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What happens to your brain when you play video games?

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What can happen good: get emotions/memories.

Edit: learn something new, stimulation to intelligence


What can happen bad:

You may have be feeling of loss of freedom, as the person does not play because they want to, but because they feel obliged to do so, even with the damages caused to family, social and professional life, he who prioritize play a game in first place.  Within the virtual universe, there is yet another complicating factor: the involvement of younger people, who have a lower critical capacity and end up switching from social to online life naturally, as they grew up in the smartphone era.

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On 2/8/2022 at 9:23 AM, Kristy said:

What happens to your brain when you play video games?

It slowly loses braincells due to reading Global chat. Eventually you'll become as braindead as 99% of people that talk there, and you'll just become one of the people that will make others lose braincells. It's the circle of (gamer) life.

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