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all event moves cost 1 shard so fx heal bell cost 1 green shard instead of 5 green shards...



Allow you to continue play you battle is you log out during a battle and log in again within something like the first 2 minutes after dc...

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[spoiler]I swear to God when I first saw the thread title I thought Kyu is going to start playing comp and has a quick wishlist for pokes.[/spoiler]


Either way, on topic:

1. Raindance, Torment, Trick (covet and thief too) bugs fixed

2. Balancing the tower payouts and shards chances (I know you said yourself Kyu that this isn't going to happen in nearest future, but man can dream, right?)

3. Reconnect button.

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I cannot explain how grateful I was for the official PokeMMO Launcher for Mac even though it most definitely isn't the best way to do it, as you said yourself, it really mattered a lot! So even though that was a great upgrade I'm still gonna go with this list:


1. Better application for Mac users (they have been forgotten for too long)

2. EV rework (you have talked about this in another thread, and even though breeding might be a bit too easy at times, EV training sure as hell is a pain in the ass lol)

3. Balancing the tower payouts


I just realized those things might be a bit too big? ^^ so lol


This might be more appropriate, but a man can dream right? :P

1. Rain Dance

2. Not rejecting battles and trades when typing

3. That you do this kind of wishlist every time an update is near haha, such a great idea


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1. the ability to log out and switch accounts without having to restart the application every single time...
2. fix gloves side view (reason I have yet to buy gloves)
3. Remove the chat cooldown when you accidentally said something in global but meant to say it in channel chat but now you have a long time till you can say it again (basically make the chat cool downs unique to each chat type, so that you could say something in trade chat, then immediately respond to a witty comment in channel chat [without having to wait the 30 seconds], and then immediately help out someone in global chat [without having to wait the 7 or so seconds]).

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