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LCPL Player Sign-ups

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IGN: xSparkie

Preferred Tiers: Anything; although its been a while since playing Gen 8

Competitive Accolades: Won a LC official before the format got nuked 

Discord: xSparkarius#4088

Fluff: Dead player but not like the meta changed for LC besides showdown. ItsGray forced me to sign up. 

Preferred Managers: Quinn, Mendeez, Pachima, MDM, and awaLLz. LF NagaHex as manager

Least Preferred Manager: Cali (otherwise that team discord is going to be simp city. Ain't nobody tryna be in LCPL Hell Edition) 



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  • Post in this thread, under the following format:
    • IGN: EricTheGreat
    • Preferred Tiers: can win any
    • Competitive accolades (optional, although it certainly increases your chances of getting picked): check sig and mire
    • Discord contact: Fapbrah#5193
    • Fluff: can we get a juicy league going with some beef
    • Preferred/Least Preferred Potential Manager: promise i can beat gbwead dog ass team everytime


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