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The Official Multiverse Tournament Of Power 1Billion+ Prize Pool(Sunday, 5 November)

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Jugadores:   - AngeloDLZ - XiaoPand - ElRegur- Mapache - Mugiwarabru - ErosG - Badbaarsito - Rigox - Locoll Manzag

Sust; Manzano - Badbutwin 

Animadora: Nivus - Ardael- Pepovich - TheDumby - Nicolassito - Osley -Aisker - Busssojr

Nombre equipo: Puro Pinche Busso

Capitán:  Locoll

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Nombre del equipo: Synergy.

Capitán: FrancoFts.

Jugadores: Francofts / Jharek / GautSamm / LaNoNeedHax / YamiGod / zSkrim / IFranco / Astterio / Torpi / Fabrixexe.

Suplentes: RubyFts / GeneiRyodan.

Porristas: iMariii / SsZaYoNsS / llAlexisll / Galogerardo / IIMarsI / IzuuTzx/ SrCreeper / MalFF.

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Nombre del equipo : Funadores

Capitán: darioBaco

Jugadores : darioBaco, synthesisz , OliverXL, preval , TristanGC, JefesonCaminhoes , NuzlockedMag, shiroecchi, Aldahirramirez, KiwamiU

Suplentes : Phantomlord  SoumaYukihira 

Porristas : Razachu, ideko, wolfangt

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Cambio de jugadores
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45 minutes ago, CloneBtw said:

Can someone explain what the rules mean? Even translated I don't understand some parts. Like what is a captain or cheerleader?

A captain is the leader of the team. A cheerleader is someone who doesn't play, he just supports the team and cheers them on.

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