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HAH LoL Wobbuffet Shadow Tag not Uber

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[EN](Google Translate lol)

For once I do not understand why there is to debate the need for such a ban. Wobbuffet is not a strong pokemon, but a completely anti-game pokémon: it comes on a large pokémon of the opposing team having no attack of support, nor provoc nor of Volt / Turn and it is finished of your pokemon. Dugtrio with the talent Trap has been banned for the same reasons, this pokemon is not strong in itself but is completely anti-game. With such a pokemon on the strategic field, one must be forced to predict each of his movements, and it's just heavy to force.
If Smogon has always banned (7G included), I still do not understand what he has to do here on PokeMmo, but hey, given the distribution of those who creates the third no wonder there is this pokemon in NU, as well as the Sun in UU (͡ಥ ͜ʖ ͡ಥ)

I did my research on the forum to know how such nonsense is possible, and I saw that it was just a guy from the tier -cil who wanted to leave it for the sole purpose of "rendering Pursuit + popular users ":

Well. I really do not need to explain how this is a completely exploded reason LOL (See what I said above about the prediction, which just makes the gameplay infamous)
By debating this forum several times, I know what to expect here, as well as the intellectual level of some, so I will post this message and never come back to see the answers LOL, given the predictability of the false "arguments "who will arrive (Gnééé there is Heracross in UU and Scizor in OU to counter it so it is zero).

I repeat one last time: this pokemon is not strong in itself, but just anti-game, similar to the reason given to Dugtrio.
If Smogon, the reference in terms of strategy Pokémon, has banned up to 7G (even +) Shadow Tag talent, it is not by some magic (I repeat, I do not even understand why it should to have a debate on it WTF)

With that, I leave the rest to the happy people with a brain here (if it exists?) Tirelessly repeat how the mere presence of Wobbuffet Shadow Tag is an insult to the pokemon strategy (good luck to these latter besides there is a strong risk of ridiculing you for daring to criticize the current meta), and I return to take care of my own community, on my own pixelmon server (with the Smogon-based meta OF COURSE ;))


Pour le coup je ne comprends même pas pourquoi il y a à débattre sur la nécessité d'un tel ban. Qulbutoké n'est pas un pokémon fort, mais un pokémon complètement anti-jeu : il vient sur un pokémon important de la team adverse n'ayant pas d'attaque de soutien, ni provoc ni de Volt/Turn et il en est fini de votre pokémon. Triopikeur avec le talent Piège a été banni pour les mêmes raisons, ce pokémon n'est pas fort en soi mais est complètement anti-jeu. Avec un tel pokémon sur le terrain stratégique, on doit être obligé de predict chacun de ses mouvements, et c'est juste lourd à force.
Si Smogon l'a toujours banni (7G incluse), je ne compends toujours pas ce qu'il a à faire ici sur PokéMMO, mais bon, vu la répartie ce ceux qui crée les tiers pas étonnant qu'il y ait ce pokémon en NU, ainsi que le Soleil en UU ( ͡ಥ ͜ʖ ͡ಥ)

J'ai fait mes recherches là dessus sur le forum pour savoir comment une telle absurdité est-elle possible, et j'ai vu que c'était juste un gars du tier coucil qui a voulu le laisser dans l'unique but de "rendre les utilisateurs de Poursuite + populaires" : 

Bon. J'ai vraiment pas besoin d'expliquer à quel point c'est une raison complètement éclaté MDR (Cf ce que j'ai dit plus haut à propos du prédict, qui rend juste le gameplay infâme)
En débattant plusieurs fois sur ce forum, je sais à quoi m'attendre ici, ainsi qu'au niveau intellectuel de certains, donc je vais poster ce message et ne jamais revenir voir les réponses LOL, compte tenu de la prévisibilité des faux "arguments" qui vont arriver (Gneeuhh il y a Scarhino en UU et Cizayox en OU pour le contrer donc il est nul).

Je le répète une dernière fois : ce pokémon n'est pas fort en soi, mais juste anti-jeu, similairement à la raison donné à Triopikeur.
Si Smogon, la référence en terme de stratégie Pokémon, a banni jusqu'en 7G (voire +) le talent Marque Ombre, ce n'est pas par je ne sais quelle magie (je le redis, je ne comprends même pas pourquoi il devrait y avoir un débat là dessus WTF)

Sur ce, je laisse le reste aux heureuses personnes dotés d'un cerveau ici (si ça existe ?) répéter inlassablement à quel point la seule présence de Qulbutoke Marque Ombre est une insulte à la stratégie pokémon (bonne chance à ces derniers d'ailleurs, on risquera fortement de vous ridiculiser d'avoir osé critiquer la méta actuelle), et je retourne m'occuper de ma propre communauté, sur mon propre serveur pixelmon (avec la méta basé sur celle de Smogon BIEN ENTENDU ;) )

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I won't get into the "Wobbuffet isn't fairplay" debate but I'll take this opportunity to explain you how the things work here. Basically, PokeMMO has its own tiering system and a tier council to monitor all tiers. While it is true tiers are inspired of Smogon, PokeMMO has different rules/mechanics which have a direct impact on the metagame. As a result, you might see Pokemon that would normally end up in Uber tier in OU tier, etc. It is also worth noting that we have a different approach with Ubers. We want to avoid putting as much Pokemon as possible in it because it excludes certain species from being played in official formats and removes "gameplay" in a way. Furthermore, the Tier Council is a team of 7 experienced players with a competitive background. Together, they discuss and vote to ban certain Pokemon in order to prevent them from being too centralizing and therefore, unhealthy. I won't get into details but my point is that it's a group-decision and not simply one guy who decides what is and what isn't banned. They often seek the community for feedback as well. Finally, I would recommend you to go through this thread to get a better understanding of what the Tier Council is and how the tiering process works:



By the way, gbwead's post was a joke in case you missed it.

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Even though MMO isnt smogon, same reason stands for why wobbuffet should still be banned from NU, and possibly from UU (Its quite handable in OU tho)

Also, for those saying smogon =/= MMO, bear in mind smogon has an upgraded knock off, which heavily nerfs wobbuffet.

tldr; MMO wobby> smogon wobby- Ban it plz

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57 minutes ago, suigin said:

lmao they don't even update their site anymore

They do get around to updating it eventually. It just takes a lot of time because when it comes to updating their site, it requires someone volunteering to write a new analysis, which then gets reviewed by two separate teams - quality and grammar. Latias became OU in DPP around December 2018, and it was only a month or two ago that the site updated Latias' tier in DPP. 


Shadow Tag was banned like in June 2019, so it'll take a while for the site to reflect the changes. But point being, they do update it. 

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