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PokeMMO's Holi & Diwali event

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6 minutes ago, Poufilou said:

I don't mean to be nitpicking about your faith/culture but do you happen to have another one that is between February and August? Lmao 

Holi happens between Feb and August. It's usually in March.

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3 hours ago, Akshit said:

I see so many topics complaining and whining about event delays.
This made me realize that there has been never an event for the Indian festivals of Holi and Diwali. 

Gonna go on a fast now in protest.

Let's remain objective. The feeling of disappointment is understandable when a player is looking forward to an event and the frustration is caused mainly by the lack of communication from the developers.


The idea of having an event for each culture is super interesting! Perhaps a rotation with different countries each year would be more feasible and would break the current routine. Idea to post in the suggestion category of the forum, for sure!

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34 minutes ago, Zuladra said:

The feeling of disappointment is understandable when a player is looking forward to an event

Yeah I guess that's why they didn't bother with other holidays from around the world. Can't look forward to an event when it doesn't exist. :')

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They're celebrating events that are recognized throughout the majority of the community.. or at least major celebrations that are globally recognized. It would be difficult to host events for each and every celebration among different cultures.

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Given the delays for the events that we already know are happening and are just repeats of existing events do you really think it's likely that they're gonna add a bunch of new events that will have to be designed and implemented from scratch?

Even if they decide to have a Diwali event it's only gonna be next year. If we add more events to that list the delays will get longer and longer. And each year that they have to handle the larger set of events will slow down other new dev like possible new regions (whispers are saying the dragon type buffs are to counter possible future fairy types)

I love the sentiment and I'd love to learn about significant cultural days and events through the game and I would love the rewards and gameplay associated with new events, but I don't think it's very likely.

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