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LCPL Manager Sign-ups

Who deserved to manage in this hype format?  

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  1. 1. Who deserved to manage in this hype format?

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Manager Sign-ups are now open!



1- What are you, as a manager, expected to accomplish?

  • Be present at the time of the auction
  • Send, to a soon to be identified staff member, a team roster each week 
  • Ensure they, and their players, know and respect all rules stated in the general thread
  • Putting in effort

  • Managers WILL be allowed to play

  • As LC was removed from official play in PokeMMO, it's highly recommended that a manager understands and is competent in ALL of the formats being played to be able to motivate and mentor newer players


2- How to apply?

  • Post in this thread under the following format:
    • IGN:
    • Accolades:
    • Fluff:


3- When is the deadline?

  • 23th of April 


4- What's next?


  • Player sign-up
  • Auction
  • Start of the season.


if your not selected as manager, be sure to let me know if your interested to manage the Reject team


5- HYPE VAMOS GO GO !!!!!!

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  • IGN: IManjiro
  • Accolades:i won a random battle against tear
  • Fluff:¿Why i wanna be manager?: Im an active member from HDLM since a long time ago. I always try to help building teams to my differents team partners without asking for something in return, i have experience in differents PSL (being sub-champion on PSL ZERO). I am motivated by this new experience of being a manager since many members of the clan asked me when it was not in my plans to do so. I will respect my players, try to have fun and go as far as possible. And i promises to make better signings than latios and k9 in psl.
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IGN: RohMartinez

Accolades: Soy un miembro activo de HDLM

Fluff: ¿Por qué quiero ser manager?: Soy miembro activo de HDLM desde hace mucho tiempo. Siempre trato de ayudar a formar equipos a mis diferentes compañeros de equipo sin pedir nada a cambio, tengo experiencia en diferentes PSL (siendo subcampeón en PSL ZERO). Me motiva esta nueva experiencia de ser manager ya que muchos miembros del clan me preguntaron cuando no estaba en mis planes hacerlo. Respetaré a mis jugadores, intentaré divertirme y llegar lo más lejos posible. Y prometo hacer mejores fichajes que latios y k9 en psl.

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