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[Screenshot] Post your before and after character >here<!


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So the long awaited character customisation 2.0 has finally arrived and everyone got a chance to give their character a makeover. I thought it would be nice to post a before and after screenshot to see how much we have all changed. 


Me Before




Me After



What I like most about CC2.0: The fact my ban hammer looks a lot better, how adorable the Kyu hat looks, how the colours are less obnoxious and how some things are animated to make us look part of the overworld.



I look forward to seeing pictures of your new and old characters!

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You have pretty bad taste in clothes.. If you need advice on what to wear, I know my stuff.


My look isn't complete yet.. but this is my for now.


yQmW6TW.pngOld KaynineQT


bfe58e68a340b62a0e6faa8d389208d0.png I am now a beaver, instead of a deer. I do like to put on my Antlers from time to time though.


edit: also, where did you get that shiny rat.. you didn't get another OT did you?

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At first I wanted to recreate my old character but I couldn't in CC 2.0  ( hair color was removed and none of the new ones really has the right feel to it + new butterfly wings... yea better not talk about the new butterfly wings D: ). 


So I created this one from scratch. And to be honest I'm really happy with how it turned out. Although it seems pretty modest compared to the old one, I really like it. The pastel pallet is beautiful and I feel its easier to find matching accessories. ^^

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