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Replace all the dyes with one



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Definitely supported. Some color combinations can be confusing and it would be nicer to have one supply. The concept can be related to makeover kit that helps us change our whole appearance rather than a shirt kit, a pants kit, a hair kit, etc. It would be a fantastic move. In regard to any remaining dyes on the market of specific colors, they'll be used up at some point

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DEVELOPERS DO NOT DO IT!, me the mister BRANDONBRAUNE I do not agree with this suggestion, players will consume less REWARD POINT, because there are dyes that are not in GTL, and since they are not forced to buy a 300 RP card FOR BUY IT, doing this also devalues the price of coveted colored items such as BLACK , RED or WHITE.  I THE GREAT AND INCREDIBLE MISTER BRANDONBRAUNE thinks not, and my opinion is that you should not put this suggestion, it is good only for saving ECONOMY FOR PLAYERS, but said change of economy is also very bad for the GAME.

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