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14 hours ago, gliscorx said:



How much for this shiny from 2016?

It's probably worth the same. Generally shinies from 2013 and 2012 gained some value and ones from 2015 and up not so much.

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5 hours ago, Ramallero said:

Hi, I want to price check this please:


4x31 1x30

Nat: Timid

Evs: 252speed 252 s.atak 6HP

Moves: CalmMind/Flamethrower/Shadow Ball/Substitute

Ab: Flash Fire


About 650K. 

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On 3/14/2023 at 8:02 PM, DomainExpansion said:

Price check please



You're looking at 5.4mil I'd say. You take the standard value of the shiny and the value of what it'd be to get the extra 31IV. A typical field male will set you back like 2mil right now.

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58 minutes ago, RiseVisual said:

Looking to price check the following?

Moves - [Hydro Pump] [Volt Switch] [Uproar] [Thunder Wave]


Screenshot 2023-03-19 031658.jpg

About 300k. Seems like a gimmick IV mon and not a pvp one and 30 IV Pokemon are quite cheap. So breeding a 6x30 instead of a 6x31 will cost you far far less. 

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