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October 2022 Movement Discussion Thread


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4 hours ago, gbwead said:

What is the procedure for pokemons gaining new Hidden Abilities? Why is Nidoking and Nidoqueen treated differently from Golbat, Crobat and Watchog? If you want to play it safe, just ban everything to OU without thinking. But if the objective is to evaluate where everything is the most likely to end up, I would do this:

  • Nidoking --> OU (just to be safe)
  • Nidoqueen --> UU (just to be safe)
  • Watchog --> Untiered (no change)
  • Crobat --> UU (no change)
  • Golbat --> UU (Golbat is not broken in NU, it simply has little chance of staying there long term and I believe it would be best to speed up the tiering process)

I want to insist on Nidoqueen. There is absolutely no way it will be OU by usage imo and the odds that Nidoqueen ends up broken in UU seems so unlikely.

Commenting about those:
Nidoking --> A good mon that can be OU staple.
Nidoqueen ---> UU by Technicality, only UU because of Nidoking on OU.
Watchog --> Still Garbage, kept on Untiered.
Crobat --> Will be OU , Infiltrator Crobat isn't broken but most likely to raise to OU, to deal with Serperior.
Golbat --> Will be UU, same reason that Gbwead mentioned.
Breloom --> Gbwead didn't commented about but here we go: Dead mon. On OU there's little reasons to use they, especially with Serperior and Sun Venusaur running, and other Fight options that attack on the physical side, and with Technican it's more likely to be banned from UU if fall. 

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1 hour ago, gbwead said:

Crobat and Golbat are imo more viable in OU than Nidoqueen, it just seems wrong to have Nidoqueen move up there while Crobat/Golbat remain in lower tiers.

eh i see no chage in crobat all i see changed is that it can hit through substitute now. plus scard king is op

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1 hour ago, DARKEN said:

eh i see no chage in crobat all i see changed is that it can hit through substitute now. plus scard king is op

Crobat hitting behind sub is now important, because this means that Brave Bird and Toxic coming from Golbat and/or Crobat will hit Serperior regardless their Substitute.


Next Alpha, Luxray.

Ban to OU or keep on UT?

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4 hours ago, Munya said:

Just to clarify because someone on TC asked so maybe it isn't clear.  These are not BL bans, just placements until we move back to a usage based movement system.

Can you make these placements have minimal a few months of forced longevity ? With the rate of HA mons coming out, players might take some time before getting their new pokemon to use and it might mess up with usage where a pokemon fall back to a lower tier for a month or two. 

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Imo, for the next 2 months, TC should forcibly move up the pokemon they deem as big threats to the appropriate tier. They should also use 4.36% as the move up cut-off point and they should remove the move down cut-off point entirely. Basically, usage should only be used for move ups and, if a threat turns out to be underwhelming, TC can move down the threat manually if necessary.

edit: Move down based on usage doesn't make much sense since people are still breeding these new threats.

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Interesting ideas, we were just going to ignore UU and NU usage based movements at least for now and OU at the very least for this month given the mid month addition of AV and HAs.


Also, HA Ditto and Staraptor are now a part of the game.  Staraptor is currently complexed like yesterday, ditto currently has no restrictions.  If you have any input on either of these two, same deal as yesterday.

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Commenting about this, Because of HA being introduced in the middle of October the best thing to do is discard all usage data even from OU and move only the HA. The usage aren't realistic now and things will change more when new HA get introduced. Even OU will take the changes.


For next months the raise should happen with usage and the drops instead of happen by usage, the usage drops will be list and community decide if the tiershift can or can't happen. Some HA are expensive and this can impact on mons usage, like happen with serperior, that in their first month on OU have 7% usage and now because of a 50~60% drop on Grass ability patch price, more people build serperior and now serp are on 12%. On November HA will be expensive when the month starts but at the end of month they will be more cheaper.

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2 minutes ago, Munya said:

What about starraptor, OU an appropriate place for it?

Well it depends, are you asking if we think Staraptor is broken in UU and therefore should be banned or are you asking if we think Staraptor will end up OU by usage in the near future?

I'm personally not sure Staraptor would be viable enough to be OU, but at the same time I would hate to see it remain UU. Imo, it should be OU for the time being.

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