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🎂11th anniversary

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Since Halloween Event has Ended & only until November 14 of Exchanging Spooky Candies & finding more Cookies from Swarm, the Next Event will be 11th Anniversary Event! Since you save my Quote on Shadow's Chat, my next Prediction Lists is here for 3 Remaining Events:


1.) 11th Anniversary Event = 4th Week-End of November (Followed by Thanksgiving Day)

2.) Christmas Event = December 25-26

3.) Lunar New Year Event = Late January 2024


Idk if my Lists will be Right this time & I'm just Guessing here...


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20 minutes ago, CanadaSorry said:

Can the new feature please be freeze dry lapras? :] ♡

We all know it's Metapod with the ability to learn Flamethrower. Just think about it, it hardens and burns

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5 hours ago, Rache said:

We're still intending to do one and showcase a large feature during it, but can't provide an updated ETA at this stage.

If for some reason you devs couldn't end it in time to develop XMas, the event will be released without the feature and the feature would come in a later date?

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