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Fellow Trainers,

I'm thrilled to nominate KrimsonKang for a well-deserved promotion to Head Moderator!

Kang has been a shining star in our community, consistently demonstrating exceptional leadership, dedication, and wisdom. Here are just a few reasons why he's the perfect candidate for Head Mod:

- Unparalleled Guidance: Kang has provided invaluable guidance and support to countless trainers, offering expert advice on PvP strategies, team building, and even business management. His selflessness and willingness to help others are truly admirable.

- Forum Dominance: He's had an impressive streak of "Days Won" in our forums, showcasing his exceptional knowledge and skills in debates and discussions. His ability to facilitate constructive conversations and resolve conflicts is remarkable.

- Most Popular Posts: His insightful threads and comments have been widely appreciated, with many reaching "most popular" status. His ideas and perspectives are always well-received and respected.

- PvP Mastery: Kang's intense and deeply penetrating knowledge of PvP dynamics and metagames is unparalleled. He's a true master of battle strategy and team composition, often predicting and analyzing meta shifts.

- Business Acumen: His experience in running a successful business translates well to managing our community. He understands the importance of leadership, communication, conflict resolution, and strategic planning.

- Community Impact: Patrouski, a renowned Pokémon YouTuber, has publicly praised Kang, stating that he's "the greatest thing to ever happen to Pokemmo" in one of his most popular shorts! (See here:https://youtube.com/shorts/ad5EINRHinE?si=xLVvqDCYjcw1qt7Z

- Natural Leader: Kang has a unique ability to inspire and motivate others, fostering a sense of community and inclusivity. He's a natural leader who embodies the spirit of our community.

Promoting Kang to Head Mod would be a well-deserved recognition of his contributions and a great asset to our community. He's the perfect candidate to lead our mod team and take our community to new heights!

Let's show our support for KrimsonKang!

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  • TheKrimsonKang changed the title to THE SAVIOUR OF OUR COMMUNITY ? THEKRIMSONKANG FOR HEAD MOD !!!
41 minutes ago, TheKrimsonKang said:

Thanks for your support, my fans mean the world to me

I thought you are my fan, you made a signature dedicated to me, Im flattered.


However, when it comes to community head mod, I believe we need someone fast, accurate and unbiased and there is only one person meeting these criteria.


@Bestfriends Time to step up Roy.

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