp pinch in her side, and uses her

wide, fanned out tail to slap the source as hard as she can.  A trail of bubbles

and a crash, she sees Crawdaunt with his back to the wall.  Crawdaunt's pincers 

are snapping one after the other.  He shoots off the wall straight towards her.

Quickly, she maneuvers her body into a ring.  Crawdaunt passes through it, just

barely missing her soft scales with his claw.  Milotic takes in a deep breath

of water, her cheeks and chest expanding.  With all of her might she blows out

a hydro pump, and places it with precision.  Crawdaunt, feeling the force in his chest

first, slams into the rock wall behind him.  His hard carapace cracks slightly

under the force.  Milotic watches as he sinks down the wall and onto the cavern

floor.  Then, she escapes through one of the tunnels in front of them.  She hears

the cry again, urgently and desperately trying to place it.  She thinks she's

getting close as the cry echoes in her ears.  She sees an end to the narrow tunnel

she's swimming through.  As she reaches the threshold of the opening, a blast of

hot air and water shoots from below.  One second later and she would've been

thrusted upwards into oblivion.  When the air clears, she sees a small, helpless

Corsola stuck in a tangle of weeds on the other side of the opening.  Milotic

begins to think critically about how she can get across, not knowing when the

next blast will come through.  She begins to sing her song, trying to calm

the panicking Corsola while she comes up with a plan.  Corsola's eyes gaze

at Milotic as if she were from a dream.  Milotic waits patiently as

two more blasts go off, and realizes that the blasts are happening in a pattern.

She waits for the next blast to finish, and then quickly swims across and begins 

to assess the tangled Corsola.  Milotic begins to nudge the Corsola in

different directions, trying to free her from the weeds.  She realizes that one

of the Corsola’s coral branches is broken at the top.  Corsola whines in pain

as the weeds slip over her rough body.  Time is running out.  Milotic begins to

feel heat beneath her, and tries to nudge faster, desperately trying to free

Corsola in time.  Corsola breaks free, Milotic grabs one of her still intact

coral branches and springs off the wall back into the tunnel.  The blast goes off

just barely scalding the tip of Milotic's tail.  As they reach the other side

of the tunnel, Crawdaunt is waiting for them.  Milotic tosses Corsola gently

but swiftly away from her, and draws Crawdaunt's attention.  His dark glare

is fixated on her.  He moves in for another crab hammer, but Milotic dodges

him, shifting her head as he passes her and blasting him with a water pulse.

Crawdaunt is unphased.  Suddenly, Corsola begins to hum and rocks break off from

the wall beside her.  They gather together in a cluster, and blast towards

Crawdaunt.  Milotic shoots out another water pulse at the sight of this, both

attacks land simultaneously.  Crawdaunt smacks the cavern floor and looks at

the ceiling completely dazed.  Wasting no time, Milotic grabs Corsola and

swims back out of the cavern to the abyss.


As they swim towards the top of the abyss towards the coral reef, Milotic

thinks about the family and friends of this poor lost Corsola.  Who knows how

long she was missing or what would've happened if Milotic never found her?

They swim gracefully up towards the dancing light of the reef and begin to hear

the pokemon above playing and having fun.  Milotic glides upwards out of the abyss

and all the pokemon in the reef gasp and stare.  She floats, glowing in the

moonlight, and showing this Corsola to all of the starstruck pokemon.  Then, two

larger Corsola emerge from the crowd and come to Milotic.  Their eyes wide

and mouths open in awe.  Milotic softly and gently stoops her head down,

and places the baby Corsola between them.  The three of them begin singing and

crying with joy.  Shortly after, a silence falls and the parents begin humming.

As they hum, a green glowing aura envelopes their bodies, and baby Corsola's

branch starts to recover.  The three of them look to Milotic, and nod their heads

with respect and eternal gratitude.  All of the pokemon in the reef begin cheering

and swirling creating a beautiful cloud of bubbles rising in the light.  It was then

that Milotic knew, where she truly belonged.


The end.


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IGN: Beliale

'  ' = Thoughts

"   " = Speech


'Thirty years. 
That’s how long it’s been since I woke up in this dreadful world.
It’s been too long.
As a ten-year-old child at the time, I was scared. Terrified even, yet they didn’t care… So why should I?'


“The wonderful world of pokemon, huh?” A middle-aged man muttered as he glanced down at the harbor from the tallest point in castelia city, "more like a goddamn nightmare... but not anymore, not since I won." 


As the middle-aged man reminisced about his younger days of defeating the many underground organisations that threatened his livelihood, he heard the clamboring noise of the public from down below. Before long however, a tremendous roar echoed through the skies.




He smiled, "Back so soon?" 


Soon enough, a large serpentine creature approached him. It's blue skin was covered by tufts of black fur, pronounced by the fuchsia-coloured manes that surrounded its necks. Yes, it's arms were seemingly appendages for two smaller heads. As it came to face the middle-aged man, it's red-slitted eyes gazed deeply into his.






The middle-aged man ran his hand through his own green hair before he rubbed the dragons forehead. A couple of moments after enjoyed being petted, it pounced on him and began licking him,

"Hydreigon, calm down boy." 


 As they sat on the skyscraper that evening, the middle-aged man talked to his longest partner about their last thirty years together. 


"Remember when I found you? Team Rocket were quaking in their boots as they tried to infiltrate Unova. Unfortunately for them, I managed to pit them against father's Team Plasma to safely rescue you," He said with a bit of nostalgia in his voice, "Sigh, but I'm not proud of what we had to do next though... If I was in a certain world, they may even call me a kinslayer." 




Hydreigon placed one of his arms around his trainer, 

"Thanks bud for the reassurance, but I guess we had to do what we had to do. I guess...The world's a better place without any of those cursed teams on this planet. But I can't help but feel like... their blood is on my hands."




"Yes, yes, I know that you're the one who physically got rid of them, but still, as your trainer... I can't help but feel responsible as well," The middle-aged man responded.


Nudging his trainer, Hydreigon looked him in the eyes again. 




"Okay... I guess you did have a mean Draco Meteor on you."


Raising his eyebrow, hydreigon had a questioning expression on his face.


"Err, I mean you still do have a mean Draco Meteor on you..." 


He huffed again, happy with his trainer's response. 


"There's no point overthinking it, I guess, time to move on with life," The middle-aged man said as he pointed a jewel at Hydreigon. 




A light zoomed towards hydreigon as he was returned to the jewel. 


"Time to go and confront the masses, I guess."


Taking the Elevator down to the first floor of his skyscraper, he thought about his words.




As he walked out of his skyscraper, a swathe of cameras began to take photos and record videos of him. He approached the stand that had a microphone fixed to it with confidence.


"Mr Gropius, what are your thoughts towards those who think The Autarch is a hero?"


Thinking about the comments, he came to a conclusion,

"As an individual, I think The Autarch was necessary. But a hero? Please, Some people were just born to be greater. Even if he was a hero, he definitely wasn't the type of hero people wanted... but one that people needed."


"Mr Harmonia Gropius-"


"Please, one question at a time, please," The middle-aged man said as he calmed the reporters, some of them using Explouds to enhance the volume of their questions. Pointing towards a newbie reporter, The middle-aged man asked for her questions,


"Ahem, err thank you sir for the opportunity, erm, what do you think about certain people's comments that you may be the individual known as The Autarch. As you know, he did kill your father, Ghetsis Harmonia Gropius. However, at the same time, he ushered in a peaceful era where villainous organisations are all but extinct  and the underworld has to shrink their operations."


Ghetsis' true son, Beliale Harmonia Gropius, smiled as he heard the question. Whispering in his ear, one of his advisors gave his opinion on what he should say next. 


Giving his opinion consideration, Beliale discarded it. He next decided to throw the jewel out, releasing Hydreigon causing him to roar out into the sky.

"Burst into darkness, Hydreigon!" 


Suddenly, Hydreigon fused with Beliale's body, causing clothing similar in motif and colour to his own body to appear on his body. His hair turned from a dark black to a more navy blue colour before his eyes turned a murderous crimson colour. Wrapping around his shoulders was a jet-black cloak with a wine-red interior. He looked like a textbook example of a  dark mage. In a deep voice, he said one final phrase,


"The truth is... I am The Autarch," before flying off into the sky.


#pokemon Halloween pokemon Gijinka 2016 - アクのイラスト - pixiv.jpg

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Being within the Lavender Town's secret alleys and pathways, Gengar is always with their glee and happiness whenever I bring them to their place where they were born, much as their memories intact with some unforgettable instances. As much as I was born, I - the famed item hunter Garcello - was too attached with the town's old and dilapidated obelisk of the departed, as well as the ironically boisterous and busy orphanage of Mr. Fuji's, apart from the busy Trainers who were going to and fro for their daily lives, much as my Gengar's delight.



My heart flutters as I reminisce my old days... and now as my job is currently finished and we need a break, something that ponders me...



Why do progress have price?






I had met this fellow, as a Gastly, when I was stumbled on the tower while I ran away from my bullies and trying to hide from them. Oddly enough, they didn't tried to lick me, as obviously does to anyone, my mom had told me. We talked for hours and hours, in my comfort of that old and crumbling grave of a Growlithe that their owner forgot to clean up. I was born being a part-time gravestone cleaner before I took myself up being a Trainer and saw a lot of things... things like whenever their beloved Pokèmon died in their arms and other dire consequences. Even when my Hypno got some laceration while fighting against a random Nidorino, I never fear blood.




Back to my story, even without a Pokèball, this wild Gastly followed me until one Channeler called me and said that someone is following me. "No thanks ma'am. This one really knows me," I replied. The old lady smiled at me as I went on my way. 




Years and years after that, I finally let this fellow on my Pokèball and we had adventures at least. Tons of fun, defeat, and victories followed us on our way. We both celebrated, alongside other Pokèmon 




One of my turning point in my life with this Gastly, now a Gengar, was when the Delta Corporation, the contractor company hailing from Johto, is trying to coerce the Town Leader to sell the land rights of the Pokèmon Tower to them for the building of the Pokèmon Radio Tower. The disturbance of the departed souls of that tower, as I felt with my Gengar's disapproval and rage, urged me to harshly yell at their representative. I almost got bruised and wounded after that but my initiative had caused a biggest hubbub and rumble in that town, forcing the contractor, almost beaten to death, to leave for another day.



Now, despite of our efforts being wasted after years and years of fighting... here we are, me and my Gengar, standing and facing on the remains of the Pokèmon Tower, near at my home... my hometown's landmark replacing progress... progress that I always questioned...



Why progress needs price to pay?

Why in every improvement has its own banes?



- IGN: GenGarcello434156982_images-2023-02-08T092620_167.jpeg.db0f95145eaba2885de967c7e43e8bd0.jpeg

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IGN: RadiantName


(all things “spoken” by Umbreon is in his thoughts.)


Truly pitiful, that was what ringed through the Umbreon’s mind, as it saw a human, beaten and bruised, all for what?


“How stupid, to accidentally fall off a tree in pursuit of such a miniscule animal like Hoothoot, how was I captured by an idiot like him?”


The Umbreon knew nothing of empathy, and only knew the value of salvation and prosperity toward itself.


Yet as he watched the foolish human, despite suffering countless injuries…


Care for his minor wounds, his perspective twisted.


“Human, why are you doing this?”


The moon shined brightly, which meant that the Umbreon would already, naturally heal the wounds with ease…


Yet the naive human, despite having several scrapes and bruises, still sprayed him with that obnoxious medicine.


Ever since he had been captured with that odd, round device, his life had been twisted.


His dark, red eyes, peered at the rest of his peers, a measly Spearow, and a rather feisty Flaffy.


They were all naive and immature, foolish rascals in Umbreon’s eyes, fools that can’t live without their “master.”


He had thought of them to be naive, to have such dying loyalty to this pathetic and pitiful human.


Yet, as he saw the care that he was receiving, he started to understand.


“Kindness is a luxury in this cruel world, that someone as pitiful like him shouldn’t be able to afford…”


“So why? Why! Why?”


“There you go, buddy, that fall was pretty rough, huh.” The human said, being unreasonably optimistic, so much so it pissed Umbreon off.


“Foolish human, you have much more pressing matters.”


He sighed, as he approached the human, before absorbing the light refracted from the moon, glowing a bright white.


The human’s eyes widened, as the wounds on him slowly recovered, as his body seemed to lighten and less sore, he grinned afterwards, as Umbreon walked away, being approached by that dumb bipedal sheep, he glared at the Flaffy, who frowned.


“Thank you, Geist.” The human thanked, the Umbreon scoffed, “Tch, what a dumb nickname…”


The Umbreon narrowed his eyes, his previous nihilistic views wavering.


“Idiots like him will get themselves in hot trouble…”


He walked towards a patch of grass, before curling up, and closed his eyes.




“Such naive and complicated concepts, but, why is it that I am so drawn to them?”


The days passed, Umbreon repeated this thought, the trainer continued to be as reckless as ever, as Umbreon seemed to come to terms with it.


“Oi, Geist, take this.” The human threw a piece of meat, Umbreon eyed the unusual meat, before gobbling it down, he admired it did taste quite appetizing, the human called it “beef jerky”. He didn’t care about what he was to be fed, but considering just how high quality that food was, he assumed, with his knowledge of the thing called “currency.”(such a unnecessary concept, who cares about currency, life is about the powerful dominating the weak, interfering with that cycle is just foolish.), he assumed it must be a luxury for the “rich,” which was wasted on the obvious “servant” of their trainer-pokemon relationship.


“Here, take some more.” The human said, before throwing another one of those “beef jerky” at Umbreon, who gladly gobbled it up once again, “Such a luxurious food, wasted upon a wild beast like me, albeit I am in no right to be complaining, this food is much more tasteful than wild hoothoots.”


“Come, you can eat even more, beef jerky is pretty cheap, and they are even cheaper for someone with a trainer license like me.” The human said, Umbreon perked in confusion.


“How? I may not be very knowledgeable, but how could such fruitful meat be considered low-class?:


“You probably have no idea what I’m saying, huh.” The human said, chuckling. “To wild animals like you, currency is probably an alien concept.”


“It seems that is true.”


“Well, we should almost be at goldenrod, Quilava is still pretty roughed up, ya really gave him a beating, you know, but hopefully he can recover before our battle against Whitney.” The human said, “And hopefully you would actually listen to me by the time we arrive.”


“That Quilava of yours was pitiful at best, if it weren’t for the fact you caught me off guard, I would still be out in the wild…”


“Although maybe living a life full of eating those beef jerky isn’t so bad.”


“Ah, you know, you really are powerful, Flaffy and Quilava, when combined, stood no chance, even when you were paralyzed.” The human said, frowning. “But I’m your trainer now, so why won't you listen to me?”


“You’re weak, foolish, and naive, that’s why.”


“Well, I’m going to beat Whitney without using you, maybe then you would finally listen to me.” The human declared, “No, not would…”


“You will listen to me.”


“Nice to see you have some sort of resolve, no matter how rotten it may be.”


“So, now, remember this name, nice and clear!”


Umbreon zoned out then, not even bothering to listen, he’s heard that declaration about ten times, he was too lazy to even acknowledge the human’s name.




“This is goldenrod city, the capital of Johto!” The human stated, Umbreon yawned, unimpressed, the city was busy, crowded with several other humans, desperately working to climb their social ladder, and earn more of their “currency”.


He scowled as he, alongside the Quilava and human walked through the streets, it was very loud and annoying for a solitary predator like Umbreon, his rings glowed in annoyance as he was forced to squeeze through the crowds of people.


“We’ve only rested for, what, a night? Why are we immediately jumping into battle?”


The human turned to him, as Umbreon purred and growled, “Oh come on bud, it isn’t that bad, I mean, don’t you like battling?”


“I do, but I like resting even more.”


The human grinned, as they stood in front of a massive building, light pink strips could be seen on the building, a large, pink Pokeball was at the center of the outside parts of the gym, a sign in front of the mechanical door said the following, “First-fifth gym badges only!”


After the human was ringed up by the woman in front, he was quickly directed to the battlefield.


“Third gym badge battle, challenger-“


Umbreon didn’t bother to listen, as he heard the human scream out a command, “Flaffy, start off with a thunder wave!”


In a flash of brilliant scarlet light, the bipedal sheep Pokémon appeared, as leader…what was her name again? Anyways, the opposing human Pokemon materialized, an odd looking Pokémon, it was pink and round, and as it was released, it started chanting.




As Flaffy approached the Clefairy, the odd creature’s chanting intensified, the Flaffy fired a small trickle of electricity, the human’s eyes widened in shock, as Umbreon stared at the battle intently.


The clefairy’s fingers moved in a hypnotizing rhythm, as suddenly, a small ray of electricity engulfed the thunder wave.


“W-what!” The human explained, as the other, female human smirked.


“Lucky! Metronome gave me a decent roll!” 


The human scowled, “Flaffy, shock wave!”


“Metronome again!”


Flaffy fired a wave of electricity, the clefairy hopped into the air in an attempt to dodge the attack, but was shocked as the electricity curved, and struck it back down. The Fairy Pokemon then started chanting, as Flaffy fired another shock wave, the Clefairy's eyes glowing a bright blue, flashing, before suddenly stopping, and several mirror images of the fairy Pokemon appeared.


“Damn, Metronome again!


The clefairy was sent hurling, as the shock wave managed to snipe all of the clones, “Shock wave again!”


The didn’t relent as it chanted again, this time firing a massive wave of overwhelming heat, Flaffy recoiled from the hot temperature, before being sent hurling with a gust of fire.


“Nice, finish it with a return!”


“Don’t underestimate Flaffy, discharge!”


The bipedal sheep Pokémon shrieked, as the Clefairy was knocked several feet into the air by the attack, its attack futile.


“Shock wave!”




The Clefairy chanted again, its entire body overflowing with energy…


“This means it’s a good road!” The female human shouted, “Finish it!”


Flaffy futilely fired a wave of electricity, which rippled through the air…


The human and Umbreon’s eyes widened in shock, as a massive blast of pure energy fired from the small fairy, completely engulfing the shockwave, and knocking Flaffy several feet away, deep into the air, before crashing down with a loud thud…


“A h-hyper beam!”


“H-how…for such a weak and pitiful Pokemon to use such an insanely powerful move!”


The human scowled, as he returned the bipedal sheep, “Pyro, burn it to crisps with a flame wheel!”


The Quilava materialized onto the battlefield, instantly rolling and pulling momentum, swerving across the surface, as it was engulfed with a perfectly spherical wheel of fire.




“What an interesting move…”


“But, that Quilava is going to end this battle right now!”


The Clefairy glowed with power, but was then sent flying several feet, crashing into a wall.


“Return, Clefairy, you did great….”


“Miltank, roll out!”


The cow Pokémon materialized onto the battlefield, instantly sprinting into action, building up momentum before charging at Quilava, spinning rapidly.


“Retaliate with a flame wheel!”


The two attacks clashed, Umbreon stared intently, as flames sputtered from the collison, but to his surprise, the victor of the interaction was the miltank, who sent the Quilava hurling, completely overpowering it.


“Pyro!” The human desperately shouted, The Quilava still stood from the impact of the attack, however, puffing small embers valiantly.


“Pyro, Smokescreen!”


The Quilava puffed its body, before engulfing the entire battlefield with smoke, “Rollout!”


The Miltank attempted to continue its ravage, but the human seemed to have a plan.


“Pyro, flame wheel!”


The Miltank pummeled through the smoke mindlessly, as it’s speed and momentum only increased, “With that much momentum and power behind the attack, there is no way that Quilava could defeat the Mltank!”


“Watch and learn, Geist, the power that me and my team possess !” The human declared, grinning.


The Quilava’s entire body engulfed with flames, dispersing the smoke, Miltank rolled at the Quilava with insane speeds, Umbreon’s eyes widened.


The Quilava leaped into the air, as his flames intensified with power, before crashing into the Miltank from above, “Return!”


The Miltank’s powerful attack clashed with the spiral of flames that was Quilava, The collision ended in an explosion of smoke and dust, Quilava being hurled several feets, and Miltank being sent stumbling, dragging dust on the hard surface


“Quilava, flame burst!”


The fire type fired several different bursts of flames, which all encased the Miltank, “Slam em with take down!” The female human shouted, Umbreon narrowed his eyes…


“This is it, the human lost.”


The Miltank charged at the Quilava with immense speeds, “flame wheel!”


The Quilava bursted into spirals of flames, before lunging at the Miltank, who flinched from the intense temperature, but slammed into the spiraling flames, slamming into Pyro’s vitals, which caused it to hurl to the ground, the human was speechless, Umbreon was also shocked, while he found the Quilava weak, in terms of power, the fire type was certainly not lacking in that aspect, especially when he was boosted my momentum.


“And yet, even with all of that, he was bested by that miltank…”


“P-Pyro…” The human muttered, Umbreon shook his head in disapproval, it seems that the human overestimated his capabilities, “Geist…”


“Losing sucks, you know?” The human continued, “So please…”


“Will you fight?”


Umbreon stared at the human incredulously, “Is he dumb or something?”


“My fighting style is that of a defensive, and decisive predator, which applies to every other Umbreon, any other Umbreon beside me would get destroyed!”


“Please, I beg of you…”


Umbreon narrowed his eyes at the human, “Where did all of that spunk go?”


“If you fight for me here, I will owe you…”


“And you will get twice the amount of beef jerky for a month.” 


Umbreon’s eyes widened, “That is a very convincing prosper…”


Umbreon sighed, “It has been a while since I’ve gotten a proper workout…”


“Well, time to roll!”


“The challenger has sent out his third Pokemon, which according to the rules imposed by the league, is allowed!”


“Geist, go!” The human shouted, as Geist leaped into the battlefield.


“Geist, thank you for fighting with me, we will beat that miltank together!” The human shouted, Umbreon scoffed.


“This is a one time thing, now you owe me one!”


“Start off with dark pulse-”


Umbreon lunged at the Miltank, ignoring the human’s orders, “I refuse to be tied under the shackles of taking orders from a pitiful human like you!”


“Geist, stop, listen to me!” The human shouted, as the female human mused.


“You know, if you couldn’t even control your own Pokemon, this fight was a no-go from the start, Miltank will easily defeat an Umbreon without a trainer's assistance!” The female human said, confidently.


“Shut up! That fat cow of yours may be strong, but I’m stronger!”


“That human will only weigh me down!”


The Umbreon leaped into the air, a dark energy engulfing him, “Miltank, take down!”


“I can dodge it-”


The Miltank moved at speeds even higher than before, shocking Umbreon, “What the heck? He wasn’t nearly this fast against Quilava…He’s been holding back this entire time!”


“But, I should still be faster…”


Umbreon’s entire body accelerated, radiating a mix between black and white, he leaped to the right, “Yes, I dodged it-”


The Miltank suddenly charged at him, with insane speed, Umbreon couldn’t do anything, as he was slammed into the air with insane strength, before crashing down onto the solid surface, he groaned in pain, as he wearily pulled himself up.


“This is bad, that Miltank is too powerful…”


“Geist, listen to me!” The human shouted, “I have a plan-”


Umbreon snarled at the human, eyes flooding with rage and anger.


“That fat cow has gotten me too riled up…”




He turned to the Miltank, before reading a blast of dark energy, “Miltank, rollout!”


The Miltank rolled into a ball, before charging at Umbreon, who fired the dark pulse, which collided and exploded against the Miltank’s rolling body, “he shrugged it off!”


“Wait a second…shouldn’t it be a she-”


Umbreon was sent flying, as he was pummeled by a swift return, he collapsed onto the ground, groaning in pain.


“Geist, listen to me-”


“Shut up!”


Umbreon wearily pulled himself up, his eyes widened as he was then slammed into the ground with a take down, his eyes rolled to the top, as Miltank stood above him, he was utterly destroyed.


“Geist! Listen to me!!!” The human shouted, Umbreon groaned, before wearily pulling himself up, distancing himself from the Miltank.


“You need to use a quick attack, and then moonlight!”


“Nu-uh, Miltank, finish it with takedown!”


Umbreon’s eyes flashed a deep red, which only intensified further with the bruises all over him, he dashed at speeds even higher than before, he was being pushed to the absolute limit by Miltank, and he knew he needed to adapt.


He blitzed the Miltank for the first time the entire match, his entire body tensing up, as a bright light shined upon him, his paws slowly grazing the top of the miltank, his wounds and bruises slowly softened, as from the corner of the eyes, he could see the Miltank readying an attack.


“Foul play!” The human shouted, Geist followed the command, before doing a flip mid-air, eyes meeting with the miltank mid-air, the Miltank’s entire body glowed with a bright white aura.


“Intercept the clash and attack!”


Geist’s eyes concentrated, his scarlet eyes intensifying, as his paws grazed the Miltank, narrowly dodging the fist that was about to be slammed into him, as he suddenly leaped off of the Miltanks body, sliding across the ground, as his entire body exploded with a dark aura.




Geist leaped at the Miltank, who had just turned around, as Geist slammed himself into the Miltank, the human grinned as the Miltank was sent stumbling.


“Dark pulse!”


The Umbreon hastily fired a wave of dark energy, “Foul play!”


The miltank had no opportunity to recover, as it was sent stumbling again, with a pained expression, Geist then slammed into it again.


“Quick attack and then dark pulse!”


Geist slammed into the Miltank, who fell to the ground, and theUmbreon was now above the cow Pokemon, the Miltank groaned in pain, as Geist readied another dark pulse…


“Take down!”


Geist was sent flying into the air, before being sent crashing to the ground with a loud thud. 






The Miltank curled up into a ball, as it crashed towards Geist, who had just barely managed to get up to his feet, groaning from pain.


“Foul play!” The human shouted, biting his lips in concern.


Geist’s entire body overflowed with a dark aura, as his eyes popped with determination, oozing malice.


The Umbreon leaped, putting every single force he could muster into one final pounce, as he clashed with the rolling Miltank, Geist was slowly being pushed back…


“This is not good…This is not good!”


“Geist, I know you can do it!” The human shouted, a gleam in his eyes.


Geist turned his head around, facing the determination in that foolish human’s eyes…


“Fine, it seems you're better than I thought…”


The Umbreon’s scarlet eyes suddenly widened, as he gritted his teeth, the dark aura overflowing to an even more, pinnacle point.


“That human…”


He pushed further, as the Miltank was now on the back foot.


“Is worthy.”


He grinned, as he mustered one last burst of energy, as in an explosion of dark energy, the Miltank was sent hurling to the ground.


“Wow, I honestly didn’t expect you to win that!” The foolish, female human said, shocked, Geist scoffed, before rolling his eyes.


“Geist, I really owe you one!”


He was engulfed in a big hug, “You better pay me back…trainer.”



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IGN - Batmexican


The Fresh Prince of Kanto and The Greatest Pokémon of All

(Intro Theme Song)

Now, this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I'll tell you how I became the prince of a region called Kanto
In the West side of Pallet Town born and raised
In the short grass was where I spent most of my days
Chillin' out, maxin', relaxin', all cool
And all playin' some Nintendo inside of my room
When my rival named Blue who was up to no good
Started making trouble in my neighbourhood
We got in one little fight and Oak was thrilled
He said, "You're leavin' to catch pokémon all over Kanto"
We begged and pleaded with him day after day
But he gave us each a pokédex and sent us on our way
He gave us three options and then we picked our starters
I got a map from Blue's sis and said, "I might as well kick it"
Route 1, yo this is bad
Fainting Pidgeys and Rattatas
Is this what the people of Kanto living like?
Hmm, this might be alright
But wait, I hear they're pushy, insistent, on battling
Is this the type of place that they just send this cool cat?
I don't think so
I'll see when I get far
I hope they're prepared for the prince of Kanto
Well, I got to Viridian and when I tried to leave
There was an old man who wanted to teach me a trick
I ain't trying to cause the glitch yet, I just got here
I sprang with the quickness like lightning, disappeared
I went through the forest and reached a new place
The sign said, "Pewter City" and it had a gym leader to face
If anything I could say that this should be tough
But I thought "this was easy, when's the Elite Four?"
I had to fight gym leaders - about seven or eight
And I yelled, "finally, time for Indigo Plateau!"
I looked at my kingdom
I was finally there
To sit on my throne as the prince of Kanto



Although I started with a Charmander, and it evolved into Charmeleon, then Charizard - who was my favourite for so long - I eventually found a Poké Ball in Celadon Mansion with an Eevee inside. Now as an adult I feel sort of guilty for taking it without permission, but I definitely do not regret it. This was such a rare Pokémon - the only one I could find in the region at the time. It wasn't evolving with level ups, so I tried using a Thunder Stone on it, and the result was magnificent. The evolution Eevee evolved into was Jolteon. Ha! I bet you can't say that sentence ten times fast! Anyway, I digress. Jolteon - it had the beauty and elegance of royalty, but also the coolness and toughness of a rock star. I had completely forgotten about Charizard for a moment. This was it - my true favourite Pokémon. I knew no new discoveries would ever compare, and I still loved Charizard, but just not as much.

As I continued to use Jolteon more and more, it grew faster than every other Pokémon I caught. In fact, it was as fast as MewTwo! Yes, that's right, my Jolteon was as fast as a legendary Pokémon! It made me feel like my beloved Jolteon was legendary itself! I even trained Jolteon's speed more than MewTwo to make sure it held the title of fastest on my team. But I didn't even know about MewTwo until after I became the Fresh Prince of Kanto, so that's a story for another time. I was also once told that Electrode was the fastest Pokémon in Kanto, but I didn't want to train what to me was an upsidedown, Poké Ball with a face. And come on, it learns self-destruct and explosion? I refuse to take part in traumatizing a Pokémon - I love them. Once again, I digress. Jolteon - it was not only beautiful and cool, but now it was fast and strong too. It was the complete package -  as if someone fused Angelina Jolie and Bruce Lee and then turned it into a Pokémon. And my confidence grew along with it - I now had a "no items during battle" policy for myself and still kept winning. Along with Charizard, Arcanine, Sandslash, Haunter, and Articuno, I had Electric, Bug, Poison, Fire, Dragon, Ground, Normal, Rock, Fighting, Ghost, Psychic, Ice, and Flying type moves through leveling up and Technical Machines (TMs). My team of favourites was now ready to face anyone, so I made my way to the Elite Four. 

First was Lorelei - young, smart, and beautiful. She was the first woman I ever had a crush on, but that didn't distract me. I came here to win. I always started with Jolteon due to our strong bond, and it swept right through Lorelei's whole team with Thunderbolt and Thunder. I wanted to stay with her a little longer, but I knew I had to move onto the next challenge.

Next was Bruno, another young adult - strong and kind. He was shirtless for some reason, so I was confused, but again, that didn't distract me. I started with Jolteon, but his Onyx was immune to Electric type moves. I thought about using Toxic first, but I didn't want to risk a Ground type move doing heavy damage on Jolteon. I wanted to change to Articuno, but I was worried about Rock type moves. So I changed to Sandslash and beat it with Earthquake. Next was Hitmonchan. I figured Earthquake was good enough to sweep his team, but it had Ice Punch which knocked out my Sandslash. It was finally time for Articuno. It used Fly and knocked out Hitmonchan. Revenge for my poor Sandslash. Bruno chose Hitmonlee, but it immediately suffered the same fate as Hitmonchan. Now a second Onyx. Bruno clearly didn't have as much variety as Lorelei; I don't understand how she was ranked lower with her Water and Ice types, but anyway...  It was a contest of speed - his Rock Throw or my Ice Beam? I won. I didn't neglect the others when training Jolteon's speed. In fact, I trained them the exact same way - build up Attack, Speed, and Special stats, and give them all two to three move types. With Jolteon, it was obvious my team had to be all-out attack. Well, Bruno saved his best Pokémon for last - Machamp - but it was weak to Fly just like its two Fighting type predecessors. I was now half way to being the Fresh Prince of Kanto (or so I thought.)

Agatha was the third trainer, and she was nothing like the other two - old, rude, and aggressive. Being a kid at the time, I didn't understand the level of dedication and determination she had to have to be ranked second in the Elite Four. All I saw was a crazy old lady. I had used a Max Revive on Jolteon and Sandslash immediately after beating Bruno, so I started with Jolteon as usual. It seemed like it was going to be as easy as Lorelei, but her Gengar put Jolteon to sleep with Hypnosis and knocked it out while healing itself with Dream Eater. I was enraged. Nobody messes with my beloved Jolteon. I chose Sandslash so it could redeem itself in this battle. After all, Pokémon have feelings too. In it came and out went her Gengar with an Earthquake. Next was Golbat and Sandslash was prepared. Golbat was faster despite our speed training, but it used Toxic which wasn't very effective against Sandslash. Sandslash missed Rock Slide - it still lacked confidence. Golbat used Confuse Ray next and confused Sandslash. It lacked confidence and was also confused now - anyone would have switched it out, but I believed in it. Sandslash pulled off a Rock Slide and knocked it out. Its confidence was back. All of her Pokémon were weak to Earthquake except Golbat, so it could have been an easy sweep for Sandslash, but I broke the item rule and used a Max Revive on Jolteon then switched it in. Sandslash was so happy I believed in it, and that it did so well, but Jolteon was even happier that I broke the rule for it to redeem itself too. Our bond grew stronger. One more to go.

The final battle. The Pokémon League champion. The master of dragons. Lance. As I progressed through my Pokémon journey, I learned more and more about Lance and began to idolize him. He was the ultimate trainer with the ultimate Pokémon. I was so excited that I didn't properly greet him. After a few words from him, we started the battle. Jolteon versus Gyarados. An easy win for Jolteon as Gyarados was Water/Flying - both types weak to Electric. Next was Dragonair. My first time seeing one. It was such a sight to behold. An incredibly majestic Pokémon in every sense of the word. It immediately became another favourite, but again, nothing compared to Jolteon. I knew I had to ask Lance if and where it was possible to catch one for myself after the battle, but right now I had to defeat it. Jolteon struggled; Dragon types resist Electric moves and Pin Missile was just backup for Psychic types. On top of that, it used Slam and paralyzed Jolteon. I didn't want to let Jolteon faint again so I swapped in Charizard. Flamethrower did about as well as Thunderbolt; Dragon types resist Fire too... I now understood the might of a Dragon type, and how annoying they can be to battle. However, Charizard also had Dragon Rage, and I discovered that Dragon type moves were super effective against Dragon type Pokémon. Takes one to beat one, I guess. The only, slight problem was that Dragon Rage always did forty hit points (40 HP) worth of damage, so being super effective didn't change anything. What's the point of that?! Anyway, Charizard won and out came another Dragonair. I figured Slash might do some good damage, and it did, but Charizard was about to faint so I changed to Haunter. Even though it was a Ghost type, I was able to teach it the strongest Psychic type move - Psychic. And in this region, Psychic and Dragon types reigned supreme. It took one Psychic thanks to Charizard's Slash, and this second Dragonair was down. I figured maybe the rest of his team were more Dragonairs since I didn't know of any other dragons, but he surprised me with an Aerodactyl. I guess Gyarados wasn't a Dragon either, and the rest of the Elite Four didn't have mono-types like they claimed to have either. Must have been due to a lack of options in our generation... Anyway, I wasn't surprised because it wasn't a Dragon type; I was surprised because I thought I revived the only Old Amber in existence. Speaking of that, I never went back to the Pewter Museum of Science to show my Aerodactyl to the scientist so he can prove to his colleagues that he was right... Well, back to my story. It was now Haunter versus Aerodactyl. Neither had super effective attacks, but Haunter had Psychic, Hypnosis, and Dream Eater. It did good damage with Psychic, but I wanted to use Jolteon as much as possible, so I used Hypnosis to put the enemy to sleep. I used a Full Restore on Jolteon then swapped it back in. I broke the rule again, but it didn't matter anymore. I wasn't sure if Aerodactyl being half Rock would make Thunderbolt useless, so Jolteon used Thunder and took it out. Down to Lance's final Pokémon - Dragonite. The greatest Dragon of all,  considering that there were only three and they were in the same evolution line. Good thing other regions were discovered with more Pokémon! I much preferred the majesty of Dragonair, because Dragonite looked a little dopey, but that doesn't mean I took it lightly. I poisoned it with Toxic, and it only had Normal type offensive moves, so Jolteon was able to finish it off alone. Thankfully, Slam didn't paralyze Jolteon again. Becoming the Fresh Prince of Kanto was not luck; it was the result of hard work, preparation, and stealing an Eevee that turned into a Jolteon. As Lance was congratulating me, I couldn't stop thinking of Blue and how excited I was to battle him as the champion, or self-proclaimed Fresh Prince of Kanto. Then Lance dropped the bomb on me - Blue had just become champion right before me. If I wanted the title, I would have to take it from him. I healed my Pokémon with Hyper Potions, then I went in to the next room to battle Blue. He was so smug about being champion. This wasn't how I would have greeted him at all. Such an annoying guy... The real final battle began.

Blue did have a reason to be confident. His team was pretty diverse like mine, and I understood how he was able to beat the Elite Four. However, he started with a Pidgeot - bad choice. My Jolteon gave it a one-hit knock out (OHKO) with Thunderbolt, not even Thunder. Next was Alakazam. Another seemingly bad choice. Jolteon used Pin Missile, but it didn't do as much as I would have expected from a super effective move. I tried Thunderbolt and that worked way better. Two out of six down. Was I about to sweep Blue? I wasn't actually surprised. Jolteon was the greatest Pokémon in Kanto and it was the reason I got so far, so fast. Out came Rhydon - immune to Electric moves. And with Pin Missile not being super effective, I was forced to switch to Articuno. It was an easy win with Ice Beam. And it could have been an easy win against his Exeggutor too, but I wanted to really show him the greatness of Jolteon, so I changed back to it. Exeggutor was Grass/Psychic. Another Pokémon with dual weakness to one of Jolteon's moves - this time it was that horrible Pin Missile. But unlike Alakazam, Exeggutor was resistant to Electric. Should I go with not very effective Thunderbolts, or should I try super effective Pin Missiles? I believed in Jolteon more than any other person or Pokémon, so I went for Pin Missile. It was a success! Jolteon hit four times and it hit hard. It missed the second turn, but on the third turn, Pin Missile took it out. His second last Pokémon was Arcanine. That reminded me that I hadn't used mine in any of the Elite Four battles. Oh well, there was no way I was going to switch out Jolteon now. Jolteon used Thunder to try and end things quick. We wanted to avoid getting burned and finish the battle strong, but we missed. Luckily, Blue didn't teach his Arcanine any strong Fire type moves so it used Take Down and even damaged itself. I started to think maybe I was wrong in praising his ability to become champion... well, Jolteon tried again - here it comes...THUNDER! A critical hit! Arcanine was down and out. Another OHKO by Jolteon. There was a difference in the number of reserve Pokémon, but the intense battle continued. Blue sent out Blastoise - the Pokémon he claimed to be his favourite back when I thought Charizard was my favourite, but he really only chose Squirtle at the start of our journeys because of the type advantage. Well, that sure backfired since he didn't realize I had been using Jolteon more and more during our previous encounters along the way to the Elite Four. I could see in his face that there was no hope. All that was left was for Jolteon to take out Blastoise and I would be champion. I wasn't worried about Jolteon losing, so we went with Thunder instead of Thunderbolt to really demonstrate our power. The first one hit, and there goes the battle! I was now at the top of the region; the figurative throne of the Pokémon League was mine to claim as the Fresh Prince of Kanto!

Sure I had help from other Pokémon along the way, but it's clear that Jolteon was capable of winning every battle alone. And if I didn't develop a no items policy during battle, then Jolteon never would have needed to be switched. But remember, I developed that policy because of Jolteon's greatness. Jolteon - truly the greatest Pokémon.

jolteon art.jpg

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IGN: CipherKS. 


Once upon a time there was a trainer named Manu, who had been raised in a family of Pokémon trainers. Since his childhood, he had dreamed of becoming the greatest coach of all time. So, as soon as he reached the required age, he received the first Pokémon from him and began his journey. 


Manu headed south towards the Sinnoh region with the goal of collecting all eight seals and becoming the League Champion. During his journey, he encountered many different types of Pokémon and battled other trainers to improve his abilities. 


On one of his adventures, he came across an injured Floatzel that had been abandoned by his former trainer. Manu couldn't ignore the sadness in the Pokémon's eyes and decided to take it with him on his journey. At first, Floatzel seemed to be a weak and lazy Pokémon, but Manu saw something special in it and decided to train it to become a strong warrior. 


Manu and Floatzel worked together day after day, training hard and overcoming challenges together. Over time, Floatzel began to show its true potential and became one of the strongest Pokémon in the region. 


With Floatzel by his side, Manu continued his journey to the top eventually winning all eight seals and becoming the League Champion. But his adventure did not end there, as he decided to travel to other regions to face other champions and demonstrate his ability as a trainer. 


On their way, Manu and Floatzel met many other Pokémon and made new friends. Together, they faced many challenges and overcame many difficulties. But they always supported each other and never lost hope. 


Finally, after many years of hard work and dedication, Manu became the greatest coach of all time. And Floatzel, his faithful companion, became the most respected and feared Pokémon in all regions. 


From that day on, Manu and Floatzel continued to travel together, exploring new regions and facing new challenges. And although they faced many obstacles on their way, they never lost their love and loyalty towards each other. For them, they would always be inseparable and together, they would continue to write their own history as the greatest Pokémon trainers of all time. 


Over time, Manu and Floatzel became legends in the Pokémon trainer community. Young coaches traveled from all regions to see and learn from them. And Manu, with his wisdom and experience, always gave them advice and taught them everything he knew about training and life as a coach. 


Floatzel also became a role model for all Pokémon. With his skill and bravery, he inspired many other Pokémon to work hard and reach their full potential. 


As the years passed, Manu and Floatzel continued their adventure together, fighting other trainers and exploring new regions. And although they faced many challenges, they always stuck together and never lost their love and loyalty towards each other. 


Over time, Manu decided to retire as a trainer and return to his home in Sinnoh. There, he opened a Pokémon training school to teach young trainers everything he had learned throughout his journey. 


Floatzel became his assistant and helped Manu train the young talents. With his skill and bravery, he inspired many other Pokémon to work hard and reach their full potential. 


Manu's training school soon became one of the best places to learn about Pokémon training. Young trainers traveled from all regions to study there and become the best Pokémon trainers. 


Years later, Manu and Floatzel became old men and decided to retire completely. But their legacy lived forever in Pokémon history and in the hearts of all trainers who had the chance to meet and learn from them. 


And so, the story of Manu and Floatzel came to an end, but their love and loyalty towards each other, as well as their dedication to the training of Pokémon, will never die and they will always be remembered as an example for all Pokémon trainers. 


Additional features: 


100 years have passed since then, we meet a young girl named Chopy, who had a great passion for water Pokémon. Since childhood, she had been fascinated by the speed and cunning of Floatzels, and her dream was to become the best Floatzel breeder in the world. 


Chopy tirelessly studied Pokémon breeding and training, and strove to become a Floatzel expert. But she didn't want to limit herself to just being any breeder; she wanted to be a breeder inspired by the legendary Pokémon trainer, Manu. 


 Manu was known for having an impressively strong and well-trained Floatzel, and Chopy wanted to do the same with his Floatzel team. So he dedicated himself to training his Floatzel with as much dedication as Manu trained his Floatzel. His story taught them to coordinate and work together in battle, and made them stronger and faster than any Floatzel they had ever seen before. 


Finally, after years of hard work, Chopy became the most respected and feared breeder of Floatzels. Her team was known for being unstoppable in the battle arena, and Chopy was in constant demand as a breeder and trainer. 


But Chopy did not settle for success; she continued to work hard to further improve her Floatzel. And though she faced many challenges and obstacles along the way, she never lost her passion for raising and training Pokémon, and her dedication to being the best Floatzel breeder in the world, inspired by Manu. 


Over time, Chopy became a legend in the world of Pokémon breeding, and her legacy will forever live on as an inspiration to all who share her passion for raising and training Pokémon. !End 




CipherKS: Hello beautiful people , it's a pleasure to present you this mini story. I hope you enjoy it or at least it hasn't bored you hahaha, here I leave you with the odd curiosity. 


Why Floatzel and not another Pokémon? 


I selected Floatzel for the story because it is my favorite Pokémon and the first one that I managed to breed competitively, for those who know me in the game they will know how fond I am of it and how much I used it in my beginnings. 



Name of the protagonists. 


The names of the protagonists Manu and Chopy were not created randomly, they are the names of some good friends and teammates, I named Manu for the laughs and Chopy for how kind he is, so there was no one better as a breeder. 







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The Grinning Shadow


The small town of Brookdale was a peaceful and friendly place filled with happiness and hope for many a young trainer excited to set of on their very own adventure. That was until the day a strange creature appeared. A fat little body, big pointy ears, eerie red lights that glowed from its eyes and a huge crooked smile the size of its whole body. One of the local children Jeremy eagerly grabbed his pokedex and pointed it towards the creature It was a Gengar, a ghost-type Pokemon with a love of playing tricks on unsuspecting pokemon trainers . No one knew where such a pokemon had come from, or why it had chosen to make its home in Brookdale as the locals were only used to weedles and pidgeys with the occasional rattata if you forgot to throw away your left overs.


At first, the townsfolk were curious and excited by this new arrival. But then strange things started to happen. Mysterious objects began to appear in their homes and some people reported seeing ghostly figures lurking in the shadows, Nightmares became common place and chanting from the nearby forest was a nightly occurrence .


One night, a two brave siblings Jeremy and Emily decided to take matters into their own hands and confront the Gengar at its lair in an old abandoned warehouse on the edge of town. Armed with nothing but courage and their Pokemon , they entered the building only to find themselves locked inside with no way out.


From there things got worse as they realized that what they were facing wasn’t

an ordinary gengar the Gengar was huge and terrifying - its eyes gleaming red and its claws reaching out to grab them in an instant.


Jeremy the oldest of the pair and the stronger trainer shoved his younger sister Emily to the ground to assure she avoided the incoming attack and threw out one of his pokemon an Arbok which he had raised from a level four Ekans all the way to level thirty-two. 


Gengar used shadow punch and immediately Jeremy's Arbok took heavy damage however survived due to the strong bond he had with Jeremy and fear as to what would happen to his beloved friend without his help in the battle, Jeremy wasn't going to give up easily though, and he ordered his Arbok to use its Glare attack which paralyzed the gengar in place. With this advantage Jeremy had bought himself some time so that he could think of a way out of this situation. 


Knowing there wasn't much chance of defeating the foe the two took their time to try and find an exit while searching the lair of the beast no such way out was discovered, The sibling heard a spine tingling giggle as they realised the Gengar was starting to become free of its paralysis they turned to see the foe however to their surprise they noticed a detail they had missed before, now behind the Gengar they could see it there on its back a giant red R, this creature was not born hateful but had it built into him by the despicable team rocket.


Emily who was not much of a fighter and was a promising young nurse in training began to quickly scramble through her school bag as the Gangar was still gaining control back of his body his fingers twitching and his ears shaking of the cobwebs, but what she had retrieved was no pokemon for battling or weapon to defend herself but rather a treat initially meant for Jeremy's beloved Arbok, as the gengar snapped around to face them it giggled and leaped and Jeremy closed his eyes wishing to not see what was in store for him or his younger sister and then ......... nothing he was fine and no scream from Emily either, he slowly squinted from his left eye to see her on her knee with her head bowed and an outheld hand with of which the Gengar was eating the homemade snack.


As the Spirit like pokemon finished off the snack he licked his lips letting off another giggle the children heard the before slammed shut door slowly creak open their first thought was to bolt to the door and as they did Jeremy thought to himself for a moment, this creature is feared and hated and has never had anything else however when shown the slightest glimmer of affection purposely chose to take it over the violence on which it had only known before.


He turned back around and with one deep breath walked back toward the previously horrifying enemy and as he got there pet it in the back of the he'd with another giggle and a tear in its eye the Gengar evaporated into air.


The nightmares stopped aswell as the chanting from the woods. But the occasional shoe may still go astray in Brookdale, Jeremy visits the old warehouse from time to time leaving a treat made from the hands of his sister and recieving a giggle in return and was planning on doing so again on the third anniversary of that fateful day now a promising trainer and a dream of taking on the elite four, this time with a greatball in one hand and a treat in the other he would take his old rival turned friend with him on his long journey far from their initial meeting.



IGN: KiroTheHero


Ever since I saw Gengar playing pranks on Ash and Pikachu he has always been my favourite, and seeing how long he waited for his trainer to come back solidified it for me and through every pokemon game since gengar has been a staple of my team !




Edited by KiroTheHero
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Flashes From An Hard Path 


Serperior, Leaf Storm! 
Slowly, a soft snowflake fell from the sky. The peak of Silver Mountain was calm at the beginning, but it couldnt last long. Red silence was so loud, that kept touching my fears. The strategy was pretty solid: Contrary would let Serperior's sp.atk up to sweep all his team but...as always, there is a but. Pikachu came to the field, Thunderbolt was not too effective, Leaf Storm, 1st ko and sp.atk became higher, everything cool. Second Pokémon, Charizard. A flash of fire came out from the big lizard mouth, but...Fire Blast missed! Dragon pulse should have done the job, and it did. Red silence became even more thick, but no time for emotions now! Venusaur, Blastoise, Snorlax! All of them could just drop on their knees. 
If there is something I learned from Pokémon is that luck could save you, but unluck...unluck is blind. 
Espeon is Red's last Pokémon: substitute and calm mind prepared the table for my defeat, first Leaf Storm cleaned his subs, but his Psychic was hard, and punched Serperior right in the head...
You see, faith is a value that helps who trust, so green life, orange life, red life...Yes! 5hp left! Now its time to kill! 
Serperior, Leaf Storm! 
Best stories have a moment when everything is on risk but at the end solution always pops up like magic, but magic doesn't exist when you are talking about numbers and stats.
Leaf Tornado missed, Psychic didn't, Red won.
"You see, the best Pokémon trainer is not the one who never lose, no one is perfect. I won't give up, never. It's time to heal now, but I promise you Red, I will be back!"


IGN: pabloremoro


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In the Pokemon world, there was a young trainer named LifeStyle who was on a quest to become the best Pokemon trainer in the world. Lifestyle had traveled far and wide, collecting Pokemon and battling other trainers to improve his skills. However, he was still missing a key element in his team - a strong and reliable partner.

One day, as he was walking through a small town, he came across a herd of Miltanks. Among them was one that stood out, a large and powerful Miltank that was grazing on the edge of the field. Lifestyle was immediately drawn to her and approached her slowly. The Miltank looked up at him with a curious expression, and LifeStyle felt a connection between them.

Without hesitation, he threw a Pokeball at the Miltank, hoping to capture her. The Miltank struggled briefly, but eventually, LifeStyle managed to capture her. He felt a thrill of excitement, knowing that he had just found his perfect partner.

LifeStyle named his new Miltank "Molly" and set off on his journey with her by his side. They battled fiercely, winning many battles against other trainers and collecting badges along the way.

One day, as they were traveling through a dense forest, they stumbled upon a small village. The village was in chaos, as a group of thieves had invaded and were causing havoc. The villagers were cowering in fear, unable to stand up to the thieves.

LifeStyle knew that he had to act fast to stop the thieves and protect the villagers. He and Molly charged into the village, taking on the thieves with all their might. Molly was particularly strong, using her powerful milk-drinking ability to knock out several thieves in one go.

As the battle raged on, the villagers began to rally around LifeStyle and Molly, fighting alongside them to drive out the thieves. Eventually, the thieves were defeated, and the village was saved.

The villagers were incredibly grateful to LifeStyle and Molly, thanking them for their bravery and courage. LifeStyle felt proud of his partner, knowing that together they had saved a whole village.

As they continued on their journey, LifeStyle and Molly encountered many more challenges and battles. But through it all, they remained the best of friends and partners, taking on any challenge that came their way with courage and determination.

One day, as they were battling against a powerful trainer Luke, Molly was badly injured. LIfeStyle was devastated, but he knew that he had to act fast to save her. He rushed her to a nearby Pokemon Center, where the nurse Joy worked tirelessly to heal her.

LIfestyle stayed by Molly's side, watching over her as she slowly recovered from her injuries. He felt a deep sense of love and gratitude for his partner, knowing that he would do anything to protect her and keep her safe.

Eventually, Molly recovered, and LifeStyle was overjoyed to see her back to her usual self. From that day on, he vowed to always take care of her and protect her, no matter what challenges they might face.

As they continued on their journey, LifeStyle and Molly became known as the unstoppable duo, a powerful force to be reckoned with. They traveled far and wide, taking on any challenge that came their way, and always coming out on top.

Years went by, and Lifestyle and Molly grew older, but their bond remained as strong as ever. They continued to battle and explore the world, always pushing themselves to be the best they could be.

And in the end, it was their friendship and partnership that made them truly unbeatable, proving that in the Pokemon world, the greatest power of all is the power of love and friendship.

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IGN: Chopyta

Hi, I hope you like my story with Roserade, it's titled: "¡Jumping to th dreams!"


‘‘Ladies and gentlemen, it's pokemon contest time!! Where our participants together with their pokemon will show all their skills in a great show… Let the first round begin! ´´.

From the waiting room for participants, applauses and noisy voices of the public could be heard.

‘’It already started, when was the last time we participated in a contest? ´´. I asked to Roserade.


While I felt this feeling of nostalgia when remembering the applause on stage, the adrenaline of the battle, the joy of victory and the pain of defeat, that feeling of being in your place again. Roserade looks at me and smiles, raises the bouquets of roses from the ends of her arms and begins to shout: Rooosse rade!

It makes me smile, Roserade could always make me happy with her joy. It's been a long time since we've participated in a pokemon contest... a long time, remembering when we lost the most important pokemon contest we've ever participated in, that defeat in the final round was very hard for us and it came with a bad streak later. We had lost that spark that we felt in the contests, at that moment I made the decision to stay away from the contests for a while and learn more about our pokemon, get closer to them and they to me, so we would be able to recover this spark and get back on our way, our dream.

‘’Ah! Roserade, it was a year or so ago, right? ´´. She nodded her head. A year had passed since that, which gave us back that spark, that passion.


I began to remember that trip, which I took alone with Roserade, my first and dear companion. When we came out of pokemon contests, we had embarked on a journey to broaden our view of the world, to discover and learn, to find the spark we needed to follow our dream. That trip took us to many places and one of those was the Unova region, we were in the city of Mistralton, we heard that there were fertile lands that produced the best berries in the region. We headed there and we met Mr. Joe, a serious-looking man (the kind that doesn't seem to smile), about 60 years old, tall and known to all for dedicating his entire life to growing berries, his dedication was so great. That he was serious about everything related to that topic.

''Hello, excuse me, are you Mr. Joe? My name is Chopyta and she is my partner and friend Roserade. I heard that you grow excellent quality berries, I'd like to buy some from you." He looked at me with such seriousness that I couldn't tell if he was angry or not, he looked at Roserade and then at me. He didn't say a word, nor did the expression on his face change, that look made me feel uncomfortable.


 ‘’Do you give pokeblock to Roserade? ‘’.  After a minute that seemed like an eternity I wonder.

‘’Eh, ah, yes, I make them myself’’. I answered hastily without understanding why he asked the question.

 ‘’Do you plant the berries yourself?’’. He said with her intimidating look that he did not take off from me.

‘’No, I buy them in the market”.I looked away from his intimidating gaze, focusing on Roserade.

‘’WHAT?!! You mean you don't plant your own berries to your partner?!’’

‘’S-Sorry!”. I said in a jump next to Roserade who had hidden behind my legs, definitely now Joe's look was scary not only to me.

‘’A good care on the berries, which have a level of love and consideration that are incomparable to those bought in the market, with that mass production that lacks details… they are careless! Those who have a unique bond with their pokemon understand that, building a bond is in the details, in the little details. I realize that attention to detail is lacking just looking at the trainer and his pokemon, have you heard that we are what we eat? What is a pokemon that eats pokeblock made from market berries? You understand?’’. He asked me with the expression of a teacher teaching a student.


She approaches the berry fields and carefully plucks some berries, offering them to Roserade who was behind my legs, she hesitates for a moment at her offer, but the smell wins her over and she takes the berries, as soon as she takes a bite of one and a look of joy appears on his face, he begins to devour the berry with enthusiasm.

“ROOSSE RADE!’’. Roserade expresses happily while devouring her berry.


‘’Do u see?’’ .Joe tells me. ‘’Some good berries make a happy, healthy and beautiful pokemon’’.

‘’B-But my Roserade has won the most beautiful Roserade Contest… ‘’.  I shut me up with Joe's serious look, at that moment I understood Mr. Joe's fame.

‘’Do not underestimate the small care, much less the field. Someone like me who has dedicated his whole life to the land, to the berries, to the pokemon, understands a lot about trainers and their pokemon’’.


At that time, Mr. Joe brought me a psydugera, some seeds, and he took us to a piece of fertile soil, and he taught me to grow my own berries, to do it with my own effort, he told me that if you make an effort in something dedicated to another person she will capture it and then what I am doing will have greater value. "It's the rule of the field, which applies to everything, even in the Pokémon world," said Mr. Joe.

I had decided to stay a while in the town of Mistralton, learning of the care of Mr. Joe. Roserade liked the berries she planted so much that when I found myself watering them with her by my side, she would take advantage of the moment I was looking the other way to steal one and eat it. She was sure that if it were up to her, she would eat the entire crop. When I catch her stealing berries she looks at me and smiles.


One day, when I was watering the berries, along with Roserade's help (although she was eating the berries), I saw Mr. Joe nervously, pacing back and forth, having a worried look on his face and muttering in a voice low:“…is here …the rare pokemon …is here, Jumpeon is here…”

It was rare to see Mr. Joe in that state, he was always quiet in his place and with a serious face, looking at the field. It seemed so strange to us that we turned our heads to look at Mr. Joe and heard his mumble "...Jumpeon is here..." But who was Jumpeon? I never listened to that pokemon, how dangerous it was to leave Mr. Joe so worried. Our gaze meets Mr. Joe and he stops abruptly and stares at us, only this time his look was no longer worried, his eyes widened as if something had scared him, at that moment I wondered more strongly who it was Jumpeon.


‘’What are you doing? THE BERRIES!” .He scream reluctantly. He gave us such a fright that we jumped, poor Roserade dropped the berry she was eating. I turned my face towards the berries and had watered them more, it seemed that the plant was swimming in a pool, and if Mr. Joe did not tolerate something, it was neglect by a plant.

After a long speech from Mr. Joe about the care and importance of berries in the path of a pokemon trainer, he told me about Jumpeon:

‘’A long time ago, when he traveled through the regions... I met Doctor Howcan, he was obsessed with being able to fly, that the human himself had the ability to travel through the skies. Such an obsession made him travel the world in search of answers, and in one of those searches he made an excavation in some desert ruins but an accident happened, there was a fierce sandstorm and the whole team got separated, the lost doctor found a stone that could lift man through the skies, the jumstone stone and found Jumpeon, a pokemon that could soar through the air even if it had no wings, for Dr. Howcan it was something that changed him. But no one believed him because they never found that supposed stone and that pokemon that no one ever heard of, Dr. Howcan continued his excavations alone, and one day he wrote a book where he recounted the entire research process, but shortly after he fell into madness, so his research was totally forgotten. My brother who lives in Kanto, told me that there are rumors of a never seen pokemon, a man came to the city, and started saying that he is real, Jumpeon is real! But no one but him saw it’’.


I had never heard of Jumpeon in everything I've been in the pokemon world, a curiosity had been born in me that said I should go there. Roserade touched my shoulder and she looks at me as if she knows what she was thinking and nods yes. I had no more doubts and I decided to start the trip to look for that rare pokemon.

We had set out on a trip to the Kanto region, it took us a week to get there. We headed to Celadon City, traveling with Roserade in search of new adventures made me nostalgic for those times when we had just started our adventure.

It didn't take us long to get to Celadon City, we thought it would be difficult to find that man who said he had seen Jumpeon, but as soon as we asked and they knew how to find him, he was in front of the city's shopping center, he was an old man with emaciated in age, anyone would think he was crazy just seeing his appearance. He was talking about Jumpeon in front of the mall, but no one was paying attention to him. We headed towards it with Roserade.

‘’I heard that you have seen Jumpeon, could you tell me his name?’’

‘’Of course I know about Jumpeon!” .He exclaimed happily, ignoring the question of its name.

‘’it's a pokemon of such elegance... so rare... How it soared above the skies with such grace, a beauty above all pokemon... It had no wings but it flew like it had some’’

He didn't stop talking about Jumpeon and his appearance, I didn't know how to interrupt him to ask him where I could find him.


‘’Excuse me! I was wondering if you knew where I could find it, I heard that you know’’. I said it out loud to be able to interrupt his long description about Jumpeon's appearance that was becoming tedious.

‘’I remember it, I've seen it so many times Jumpeon, I've dedicated my life to it, but no one can see it, I don't understand them. It is in front of everyone's eyes, but it doesn't show himself, but I did, I saw him again on route 9’’.

‘’What part of route 9?’’. I asked.


‘’I don't understand how they can't see it, he's there, on route 9, that pokemon beauty…’’. He repeated non-stop.

‘’Route 9! I understand, thank you very much’’. I interrupted him, I was sure that this man could spend all day talking about the beauty of Jumpeon and only that. We quickly walked away with Roserade, that man definitely had an obsession with Jumpeon.

Let's get on our way to route 9 Roserade, this is getting interesting. I affirmed once we arrived in front of the pokemon center. Roserade confirmed me with a roooss rade.


We got to Route 9, we had no track to follow, so we decided to search blindly and get into the woods. We went through a part of the forest. It had occurred to me to try my luck with attracting Jumpeon with sweet scent, maybe it would take the bait. Many pokemon came but not Jumpeon. There was no luck the first day and when it got dark we began to rest, I began to think about that moment lying under the stars next to Roserade as our trip began, we had also entered a forest, when Roserade was a Budew, we also looked at the stars like that.

‘’It was really a long journey for us. I had forgotten that it was so long, when we started the tournaments and contests, I had forgotten about this view and those trips’’.  I looked at Roserade in search of an answer and I found a beautiful rose sleeping peacefully and then I decided that it was already it was time to sleep.


We resumed the search early on the second day, we tried the same methods. But do not give results and we stopped to think about noon.

How can we find or attract Jumpeon... a pokemon that flies but doesn't have wings, it only rises by jumping, that old man didn't give us any clues. I sighed with resignation, the search for Jumpeon had started with little certainty that it existed, and now I was beginning to believe that it really did not exist.

“Rooosse rade!”. Roserade protested before my sigh, jumping as a method of cheering me up.


‘’I understand, let's think of another method”. I replied. When I started to listen like a spring that sounded louder and louder, as if something jumped. But it stopped listening when Roserade stopped.

‘’What was that? Wait... Jumpeon is a pokemon that jumps, is it possible that it appears when one jumps...? Roserade, start jumping again!’’

When she did it again, it turned to hear the jumping, getting louder and closer. A great sound like a spring was heard and a pokemon appeared from the sky and crashed against the floor. Jumpeon had appeared before us, it was a white pokemon, with a tail like a spring, it really was a beauty as the rumors said.


Very well Roserade, we have to catch him, SLUDGE BOMB! Roserade delicately joined her arms of roses and launched her attack that was dodged by Jumpeon due to his jumps- it's fast, it doesn't matter, again! It dodges it again, but this time, a raticate appeared over the bushes behind and took the hit, which made him furious and it lefts.

“Okay Roserade, we'll put him to sleep first, shoo” I didn't get to complete the sentence when a herd of rats appeared before us, surrounding us, very upset.

‘’It seems that we were in trouble Roserade…’’. I close to Roserade, Jumpeon only looked.

A raticate used take down and dropped to the ground abruptly. Then Roserade used sludge bomb against it, protecting me. But in return she received a bite from a raticate, she let out a great cry of pain.  ‘’Roserade!’’. I screamed scared on the ground, I had to get up no matter what, I had to help my friend, my partner. I got up and with all the strength I had, I pushed that raticate to get him to let go.


Don't touch my friend! Come on Roserade, we can't let ourselves be beaten here. I screamed, I felt the adrenaline in my body, I couldn't drop and leave alone.

‘’Let's use our most powerful attack, PETAL DANCE, you can!

“Rooosse rade!!''. She exclaimed, clasping her feet like a ballet dancer, spinning on one with her arms together held up, while streams of rose petals burst from her arms and flew violently through the air, striking the raticate. But a raticate shot towards me, with its teeth threatening to bite me, but Jumpeon who was watching carefully everything took a big bounce knocking the raticate down, I was surprised that Jumpeon protected me.


Once the ratates were taken down by Roserade's attack, they ran back into the forest in fear. Jumpeon was still watching us intently, bouncing around with his little hops.

 ‘’You saved me, thank you…’’. I turned with a look of gratitude towards Jumpeon. ‘’And you too my dear friend’’. I rushed towards Roserade hugging her.

Jumpeon started jumping faster, as if it was happy, and it jumped up into the air and disappeared. We watched as it disappeared over the sky with a smile, we hadn't managed to catch it, but that didn't matter.


When we returned to Celadon City, the man was gone, no one knew what happened to him. When we arrived at the pokemon center, Nurse Joy handed us a package that had arrived. It was from PokeCosmety, a company that designed all kinds of items for trainers. I opened it and in it were some shoes and a letter that said:

To our dear subscribed trainers:


We wanted to introduce you to our new product from the Jumpstone campaign, a pair of shoes that will allow you to push yourself up, we know that a coach's path is never straight, it always has curves, stairs and obstacles. And those stairs never have the same steps, one is smaller and the other is bigger... And those obstacles! Where to overcome them you have to take a great impulse and jump them with all your might, and there we are, with our new latest model shoes designed with the new material Jumstone. We believe that to boost the trainer who is down you have to help him to take a great leap!

Cordially PokeCosmety

We looked at the letter, then at the slippers, and finally at each other, we didn't understand anything. But I felt that we had to give that impulse and return to our way.

‘’Are we going back Roserade?’’. With a determined voice.

 "Rooosse rad!". Expressed with joy.

Stop remembering when they open the door to the contest room and shout: “Contestant #15, Chopyta!! It's your turn!”

I get up and head for the door, with Roserade at my side, both determined to win.

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Zeraora's Electrifying Journey.



As I set out on my journey to become a Pokemon trainer, I never could have imagined the adventures that lay ahead of me. One of my most exciting journeys was with my beloved Zeraora, a rare and powerful Electric type Pokemon.


Zeraora was a special Pokemon, not just because of its incredible speed and agility, but also because it had a unique bond with me. We had been together since it was just a little Zeraora, and we had grown to become an unstoppable team.


Our journey began when we set out to explore the sprawling forests and mountains of the Kalos region. Zeraora was always eager to discover new places and battle new opponents, and I was eager to test our skills against other trainers.


As we ventured deeper into the forest, we came across a group of wild Pokemon that were causing trouble for the other creatures living there. Zeraora leapt into action, using its lightning-fast movements to take down the troublemakers and protect the innocent.


We continued to battle our way through the forest, taking on tough opponents and growing stronger with each victory. Along the way, we encountered many other trainers and Pokemon who were impressed by Zeraora's speed and strength.


As we traveled deeper into the mountains, we came across a fierce opponent - a legendary Pokemon that was causing havoc and destruction throughout the region. Zeraora knew that we couldn't let this continue, and we battled with all our might to defeat the legendary beast.


After a long and intense battle, Zeraora emerged victorious. It had proved itself to be one of the strongest and most loyal Pokemon I had ever met. We continued our journey together, taking on new challenges and discovering new places, always with Zeraora by my side.


Eventually, we reached the end of our journey, having explored every corner of the Kalos region and battled some of the toughest opponents around. But our bond remained unbroken, and Zeraora and I knew that we would continue to adventure together, wherever our travels might take us next.




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Because pachirisu is the best mon.

IGN: Deffonotpachima


Title: The legend of the One



Everyone knew that Pachirisus were slaves.


Everyone, of course, except themselves.


Yes, Pachirisus believed they were free. Every day they went to charge their furs and to fuel Floaroma’s town windmills. Every night they returned, exhausted, tilting a red bar above their body, convinced of their good deeds, and that in the end, hopefully soon, they would see their actions justified and their efforts deserved.

In their mind, they would be remembered.


But, of course, in their mind nothing but delusion dwelled. Nothing but an amalgam of lies and half-truths. Nothing but an empty void of everlasting hope that, to everyone else, had no reason to be.


For everyone knows that Pachirisus are slaves.


Legends of the old speak of the one. Far in the past, no one knows exactly when, before humans invaded the cities and before they started to harness energy, there was a pachirisu claimed to navigate to the North, through the river. In there the one hid a token. Those legends mention the ultimate manual for its kind. The TM-Thunderbolt.


It was because Pachima realized, moments earlier, that Thunderbolt were very expensive in the GTL, that he decided to follow the legend and to seek a Thunderbolt

for himself, for free.


However, before doing so, Pachima decided to explore the site. As he wondered while navigating the Pokemap, first he considered inspecting the windmills that spun soothingly in the East, and then he would travel North, through the river, to reach for Thunderbolt.


Unfortunately, and he sighed upon the burden of his realization, he had forgotten to stock up with repels, and thus a wild Pokemon jumped on him.

But then, as he saw the little squirrel struggling to run, in fear, he changed his mind. Because it was now a blessing that he forgot to repel. Because that was a cute Pokemon and he had to catch it.


Something felt odd, though, and although he didn’t know at first what it could have been, there was an ever so growing suspicion that, for some reason, insisted in telling him that the Pachirisu wasn’t healthy.


And that was wrong. Wild Pokémon were always healthy. There had never been a report of a damaged Pokémon running in the wild. This was because Pokémon Rangers in the Pokémon world dedicated their lives searching for damaged Pokémon in the wild, bringing them to nearest Pokémon center.


Yet there it was, a sad pale-looking squirrel. There it was, some shivering curled up sphere of fur that, without surprise, wasn’t even able to fight back against the Pokéball that he threw at it.


After having cured the newest member of his team, Pachima started talking with it.

Timid at first, but braver later, the squirrel began telling the tale of a long almost forgotten past of the first of his kind. For him there would be no greater pleasure than to retrieve the token of the legend, in order to break free from the shackles of doom that humans had imprinted into him and his peers.


Unfortunately, and now Pachirisu began moaning, no other Pachirisu believed in him. In their mind they were free, and in their mind they would be remembered as the ultimate Sinnoh Heroes. In their mind there would be statues of them replacing the relics of inferior Gods like the Palkia statue in Eterna City.


Sadly he was the only Pachirisu that knew past the cloak of deception. Because he was the descendant of the one. Because he knew the true story about his kind, and as of now, he refused to accept the cruel reality forced into them.


Sceptical at first, the trainer went to the windmills. Yet, much to his surprise, something was quite wrong.


Unaware of it at first, Pachima kept inspecting the windmills and, confused, he came to realize the turbines weren’t working as they should.


But they were still working.


Except, and now comprehension dawned on his face, there was no wind.


Then Pachima entered in the Sinnoh Power Plant.


In there, machines wiggled around as they apparently pumped out energy to complex engines that, or so people believed, converted energy into electricity that fuels most lights of the region.


But he could feel something was indeed terribly wrong with that place. Something that he chose to remain blind to until then, but could no longer. Something impossible, assuming the machines worked as they should.


And Pachima confirmed by touching them.


The machines were made of plastic built to resemble the real deal, and inside them, small engines mimicked the sound of energy pumping. Inside, there were no wires attached whatsoever.


Pachima stepped back to contemplate, now in horror, the whole facility that was designed to seem what it was indeed not. A cheap fake of itself.




Logic began spouting in his mind as he tried to understand what he had seen.


Wait still…


Because it simply couldn’t be.


Wait again.


Pachima looked down at Pachirisu, who began running in a specific direction, seemingly telling him to join him.


But Pachima didn’t move.


Because none of it made sense. Because the machines were indeed made of plastic. Because machines indeed were pumping nothing at all. And because, especially so, he was sure the energy gathered in that Power Plant was real, and that it had to come from somewhere.


Then Pachima followed the little squirrel.


At the back of the Power Plant, he found, in terror, a bunch of pachirisus packed together as they charged themselves into an electrical chain, to power a hidden machine below them.


Precisely then, all those pachirisus, although exhausted, stopped moving to laugh all the way upon the Pachirisu that was following Pachima. As they laughed they discussed within themselves and, laughing even more, they pointed with malice at the lonely Pachirisu.


Exploding into anger, Pachirisu lunged at them to tell them what really was happening. However, as every other of his kind exacerbated into mockery, the poor squirrel, defeated in his pride, withdrew into safety.


Because everyone knew pachirisus were slaves.


Everyone, of course, except themselves.


Beaten with stupidity, they decided to return to the windmills to properly assess the situation. There Pachima wondered, as he saw the wind slightly picking up, bringing with it a Drifloon couple that floated far away into the sky. And there had to be some way to convince such religious bunch that all they have been doing for generations was a lie.


But they truly believed, or wanted to believe, that one day people would indeed remember them as the ultimate saviors of Sinnoh.

Because someone, in the past, convinced them of it.


If that was true, and it had to be true for it to make any sense, then that someone must be controlling all that energy for themselves. To do so they showed Power Plant as a beautiful façade, while the poor things exhausted their souls off every day, to fuel, fully unaware, the ultimate greed of men.

Team Galactic.


A ruthless organization that sought to take the entire universe for themselves. Obsessed by the tales of time and space they grabbed any opportunity to harness the energy needed to control the two deities.

Palkia and Dialga.


And to do so, they had been gathering half of the energy pachirisus charged for years, sharing the other half through the entire region, therefore completing the façade, hiding the ultimate crime in plain sight, in complete disregard for the little things.


The reality seemed to warm upside down to him. Because, although it was now quite apparent, it was still hard to accept the result of deception and the inevitable outcome of greed. For he was once convinced the Power Plant was built first, therefore gathering electric Pokémon into the grasses nearby, but he came to realize it was the opposite; That Floaroma, in fact, was the natural habitat of electric Pokémon, and team Galactic took advantage from it by promising empty hopes, eventually converting the Pachi-tribe into several hordes of oblivious slaves.


As the trainer kept wondering, Pachirisu suddenly stared into the horizon. In his eyes there was resolve, and albeit there was the contrast of fear in the shivering of his tail, the cute little squirrel held his position and refused to waver.


For there was a way. A way to stop it all, and as he dawned into realization, he understood fate. Turning to his trainer, Pachirisu now comprehended that they were meant to meet, and that they were meant to expose the truth.


For they both sought to get Thunderbolt.


Avoiding the tall patches of grass, they went West, only to twist into North after the trees, from where Pachima blew a blue ocarina, surfing into the river.


Once he did, he imagined what would happen if Pachirisus were free and if they stopped pumping energy through the entire region.


The foundations of the world itself would most likely collapse upon the lack of energy.


GTL would cease to function.


Players would be unable to log.

Then the sky darkened and they saw another Drifloon carried away by the ever so picking up wind. In the past, and this reminded him of his history classes in the Pokémon School, Drifloon would be seen carrying oblivious children, disappearing then into nothingness, to not come back ever again. Luckily, after some incidents, rules were enforced, and today, Drifloons were up to no mischief anymore. Sometimes they could be seen playing around with children, but there wasn’t a report of a missing one for a few years by now.


The wind now stirred on their faces. As he covered his face, Pachima understood that fate worked in mysterious ways. It was because Floaroma Valley was so close to a side of Mt.Coronet, that the winds were trapped against the obstacle, flowing then around, often wildly, within the valley.


This meant real windmills could also function properly. This meant Pachirisus could be indeed proud for having sustained a world by themselves for so long, and it meant they could finally be freed.


Reminded again of his own foolishness by not activating any Repel, a wild Shellos appeared. Unfortunately for them, Pachirisu was eagerly motivated now and ended up fainting him in a single strike of a Discharge.


Then came a Wingull.


And finally another Wingull, that fainted as well.


There was a Pokéball near a windmill, and Pachima got an Electirizer. Then, after surfing again to reach the other batch of land through the North, there it was, glowing ever so beautifully, inside a carefully placed Pokéball. There it was the ultimate token the One hid in the past.


A TM-Thunderbolt.


There were tears, then there were cries.


There were jumps and Pachirisu ran around his trainer ever so effusively happy.


And then they returned to the Power Plant.


It is unfortunately not possible for me to accurately express what happened next. I don’t think words can, or ever will be able to. Either way, I can tell that Pachirisu rushed into speed through the facility, and reached towards the final machine. In there, he showed the TM-Thunderbolt, and in there, speechless, every other of his kind watched in disbelief as the legends of the old came back to them once again.


Some argued that it was fake.


Others cried in despair, only now realizing what they have been doing for so long.


A few sobbed uncontrollably and joined the trainer.


But after learning Thunderbolt, only one leaded them all into a brighter future. Only one, because only he was enough, convinced every other squirrel of the truth. The harsh, raw, and cruel truth.


Tonight everyone would return, not as exhausted, sharing a yellow HP bar over their bodies.


And tomorrow they would be free.


Because now Pachirisus knew they were free.


And as they all disappeared into the corner of the wall in the horizon, Pachima watched them, before turning to the machines again. For him, the future darkened once more, and the inevitable result of an action dawned into his comprehension.


Because he was not done yet.


Because Team Galactic would now reach for him.




But that’s a story for another time.





Words: 2026

Thanks for the world raise from other events.

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Thank you for having creative outlets like this for us! Very much appreciated 🙂 

For my best friend MewTwo.
IGN: JMmainard

Growing old together

When I was a young lad in elementary school, I had always dreamed of meeting my favorite Pokémon, Mewtwo. I felt that he was, like me, often misunderstood. I had collected countless cards and watched every episode of the TV show, but meeting a Pokémon in real life seemed like a child's mind running wild. That was until one day at recess, my life changed forever.


I was stacking my Pog collection near the playground when I suddenly felt a strange energy in the air. I looked up to see a shadowy figure hovering in the distance. As it drew closer, I realized that it was Mewtwo himself! I couldn't believe my eyes. A Pokémon...in real life?


At first I was scared as I knew MewTwo's reputation in the Pokémon world, yet he spoke to me in a calm, soothing voice and I felt an immediate connection with him. He explained that he had come to our world to learn more about human emotions and interactions, and that he was looking for someone to help him understand these things better. I was honored that he had chosen me, and from that moment on we were inseparable.


For the rest of the school year we spent every recess together, exploring the playground and observing the other kids. Mewtwo was fascinated by the different ways that humans interacted with each other, and I was thrilled to be his guide in this strange new world. We talked about everything from our favorite games to our deepest fears, and I felt like I had found a kindred spirit in Mewtwo.


As we grew older, our friendship only grew stronger. From Kanto, Mewtwo would visit me in my dreams with his powerful psychic abilities and we would have long conversations about life, the universe, and everything in between. Even as I entered high school and then college, Mewtwo was always there for me, offering words of wisdom and encouragement when I needed them most.


One summer I came home from college to find Mewtwo waiting for me on my front porch. I hadn't seen him in person for many years. He explained that he had decided to stay in our world permanently, as he had grown to love it so much. I was overjoyed to hear this, and we spent the entire summer catching up on all the things we had missed.


As we both grew older, our roles began to shift. I became more of a mentor to Mewtwo, helping him navigate the complexities of human emotions and relationships. He, in turn, became a wise sage, offering me advice on everything from self-love to career choices.


Years turned into decades, but our bond never weakened. We watched as the world changed around us, marveling at the advances in technology and the ways in which humans continued to evolve. As we grew old together, we knew that our time was limited. But even as our bodies grew weak, our spirits remained strong. We laughed together, cried together, and reminisced about all the adventures we had shared.


On a warm summer day, as I sat by Mewtwo's side in the park, he turned to me with a gentle smile on his face.


"Thank you for being my friend," he said, his voice barely above a whisper.


Tears streamed down my face as I replied, "Thank you for being mine."


And with those words, Mewtwo closed his eyes and passed peacefully into the next world. I sat there for a long time, holding his hand and feeling grateful for the incredible gift that had been given to me so many years ago.


Mewtwo may have been a Pokémon, but he was so much more than that to me. He was my best friend, my confidant, and my mentor. And even though he is no longer with me in this world, I know that his spirit lives on, and that our friendship will last forever.



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My favorite Pokemon is Pikachu. It's not only because it's the mascot of the franchise, but also because of its lovable and energetic personality. I've always wanted to have a Pikachu as my partner in the Pokemon world, and one day, my dream came true. It was a bright and sunny day when I was walking in the Viridian Forest, trying to catch some new Pokemon to add to my collection. Suddenly, I heard a strange noise coming from a nearby bush. I approached cautiously and saw a small, yellow creature with pointy ears and a lightning bolt-shaped tail. It was a Pikachu! The Pikachu seemed scared and injured, so I quickly took out my first aid kit and treated its wounds. After a while, the Pikachu started to feel better and seemed grateful for my help. It was then that I realized that this Pikachu was different from the others I had seen before. It had a special spark in its eyes, as if it was meant to be my partner. I decided to capture the Pikachu and make it my own. We started traveling together, exploring new regions and battling other trainers. It didn't take long for me to realize that this Pikachu was not like any other. It had a unique ability to channel its electric energy into powerful attacks, and it was incredibly loyal to me. One day, while we were traveling through the Sinnoh region, we came across a group of Pokemon trainers who were abusing their Pokemon for battle. They had a legendary Pokemon in their possession, and they were using it to terrorize the other trainers in the area. The Pikachu and I knew we had to do something about it.

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Silence in the Woods

IGN: ScottEsq      Favourite: Mr. Mime

‘They had never before seen a beast so terrifying. It stood three metres tall, blood dripping from a mouth that was lined by seven rows of razor sharp teeth. It raised hands the size of dinner plates, revealing claws as long and sharp as machetes. When it roared, the whole ground shook like an earthquake. Its name….was Mr. Mime!’

I looked around at my friend’s faces, an orange glow flickering across their expressions. Joseph looked thoroughly unimpressed, his nerve unwavering despite the sun sinking below the trees, giving the clearing in which we would spend the night an appropriately chilling atmosphere for my tale. Wally, on the other hand, sat huddled on a log under the sleeping bag and blankets that would be his bed, subtly shivering despite the cosy campfire we surrounded.
‘Mr. Mime? What kind of name is that for a monster?’ questioned Joseph. ‘And if it was so big, how did it sneak up on them? That story’s not scary at all, right Wally?’
‘I can’t believe you made us come out here Scott,’ replied Wally, avoiding the question as he glanced around nervously. ‘My grandparents always said Mr. Mime was real, not just a story.’
I’d always wanted to come out to the woods. It was so relaxing, nothing but the hum of nature and the twinkling stars poking through the early evening sky. No adults, no chores, nothing to interrupt an adventure with my friends. I wasn’t about to let some silly made up story about a mutant jester that could create invisible walls ruin the mood.
‘It’s just an old wives’ tale Wally,’ I assured him. ‘A story to stop little kids wandering off into the forest. Besides, I may have embellished some of the details. The original tale of Mr. Mime isn’t nearly as scary as my version.’ 

A half-hearted smile softened Wally’s expression, but he still kept his blanket pulled up around his shoulders.
‘Okay, my turn,’ interjected Joseph. 

Wally and I quieted down, letting Joseph begin his story as we all grabbed another marshmallow and began toasting them over the fire. Joseph was a talented storyteller, and before long had us completely captivated by his tale of an old man who lived in a lighthouse, and the people who would go missing after visiting the bluff it stood upon. As he spoke, Joseph lowered his voice, getting quieter and quieter as the twilight set in around us, the ambience drawing us closer until we were almost falling off the dead trees we sat on.
‘The detective bent down, and holding his breath, pressed his ear to the floorboards…’
Wally shrieked, the silent evening pierced by Joseph bringing a rock down onto the stump he was using as a seat with a wooden thud. He burst out laughing, and despite the rapid drumbeat of my heart thumping in my chest, I slowly joined in.
‘Don’t do that,’ exclaimed Wally, his face turning bright red. 

‘You should have seen your faces,’ laughed Joseph. ‘You make it too easy.’
‘Well, it’s your turn now Wally,’ I reminded him. ‘It’s your chance to get him back.’ 

Wally meekly glanced over at me. ‘I’m not sure I know any stories that scary,’ he stammered. 

‘Come on, give it a go,’ encouraged Joseph.
Wally took a few moments to gather himself, then launched into a story of his own about a haunted cottage on a mountain. He wasn’t as eloquent as Joseph, stumbling through his words and losing his train of thought, but Joseph and I listened all the same, enjoying the suspense of any spooky tale as a cool breeze began to set in, huddling us closer to the fire. Wally was just reaching the climax of his story, when something grabbed Joseph’s attention.
‘Quiet,’ he exclaimed. ‘I think I hear something.’
We all became still, staining to pick up any noise ourselves. Nothing made a sound as we sat there waiting. Five seconds. Ten seconds. Wally let out a panicked exhale, the nerves audible in his voice as he spoke.
‘Come on Joe, you’re just trying to scare me again,’ he whined.
‘No, listen’, said Joseph sharply, holding a finger to his lips.
Then I heard it too. A rustle in the bushes, faint but distinct in the eerie quiet of dusk. Wally’s eyes widened, his own recognition of the sound plastered on his face.
‘It’s over there!’ I cried. 

‘No, there!’

We crowded together, backing towards the fire as small cracks and crunches started to pop up from all the shrubbery surrounding our clearing. Wally’s breathing became wobbly and erratic, Joseph putting a hand on both our arms to make sure we were together. I kept my eyes locked on the treeline, my heart pounding in my chest, my attention searching for any sign of movement.
The rustling stopped, but none of us dared move. All was silent, waiting, watching, the tension holding in my breath and strangling my insides. Finally, the stagnant tensity becoming too much for him, Wally let out a desperate cry.
A whole family of rattata sprang from the bushes, bouncing off in every direction as they scrambled for safety. Through the trees, under sticks, a few dashed between our feet forcing us to hop away as if the ground was too hot to stand on. In a matter of seconds, they’d all disappeared in the forest around us, leaving behind nothing but hundreds of tiny pawprints.
Our trio let out a collective sigh, recovering from our communal heart attack. We all sat back down on our tree stumps, all sharing a nervously relieved laugh as we tried to get our breathing under control. Eventually, I regained my voice and turned back to Wally.
‘You know what Wal? I think that’s enough scary stories for one night,’ I decided, unrolling my sleeping bag onto the ground beside me. ‘We all better get some sleep.’
‘If I can,’ grumbled Wally.

The moon sparkled overhead when I awoke, glimmering through the trees with an incandescent aura. My stomach rumbled, reminding me I'd barely eaten the night before in all the commotion. I rubbed my eyes and looked around, woozy and struggling to regain my bearings after a short sleep. My eyes focused on the spot beside me where Joseph had been sleeping, and a shocked gasp escaped my throat.

He was gone. 

Where was he? Maybe he had needed to use the bathroom. But where was his sleeping bag?

Leaning a little closer, I noticed marks in the dirt where he had been, as if a heavy object had been dragged across it.
Suddenly I caught sight of something on the edge of my vision, and snapped around in shock at the sight of Wally sitting bolt upright in his sleeping bag across from me. His skin was deathly pale, even considering the white glow of moonlight, and his eyes were frozen wide open, staring straight at me. No, straight past me. Gradually, trembling, he raised a pointed finger. 

Slowly, I turned, towards the direction he was pointing, towards the direction of the drag marks, towards the torn sleeping bag littering the edge of the clearing, towards the ripped clothing strewn about the brambles.
Towards the silhouette of a frame lurking in the tenebrosity, hunched over something that squelched and dripped as it was pulled apart. The figure stopped, straightened, no details visible except its vaguely human stature and hideous malformed limbs. Without warning, its head snapped towards us, black dead eyes glinting in the darkness. 

A fear like I’ve never felt before overcame me, some horror from deep within my soul drawn out by the unholy being beginning to slowly creep towards us. Tripping and stumbling out of my sleeping bag, I turned and ran, leaping past Wally who didn’t even acknowledge me. He just continued to stare straight, tears trickling down his cheeks, frozen instead by the same terror that filled my veins. I should have helped him. I should have at least tried. My body didn’t care what I should have done though, it only cared about getting as far away as possible as I hurtled into the forest, leaving the clearing behind me. Though it was only a matter of minutes, our camping gear was no longer in sight by the time I heard Wally suddenly scream, then immediately go silent.

I sprinted through the forest, tripping on logs in the dim glow of the moon and pushing through the thickets that reached to hold me back, grasping at my arms and face with their scratchy twigs and branches. My bare feet were sore and bleeding but I pressed on, adrenaline fuelling my pace towards wherever I was heading. 

Suddenly, my face erupted in pain, originating at my nose and piercing through my head like daggers.I collapsed backwards, recoiling in a blind stupor as my mind struggled to register anything but the agony coursing through my brain. I looked around for what I had hit, or what had hit me, but nothing blocked the path in front of me. Collecting myself, I reached out my hand and it pressed against something. Cold. Smooth. Invisible. 

I slid my hand to the right, the unseen obstacle extending as far as I could reach. I slid my hand to the left, again met by no noticeable gaps. I ran, climbed, bashed my fists until my knuckles were raw and bloody but still nothing I could do would get me past the unmovable mass that stood in front of me.
Giving up, I stumbled away in another direction, one hand reaching out in front of my lumbering steps. Fear and exhaustion and pain slowed my stride but those same feelings kept me going, desperate to get away from whatever I had seen. The trees and thickets all looked the same, my teary vision blurring the landscape to muted browns and greens and greys. My outstretched hand collided with another unseeable obstacle, twisting my wrist and shattering my elbow from the impact of my momentum. I stumbled but didn’t stop, again just changing direction and setting off for another destination I didn’t know.
After that my trek became indistinct. The walls became more common as I became more tired, my journey nothing but a conglomerate of running and collisions and falling and hurt. I wanted to stop but I didn’t know how, my feet carrying me further and further because that’s all they could do. I didn’t know or care how long had passed, by the time I had arrived back at the campsite.
I collapsed to the ground, my whole body racked with pain and shuddering as I tried to draw in strained breaths of the cool night air. I saw Wally's sleeping bag but it was empty, torn open with red streaks splashed across the dirt, leading into the dark. The world was quiet around me, my heaving and puffing cutting through the stillness. I propped my back against a tree, and with nothing left to do but wait, resigned myself to what was to come.


It didn’t make a sound, but I saw its eyes appear from the shadows between the trees opposite me. It moved sporadically, zigging and zagging left and right, slowing down and speeding up seemingly at random. It moved forwards, sideways, occasionally even backwards, horrifically twisting its neck or back to watch me as it crept closer and closer. Every fibre of my body screamed to run, to get away from this abomination, but my legs refused to move, and even if they did I had nowhere to go. 

It moved into the light of the clearing, and for the first time I could make out the details of the atrocity that existed before me. Though vaguely humanoid, no one would mistake this monster for humanity. What seemed like fabric covered its torso and hands, but when the creature moved, the layer of white moved and folded with it, revealed to be nothing but adjoining, discoloured flesh. Its arms and legs were spindly and disproportionate, covered in flecks of a liquid I dare not think about. Cobalt growths sprouted from its head and feet, taking the crude appearance of hair and shoes in a harrowing display of mimicry. Massive scarlet cysts covered its body, developing from its joints right up to its fingertips and cheeks.
Its countenance twisted and morphed, a thousand emotions trying to be forced across a face with no features. No nose, no eyebrows, no lips; just bone and muscle contorting around blank impassive eyes in an attempt to convey joy, then anger, then pain. But more terrifying than its appearance, was the sound it made. Nothing. It moved ever closer, slinking and crawling and scrambling across the ground in a failed charade of natural motion, but the whole time not a single grunt or groan or cry escaped its deformed body. It moved in complete silence.

Upon reaching my fatigued and shattered body, it stopped, staring down at me with a face my nightmares could only hope to compete with. Its arms extended towards me, and dread became my only existence, all my thoughts and feelings consumed by the terror that had taken Joseph and Wally. Its necrotic hands brushed my skin, and an overwhelming desire to live fought for control, futile as my body and mind lay helpless. And as its hands closed around my throat, I tried to let out a last cry for help, but in a cruel act of irony, no sound came out. 

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