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[Unofficial Event] Kaynine's Fabulous Fashion Show #2


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In 2018 we had the first(I think?) edition of Kaynine's Famous Fashion Show which was won by Krillin. He has now called all of you out to beat him and claim his title of what he desribes himself as "the most handsome character in PokeMMO". You can find the old thread here.



Current most handsome/beautiful character in PokeMMO:

Sashaolin (Kriliin)




All you have to do is make yourself look cool, pretty, hip - whatever you want! Match it with a location, this can be in any area of any region, it can even be your secret base!


It's difficult to determine what makes something 'the best' but if I really like your screenshot, I might just pick it as the winner. Just have fun and see what you can do!


I will be picking the winner on Sunday 21st Nov - probably around the evening time GMT.



Winged Heart Backpack



(i am poor ok..)


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