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[Avatar] Varti's Ai Avatars

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Disclaimer: Image generation Ai is a tool that can be trained to aid the artist. It takes an input then displays a VERY random result. If you need quality art consider requesting a commission from real artists. I can bearly draw stick figures.



Thanks to everyone who participated in this Ai journey! I was just as curious as you were on the image results, all of them were awesome! This was quite taxing on my computer and often left it unusable until it finshed processing all the avatars.


That being said, from this point on I will no longer be generating free avatars.



If you would still like a generated avatar leave a screenshot of your in-game character and tag me @Vartiou.

Send a mail to my IGN Vartiou with the "Ai Avatar Request" subject. I'll post the results as soon as I can.


150k == 4 generated avatars per in-game character


Samples generated in this thread:




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Wow thats really cool!! Thanks a lot!

Although its weird that the skintone rarely matches, even when I have asked for a dark skinned person, they gave me a light skinned person. But I still love it :)

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Missing photo is also really nice!!
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8 minutes ago, Plbbrt said:

Wow thats really cool!! Thanks a lot!

Although its weird that the skintone rarely matches, even when I have asked for a dark skinned person, they gave me a light skinned person. But I still like it 🙂

I do tell de ai to go darker on the skin but just doesnt want to. Anyway Im glad you liked!

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1 hour ago, Servenita said:

I need 2 avatars if isn´t a problem !! thanks you and let me know how much $$ 




I apologize in advance for the turtle shell, I could not prompt it correctly without making nightmare fuel. Fun fact this Ai model gives emotions to the char without asking it.






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12 hours ago, Servenita said:

Yours is art too, it's just expressed in a different way than the traditional. Many believe that by adding 3 layers in Photoshop and inserting a couple of letters, they're creating art and consider it to be unique to them. You just have to disregard comments like that and keep moving forward; that's how the community is.

OKAYYYY WOW IM LATE TO THIS! So, firstly I would like to address that I am an artist who charges for commissions ingame and your comments are completely inappropriate and full of oversights. Work done by a human being who has practised and learned through effort is a completely different subject than work that has been compiled in minutes by thousands of those people with no effort or work put in. Having said this, I have absolutely no issues with @Vartiou providing this service as I too find these AI images hella interesting and cool. But when you value them higher than someone else's work that actually was created by someone that's when I have issues.

This whole argument started with you insulting lots of people, and then you got insulted back and tried to take the moral high ground. Please refrain from commenting if you do not understand the situation, this has gotten out of hand. Vartiou's post is interesting and cool and everyone is here to collectively see some cool images of their characters so lets keep this thread a happy place for the community. Wishing @Vartiouthe best and would love to see my character if possible too. 

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