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[Screenshot] Post your before and after character >here<!


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It took me awhile to find a screenshot which didn't contain an early form of Character Customization 2.0, but I eventually found one.


This was my character before Character Customization 2.0:




And this is my character after Character Customization 2.0:




It took a long time, but it was worth it in the end.


I managed to replicate my look from the first rendition of Character Customization:




darkshade, the kind of guy that could sculpt himself every cosmetic imaginable but chooses to dress like he signed up 10 minutes ago


I mostly make vanities for other people more than I do myself, maybe I'll make something eventually.

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i love the new color palette. I think it fits the game so much better! 


old: Don't have a picture, but I had dark blue scene hair & regular eyes.


new: Scene hair wasn't available for girls anymore xD; decided to do a nurse look while I was buying vanities off the GTL, and nurse hats were hella cheap. Went with it


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On 28/03/2016 at 8:22 AM, Noad said:


I was so busy with my YouTube channel and competitive play that I didn't even know that this thread existed...


Since I am here, lets do a comparison of the old me and the new me....




w/ happy eyes: 44563a1857a992b6386bfccb1bf7b48f.png

w/o happy eyes: 0e57a7a6a6298e8b18c190a27fdeb3be.png






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