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The next generation is ...


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Since there is no fog nor bridge nor bridge in fog in Johto. Let's discuss why it will be Johto



Admin Replies:

Darkshade's comment about Jumpeon

Kyu about just adding few pokemons without a content

Kyu about more detailed info

few posts of Munya,Darkshade,Ruak,Yohannovich and RacheLucario about "rache" sign conspiracy

Munya wondering what is under the fog

few posts of Munya sharing his weeviles passion

Bearminator confirming what is under the fog

Munya's casual notice of Admin Replies in OP

TheChampionMike correcting Bearminator over new Rotom-Bridge visible in Kyu's original post

RacheLucario reveals the date of the update

Munya informing about lack of necessity of traveling to Hawaii

Squirtle tries to clear the situation for the users

RacheLucario defines what time is it

Munya gracefully takes a complement

Summrs hints the taste of the next update

TheChampionMike trying to spread the rumors

Kyu informing about generation that we are currently in

TheChampionMike about introducing new generation

Kyu responses to anti-new-gen arguments

Bearminator about "If it's not broken don't fix it" strategy

Kyu about few projects being in the development at the same time

Kyu going out to commons and checking up on them

Kyu about correlation of good posts with amount of likes

Kyu handling the envy of others

RacheLucario reminding topic of this thread

>  Kyu about hats denying us a Alola

Darkshade about bringing "happy face" back

Darkshade responsing on suggestion for increasing money payout, finding item on wild pokemon and why grind is a part of MMO

Munya hinting that Kyu leaves hints in his posts

Desu confirming the date of an unpdate

Desu response for user request about expressing the definition of "Soon®"

confused Darkshade express his confusion

Desu about alt hypothesis brought by community

Pereiraa about new forum glitch

Summrs commenting on update release date predictions

TheChampionMike wonders how people deal with reduced visibility caused by the fog

Munya just about to spill the beans but he forgots to attach a link

Munya second attempt of sharing a link

Kizhaz about users expectations

Desu confirming Kyu's doings and revealing source of hats

Munya about boycotting Desus

Kyu commenting his new non-update-related glasses

Darkshade confirming users fears about update priorities

Pereiraa about amount of previous PTS and definition of it

Billla confirming a swellow

TheChampionMike heralding apperance of new god

>  Desu explaining why gen 5 before gen 4

>  Kyu about poor performance

Kyu and Munya anecdote about "shitbox"

Desu compliment deductory skills of an user

Kizhaz commenting fall of Moemons

Munya, Darkshade, RacheLucario, Bearminator, Rulana, Toshley and TheChampionMike commenting Kyu words about Gilian

Discussion about official spot for AFKing with Kizhaz, Bearminator, Darkshade and TheChampionMike

Kizhaz about location of Cynthia and tears of all those who didn't want Unova

>  Darkshade answering 5gen graphic related questions


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