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The Asian Team Tournament - June Edition


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This is the June edition of the Asian Team Tournament. Teams will be able to register here by following this template:

Team Name:


Team Captain:


Tiers: UU/NU/Doubles.


Quick notes:

- There has to be a minimum of 6 players registered and avaliable, with a maximum of 15.

- The Team Captain is the person I'll talk to in case there's any issue we need to solve.

- A team can't play if they can't cover the 3 tiers. They will be disqualified if so.

- A team signing up and not showing up will be banned for the next TT edition (Both the team and the players signed up). No exceptions.  So make sure that your team can be around if they sign up.


You can register in this thread from Thursday, 11 AM UTC until Saturday, 9 AM UTC

The event will take place at Saturday, 11 AM UTC/7 PM China Time, in Silph Co. Ch.4 (Ch.3 aswell in case of having a lot of people)


For any doubts, please check the General Thread or ask us.

Asian TT discord: https://discord.gg/dxkm69k2Sw
QQ Group number: 682540454

CN Translation (Thank you so much @queest 💖)

Team Name         公会名:
Players              参赛人员:
Team Captain 公会队长:
报名时间 北京时间周四下午七点到 周六下午五点 比赛时间 北京时间 周六下午七点 比赛将在关都地区西尔弗公司大厅举办,频道4频,公会太多的话也会分到3频打。

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Team Name: läva

Team Tag: läva

List of all players: WhatedK, SoftCreamyFluff, JackiieWhite, CountJackula, Lizkodjlj, Gwyndi 
Nestymore DrTylerGrey, itsgray, ArtOfKilling, GodXebec, PoseidonWrath, xSparkie, Aerun, Axellgor, Facursa 

Team Captain: WhatedK

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Congratulations to VOW for winning the 2nd edition of the Asian TT, and to AIP for being the runner up! The prizes will be sent in some days. Thanks a lot to my dear bud @Summrs for helping once again with the event! ♥ We hope you have enjoyed, and see you in the next edition!
恭喜VOW获得第二届亚洲TT赛冠军,AIP获得第二名!奖品将在几天内寄出。非常感谢我亲爱的朋友@Summrs 再次为这次活动提供帮助!我希望您喜欢它,并在下一版中见到您!



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